Friday, May 20, 2016

Old Liberal Bishop of Des Moines Promotes "Medical" Cannabis

Some things just go together
Edit: it's interesting to note how some prelates like Msgr. Pates, camouflage themselves by perfunctory attention to social issues from a Catholic point of view, and spend the rest of their time pushing an overriding modernist agenda.  For example, few people know that Archbishop John Ireland was such a bishop since many of his public acts were irreproachable and even laudatory, but he was an Americanist and even contemplated a schism in the late 19th century.

[Des Moines Register] Des Moines' Catholic bishop is joining with Iowa lawmakers who are pushing to make medical marijuana legal in the state.

Bishop Richard Pates, the influential leader of 100,000 Roman Catholics in southwest Iowa, has asked House and Senate members to approve a comprehensive bill to permit medical cannabis. The Iowa Legislature is in an intense debate over medical marijuana legislation as the final days of the 2016 session wind down.

"I believe now is the time to help suffering Iowans and their families get access to this medicine," Pates said in a letter dated late last week.​

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  1. What is wrong with Medical Cannabis?

  2. There is no point in adding "liberal" before "bishop" since almost all of them are liberal. Just add "orthodox" if by some chance a proper bishop is mentioned.

    1. Old Liberals are the elderly hippies and bomb throwing anarchists who presided over the misappropriation and destruction of Western institutions in the late twentieth century.

  3. It's proven medical cannabis is much healthier for sick people as opposed to hard opiate based dope that is extremely addictive.
    Also CBD oil which is cannabis based is used on children with seizure disorder.The CBD oil reduces the rate of seizures from 100 pr day to around 5 pr day.
    I am not a defender of the novus ordo but this man isn't wrong.

    1. It's proven, huh?

      I think its recreational users are delusional enough to think it does, but others are not so sure.

  4. CBD Oil has been proven to work with seizure disorder.
    Secondly,my ex-girlfriend had cancer.I saw with my own 2 eyes how Marijuana helped her pain,appetite,sleep,nausea,etc..pain killers are addictive and destructive.
    Big Pharma wants people hooked on drug store dope.
    I respect your opinion but please understand there is much more to this issue than hippies firing up the bong.