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We Now Know Who Pope Francis is Voting For in the Next US Presidential Election

(Rome) The officially preferred the Vatican political current is to the far left. The recent confirmation delivers the invitation of Senator Bernie Sanders in the Vatican. Sanders is the challenger to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. He was invited, and he alone of all the presidential candidates by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the actual executive arm of papal policy

The social (istic)  perspective on the world

Arranger in the background is Curia Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. Sanchez Sorondo already threaded the change of course in terms of UN post-Millennium Development Goals and climate change. The prerequisite is that the Vatican gives up its opposition to the neo-Malthusian population policy. A requirement that Pope Francis in September 2013 in an interview with the Roman Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica unofficially announced, and Sanchez Sorondo actively converts into concrete policy coin (see his interview about the alleged link between abortion and climate change ).
In terms of the socio-political (abortion, gender ideology)  Sanders represents the same positions as Clinton, and these are far removed from those of the Catholic Church. Where Clinton and Sanders differ most clearly is in the area of ​​social and economic policies. That is thew key to the Vatican's  invitation, while his abortion advocacy is no longer an obstacle under Pope Francis.
Next week Bernie Sanders will fly to Rome, although the decisive phase of the pre-selection battle is taking place  in the US. He is to participate in a meeting of the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Social SciencesThe reason for the meeting are the anniversaries of two social encyclicals: 25 years of the encyclical Centesismus annus and 125 years of the encyclical Rerum Novarum .
The 1891 by Pope Leo XIII. published encyclical Rerum Novarum , the first social encyclical of the Church's history and is considered the "mother of all social encyclicals". Centesimus annus was published in 1991 under Pope John Paul II. for  its 100th anniversary, which was a response to the collapse of the communist dictatorship in the Soviet bloc.

Who Pope Francis would have liked as the 45th President of the USA

How the US public sees the relationship between Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders
Sanders is the only one of five official US presidential candidates, who was invited to the Vatican. Who Pope Francis would like to see in person as the 45th President of the United States at the White House, is thus brought to expression in this unveiling. Whether such an open declaration and taking sides is good for the Church, is an entirely different matter.
The preference is of a non-confessional nature. Among the five remaining candidates, there is not a Catholic, only a former Catholic, and that's not Sanders. On the Republican side, the three candidates still in the race: Donald Trump is Presbyterian, Ted Cruz, a Southern Baptist and John Kasich, who was been baptized as a Catholic, is today an Anglicans. Hillary Clinton from the Democrats is Methodist, her challenger Bernie Sanders is a Jew. Sanders would be the first Jewish state and government chief in US history.

Lesbos and the "democratic socialist"

The Vatican meeting will be held on 15-16 April. Details are not yet known. There is no provision, says Vatican Radio that Sanders makes a speech. The meeting is therefore likely to be only the external occasion for a private meeting with Pope Francis. The coincidence between Sanders and the pope is expected to take place on Friday, because on Saturday, Francis will be flying on to the Greek island of Lesbos . Also, in terms of immigration policy, the Catholic Church leader and US Senator from Vermont are among all presidential candidates, the closest.
Sanders describes himself as a " democratic socialist " and a "great supporter of the Pope". In the primary campaign for the Democratic nomination, he moved back to being  favored against Clinton. The race is not yet decided.
To the biggest Italian daily Corriere della Sera. Curia Bishop Sanchez Sorondo explained the Sanders-invitation with the words, "because he shows a real interest in the study of papal documents."  During the election campaign for the most powerful political office in the world that is not enough to justify an obvious partisanship. He had "seen no other candidates who quote the Pope in their election campaign," said Sanchez Sorondo, who comes from Argentina with Pope Francis and is one of the closest confidants of Pope.

Duel Pope - Donald Trump

However, the other candidate, Sanders opponent Clinton, has already tried to avail herself with Pope Francis for their election campaign.
It was, however, a remote duel between Donald Trump, the leading candidate of the Republicans, and the Pope on February 18. The reason was  immigration policy. [He was silent during the Same-sex marriage dispute in Italy.] During his visit to Mexico, Francis had mixed into politics during his visit to the  border fence in the US and  dueled with Trump for the first time in the local election campaign. With the exclusive invitation for Sanders in the Vatican, it is clear in any case that Pope Francis least favors Donald Trump on the popularity scale to Bernie Sanders.
This is clearly too much of political partisanship and too much of the over-emphasis on his person over the Office, which is irritating to high Vatican representatives.
At the Vatican conference alongside other prominent Sanders Links politicians will take part, including the presidents of Ecuador and Bolivia. The latter gave Pope Francis in July 2014, a sickle-and-hammer-cross , which was seen by many Catholics as distasteful, if not blasphemous.

Participants Jeffrey Sachs: climate change and population reduction

For $ 25.90: Francis and Sanders 2016
Among the conference participants next week will also be Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute of Columbia University and as personal adviser to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. His role sounds more meaningful: as Jeffrey Sachs is a leading proponent of the theory of human-inflicted climate change, on which  the current world climate policy is based. He is also a representative of the neo-Malthusian theory, which calls for a radical population reduction. Nevertheless, he managed to with the influence of Sanchez Sorondo, to be appointed by Pope Francis as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. An appointment in the field of "non-negotiable values" (Benedict XVI.) shows that a paradigm shift has occurred.

Weight of Catholic voters - remodeling the church in the United States

In terms of weight (number, organization and money) the German Bishops 'Conference and the US Bishops' Conference, form the two antipodes of this pontificate. The German Bishops' Conference wants Francis to win,  the US wants him to remodeling. His meddling in the US election campaign also has to do with it.
Catholics account for nearly one quarter of the US electorate. If you count the former Catholics (like John Kasich) to even a third. Catholics in the US,  traditionally vote democratic for historical reasons.That changed under the Republican US President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). In the latest polls,  the Catholic electorate showed transitions to being deeply divided. The unilateral papal partisanship that differs strikingly from the position of the US episcopate,  contains all the elements within itself to sharpen this division.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: accidentalsocialist / (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


  1. If a certain bishop of a certain Eurocity comes to a certain Midwestern metropolis on the shores of Lago Michigan during the 1st week of November, I, for one, would guess that there are certain apparatchiks of a certain diocese or archdiocese whose bishop, appointed by a certain bishop of Rome, will be glad to pass a certain bishop of a certain Eurocity (not necessarily the one mentioned above) a couple of ballots.

  2. (Whew!) A SuperfanApril 10, 2016 at 12:35 AM

    If a certain bishop of a certain Eurocity comes to a certain Midwestern metropolis on the shores of Lago Michigan during the 1st week of November, I, for one, would guess that there are certain apparatchiks of this certain diocese or archdiocese whose bishop, appointed by the certain bishop of Eurocity, who will be glad to pass the certain bishop of the certain Eurocity (not necessarily the one mentioned above) a couple of ballots.

  3. Pope Peron the first.

  4. So Pope Bergoglio supports the socialist candidate. Did anyone have any doubt about this?

  5. water is wet; fire is hot; bergoglio votes socialist.

  6. I personally would vote for Kasich over anybody, even though he was bron Catholic and became an Episcopalian. Trump has some good ideas (not the more controversial ones), Cruz is a bible-thumping zealot who has no place in running for president...and Clinton is basically interested in furthering the agenda and opportunities of one group of Americans at the expense of all others.
    Although Kasich has no chance, and if I had to choose between Cruz, or Sanders....I'd pick Sanders.
    I can't stand people like Cruz who always try, whenever possible, to shove a certain breed of religion down the USA's collective throat.

    Damian Malliapalli

  7. So the official church condemnations of socialism, communism and all the social violations of the natural and divine law that they entail (as 20th century history proves without doubt)---like abortion, birth control, perverse taxation in the hypocritical name of income redistribution, and the destruction of sound economic systems (however imperfect) mean nothing to Bergoglio or, surprisingly, to the orthodox Damian Malliapalli. I do not like Cruz's protestantism, but in justice no one can say he tries to "shove a certain breed of religion" down anyone's throat. That is simply a calumny. Better a Bible thumper who has nevertheless sound moral values regarding the family, abortion and traditional standards than an apostate and lukewarm stubborn old man like Kasich (the kind the RINOs love because nothing changes in the direction of a healthier society under such) or a godless socialist---like Sanders or his fan Pope Francis. Marion

    1. total agreement anon.

      Damian, you are waaaaaay in left field (literally) on this. Cruz has walked the walk and stood up to the rino and left establishments. He IS Mr. Smith; and quite honestly, I don't understand the diabolical disorientation of some otherwise right thinking people who viscerally loathe him for no legitimate purpose.

  8. Should we call off the election now or later? (Sorry, I have to be sarcastic at this point in time.)

  9. I didn't know Sanders is actually Jewish, because he never mentions it, nor does anyone else. That would be interesting to have our first Jewish President. It would probably be a good thing. Far better than a right wing religious nut-job like Cruz, who if I'm not mistaken a few months ago advocated bombing this or that Islamic country into oblivion. A crazy person who would start up 3-4 wars just like another president did 10+ years ago is just what we need. He ruined the country so badly that it just about collapsed...just around the time his 2nd term was luck for him....but I felt sorry for his successor, our present President, who had to try to bring the country back economically and everything else from the wreckage. He didn't do's probably can't be done....but at least we didn't since further.
    I wasn;t old enough to vote for our present President's predecessor the first time around(2000) or 2004, but Cruz is just like I guarantee I wouldn't vote for him.
    Pro-life issues ,socialism,communism etc. are important, and it's best to vote for one who supports that agenda. But if he also is one who doesn't think before he speaks, and goes around threatening our adversaries with words like "lets bomb 'em", that's sick. And to me that outweighs any concern I would have for someone not being pro-life or anti communist, etc.
    Damian Malliapalli

    1. Our present president supports abortion and sodomite marriage.
      Anything he tries to do will be without the blessing and support of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.
      Obama fought vigorously to keep partial birth abortion legal while an Illinois state senator.
      Feel sorry for the innocent babies being murdered,not him!!

  10. Oh, Damian, so you support the most anti-Christian president in the history of this nation,Obama, and blame it all on Bush (who did initiate criminal, unnecessary wars and is responsible for rivers of blood, both foreign and American). A Jewish socialist is probably good as a president?! I do not think Catholics can say that with any degree of seriousness or historical sophistication. Socialism stands condemned by the Church in "Quadragesimo Anno." Leo XIII also condemned it in no uncertain terms for the anti-Christian system that it is---how can a Catholic then reconcile that with voting for a socialist or excusing a socialist pope? Read about the horrors that have been committed in the name of socialism and its first cousin, Communism. By your logic you should love Bergoglio and his nefarious agenda. Robert

  11. Ted Cruz has never advocated bombing any country into oblivion. That is a ridiculous misrepresentation and a lie. He has said that the enemy---ISIS and other Islamic terror mongers---should be fought to the death; and any decent human being, especially Catholics who believe in self-defense and the just war, should be able to agree. Erasmus

    1. He (Cruz) said "the next president of the USA should deliver bunker busting bombs to Iran and let them know we mean business"
      He stated this in front of Sheldon ADELSON at some type of Jewish fundraiser.
      I am not lying,look it up friend.
      We can't afford another meaningless useless war.
      I stand with Trump because he is anti-war and wants these other countries to sort out their own messes and problems.
      I don't think he is a messiah nor do I think he has all the solutions and answers.
      When the media repubs and dems rail against him,it only makes me support him more.
      God bless you all!

  12. Thank you, I knew I had heard /read about Cruz spouting off like Bush and threatening to bomb Islamic countries.
    I was in grade-school (7th grade), when the Iraq war broke out. I don't remember it much, but I do know the good sisters in my school , the Sister-Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (originally from Italy), who used to staff my parish school had us all go to Chapel the next day. As a history teacher and enthusiast, I bougt some dvd's afew years ago on the speeches of Bush and the full coverage of the "shock and awe" was the night it started....USA TV actually covered the opening bombs.
    But I have a dvd of Bush, spouting really stupid comments from the podium at a press conference at the White House where he said " you wanna fight 'Merica? Bring it on!!!" (referring to Iran/Iraq etc, He sounded like such an ignorant jackass that night.....who would want another president who speaks and acts the same...meaning Cruz.
    That's not to excuse Trump, ho has said an awful lot of similar things, but unfortunately, I don't think he'll get in.
    Even though I can't stand her, if e want a reasoned, diplomatic President, it's probably Clinton.
    Damian Malliapalli

    (On a personal side, just to explain why I;m so against Cruz, we have neigbors who share the same religious views as Bush, Cruz, Rick Perry and Sarah Pallin, and they are the most bigoted, ignorant, obnoxious people yould ever want to meet. The neighbors directly across from our family house are from China, but are Catholic. These "Ted Cruz" style bible Christians on our street refuse to speak to them, and label them as Buddhists or "pagans" to other neighbors on the street. I'm Indian and also Irish, and am not dark like some Indian people (it depends in India on what part of the country you are from actually , and your ethnic heritage....there's many different groups and languages), I could pass as Latino, or Southern Italian, but I;m proud to be both Indian and Irish. But you know WHAT these ignorant people call me and my family even they KNOW different? They call us all their friends and family. :) Nothing you can do to change people born ignorant!

    Damian Malliapalli

    1. Damian....they're not all like that any more than most Catholics are like cardinal kasper; in fact most of the evangelicals I know are oustanding people. You're painting with a mighty broad brush, and it really is a subset of calumny to say a man you've never met is worthy of your derision and hatred because you have bigoted neighbors. It doesn't even make sense.

    2. Thank you, Susan. Perhaps I am harsh. And perhaps Evangelicals are not all like our neighbors. I suppose it depends here they live. Our neighbors are originally from Tennessee, and talk like they never graduated from the 8th grade. The funny thing is that the two younger children were born here near Philadelphia, but have been raised to speak ith the same hillbillie accents as their older brothers and sisters and their parents! HAHAHAHA! I know I'm probably being mean, but you'd have to see/hear them to believe it.
      And I know not all Evangelicals are the same. I don't want to sound as bigoted as my neighbors! Thank you.
      Perhaps Cruz deserves the benefit of the doubt.:)
      Damian Malliapalli

    3. Buddhism is paganism and any 3rd grader in Catechism class would tell you the same.

  13. Damian, I am Hispanic and have lived most of my long life in this country. I also live in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County, where I am a college professor) and know the kind of people you mention: stupid, ignorant, hateful, boring, and smug. But Susan is totally right: you should not paint all Evangelicals with the same brush stroke. I have no truck with them being a traditional Catholic and detesting their infernal Zionism, but Cruz is called by the very liberal professor Alan Dershowitz (hardly sympathetic to conservative or Evangelical causes) "one of the most brilliant students" in his long career at Harvard. I have the same disgust for the Iraq War you have---genocidal, unnecessary, ruinous for the future of this nation, destructive of the Christian presence in the Middle East, and a heinous sin before God. Bush has much to answer for (I voted for him the first time not knowing the kind of dangerous moron he was; but not the second time!). To lump Cruz with him is absurd and unjust. I wish Cruz were true to his cultural heritage (Catholic and traditional) and less subservient to the desires and dictates of Israel and AIPAC, but he is not the monster you make out to be, and your experiences in your neighborhood have nothing to do with his views or record. We Catholics have an obligation to be just; and we Americans have an obligation to choose for president someone who, while certainly not perfect, will not deliver us to socialists, lying egomaniacs, and corrupt-as-usual politicians. Cruz is none of that, your unsavory neighbors notwithstanding. In Christ, Edward

  14. Thank you Edward. I appreciate your comments, and agree with them. I apologize if I was to broad in my condemnation of Evangelical Christians,I am sure they are not all like the ones I described. When I flip the tv channels some times and come across one of their Christian programs, I almost think it is interesting....for a few minutes anyway.
    But I shouldn't be so broad in my negatives.
    I hope the best person becomes President. Unfortunately, there are not many good choices this year.:)
    Damian Malliapalli

    1. You honestly think the president matters in decision making?
      He is a puppet on a string for AIPAC and the CFR.
      (and other assorted Zionist/masonic special interest group's)

  15. With my above comment in mind,I'm starting to honestly think Trump is a rogue candidate.
    Yes he spoke before AIPAC yet mocked them and described bankers and media (you know who he is referring to in regards to these industries) as the most cold hearted cruel nastiest people on Earth.
    Dems Repubs and the media hate him and there is evidence he won TX OH and WI but was cheated by electronic voting fraud.
    He could be fake controlled opposition but the evidence suggests a different possibility.