Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Refugee Crisis as Swan Song --- Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness of Refugees in New Video Message

Pope Francis and the undistinguished questions of refugees
Edit: rather than calling for a Crusade, he wants to let them into the gates.

(Rome) Pope Francis asks the refugees in a video message "for pardon" that "we" had "too often" not included them.
The video message was released today in Rome. It was created for the 35th anniversary of the  Jesuit run refugee center, Centro Astalli in Rome. Pope Francis admiringly recalled  the controversial Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Pedro Arrupe, whom Pope John Paul II. had ousted in 1981  because of progressive aberrations in the Order. 
Francis lists a number of reasons that cause people to flee and thus would be conferred the status of "refugee" would confer, who would require "to share bread,  house and life." It's an explosive range to justify the worldwide mass migrations.
The video message was delivered by Pope Francis extempore. It is tied with the Lampedusa gestures with Pope Francis' continued visits to the island of Lampedusa (Italy), of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and the island of Lesbos (Greece). This includes his appeal of 5 September 2015: " Take all, good and bad ." It's an appeal by Pope Francis that brought complaints about a lack of distinction between the various individuals, whether Islamist, murderer, thief, and so forth..
The video message in English:
Dearest refugees, dear volunteers and full-time employees and friends of the Centre Astalli.
This year, the charity of Centro Astalli has been committed to the refugees in Italy for 35 years. 1
It's an activity that was mainly achieved as one nation, and that is beautiful and true.
I was a stranger, and you welcomed me. I was a stranger.
Each of you refugees who came knocking on our doors, was met by  the face of God,  the flesh of Christ.Your experience of suffering and hope reminds us that we are all strangers and pilgrims on this earth, taken in by someone generous and without merit.
Those of you who fled from their own country because of oppression, of war,  from pollution and desertification, the nature of injustice or unfair distribution of the planet's resources, is a brother,  with whom to share bread, house and life.
Too often we have not adopted you. Forgive us the walling off and the indifference of our societies, who fear that change of life and mentality that requires your presence.
Treated like a piece of a problem, a cost: you are, on the other hand, a gift. You are the witness of how our gracious and merciful God can transform evil and injustice, under which you are suffering, to a good for all. Each of you can be a bridge to bring the distant peoples together. This makes an encounter between different cultures and religions possible, a way to rediscover our common humanity.
And you made me welcome. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
Yes, the center Astalli is a concrete and daily example of the prophetic vision of Father Pedro Arrupe. 2 [Ugh]
It was his swan song in a refugee center in Asia. 3
Thank you all, men and women religious and lay people, volunteers and paid staff. I encourage you to keep going. 35 years of age is only the beginning of a path which is increasingly necessary, the only way for a reconciled coexistence.
Always be witnesses of the beauty, the beauty of the encounter. Help our society to hear the voice of the refugees, Go your way bravely beside them. Accompany them and let yourself be guided by them. The refugees know the paths that lead to peace because they know the acrid smell of war.


  1. The Centro Astalli of Rome is part of the Jesuit Refugee Service founded in 1980. [ ↩]
  2. The Basque Pedro Arrupe (1907-1991) 1965 was elected the 28th Superior General of the Jesuits. Because of his progressive stance, Pope John Paul II. personally attacked him in the interests of the Order and disempowered Arrupe, who then suffered a stroke. John Paul II then appointed a papal delegate, later Cardinal Paolo Dezza SJ. [ ↩]
  3. The word "swan song" of Pedro Arrupe was used Pope Francis already on 14 November 2015 in a speech to members of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). The idea for the foundation of JRS came to Father Arrupe while visiting a refugee center in Southeast Asia. On his return to Rome he suffered a stroke. This was described as Arrupe's  "swan song" by Pope Francis in 2015, which  he described as the "icon", which he apparently meant as a  kind of spiritual testament. [ ↩]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Videobotschaft CTV/vatican.va (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

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  1. A Pope worthy of the office would do all he can to stop the spread of Islam in Europe, but this fool actually wants Islam to grow.

  2. He wants me to be ashamed for not opening the door to my condo, which I am still paying mortgage on, to everyone and anyone (good and bad) who wants to "share my bread, house and life". Many have pricier sneakers and phones I ever cared to have. Jorge Bergoglio is a madman. He needs to be stopped. He, who presents himself as very sensitive and discerning, can't even tell the difference between a person in need and one with wants and sense of entitlement. Madman with an ability to cause a lot of harm to people in our complex world.

  3. This guy Bergoglio is sick....everyone knows he has very serious medical problems....but now he acts like he;s mentally ill. He's delusional about Islam, and is causing great harm to the Church.

    I have several friends in Europe (Italy,Spain, and Germany), and I talk to family in India (all bu e-mail of course). You would not believe the tide of resentment, mockery, and even hatred Francis is getting.
    Everyone wants him gone. He's especially hated in Italy by the way. And his "Holy Year" there? It's a giagantic flop!
    Damian Malliapalli

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  4. Aloha Cf.: THE WAR Decodes Star Wars: The Force Awakens. God has revealed/exposed to light their occult [hidden] knowledge. Thanks be to God! I believe the symbolism of the Last Jedi is sufficient for American’s to take back their country and hold their leaders accountable.

  5. Have you noticed that everything bad is happening all at once in 2016? It looks to me like Satan knows his time is really getting short. I think of how the Blessed Mother sees the ugliness of the world and then thinks of her innocent children. Help is on the way.

    1. What you have said reminds me of this weird video that has a segment on Pope Francis



  6. What on earth has happened to the Catholic Church. Here is the pope destroying orthodoxy from within and alienating faithful Catholics and then with these bizarre overtures to the immigrants who are invading our continent the Catholic Church is becoming the enemy of those who wish to preserve Western Christian civilisation. I for one am now looking to join the Orthodox Church because clearly the Catholic Church has gone off the rails. Very tragic.

  7. One of my relatives in India left the Catholic Church, and now attends the Syrian Orthodox Church in India (very small numbers in India). He has not converted, but since there was a community and Church of that Faith near his home, as well as the Catholic Church, he now goes there. He says the people in that Church think Pope Francis is nuts.
    My friend who is a nun in Rome said it is tragic what the Pope is doing to the Church. He is driving the faithful away. No on in Italy supports his gestures to Muslims or the "refugees", because they know what they are really like. My friend says she knows of some villages and towns in Italy, where 75% of the people have stopped supporting and going to Church because of Pope Francis and his agenda.....and his "Amoris Laetitiae" Letter had angered and alienated thousands of good and faithful priests and friars....particularly the young ones. Those 60+ are thrilled. But then again, that's the garbage Vatican II cheerleading group.
    My friend told be that though her Order has done fairly well since Vatican II since they have retained their traditional old fashioned habits and most of their tradition...they are still down 250+ from before Vatican II. But they are stable. They have 18 young girls in various stages of formation....while some of the bigger Orders have almost 0. The Salesian Order in Italy had hundreds of novices before Vatican II...now they have less than 30....for the whole of Italy. The Jesuits have less than 400 in the whole of Italy. The Franciscans, Capuchins and Dominicans are closing dozens of their houses. Francis is making things much worse.
    The most evil thing about all this is that I think he knows it. That is his and his associates plan.
    Damian Malliapalli

  8. Catholcism is all but finished in the West. Pope Francis is the icing on the and possibly one of the greatest traitors to modern Christianity. Considering what has been going on in the Church since the 60s I think the orthodox have a point. It's a real blow to my faith to be honest but I simply can't turn my back on the sacraments. when Catholics are appalled at their pontiff but non religious think he's amazing then there is a real problem in the Church.

    1. Maybe it's finished in you, but it's still vibrant in many places. Don't project your defeatism.

    2. Catholicism will never be defeated in the West or anywhere else. Long live Christ the King !

  9. Catholicism isn't finished in the West....Francis' brand of Catholicism is. Traditional Catholicism a la the SSPX and similar groups, as well as Catholicism where the Faith has been preserved (Poland), is flourishing. Francis and company are the last desperate gasp of the worthless Vatican II Catholic Church, and he and his associates are trying to put a lock down on the wreckage Vatican II caused in the Church before time runs out...for Francis (it's sooner than he thinks), and his associates. They're all old men...none younger than late 60's....most in their 70's and even 80's. The tiny handful that are "youngish" (Tagle) have little support.
    The Novus Ordo Mass (unless respectfully said), is dead. Mass attendance in most Vatican II parishes is below 20%, and in former Catholic countries, some below 5% (France, Netherlands,Belgium....those which were the most radical in adopting Vatican II).
    The seminaries and religious Orders that reflect Francis and his associates views are dead too. Sad because they were once great Orders. His own Jesuit Order is nearly down to below 16,000 members. All the liberal Orders that reflect Francis view of the Church are collapsing...and all the seminaries. All good Catholics should offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for the magnificent Order they used to be, and a prayer that the end of these Orders..and the pontificate of Francis, might come quickly for the good of the Church.
    Damian Malliapalli

  10. What is Catholicism without the pope? People talk about traditional Catholicism being fine but it is utterly at the mercy of the pope who like Francis can decide to persecute it and mock it if he so wishes. What kind of Church is it when the head of that Church persecutes the faithful and promotes heterodoxy and even asks confirms Muslims in their faith. He even brings Muslims back to Rome while ignoring Christians persecuted by Muslims. How is that Catholicism?

  11. I have said it before: there should a march on the Vatican of real Catholics (read "traditional" Catholics) led by clergy of all ranks to hold a vigil denouncing publicly and loudly for all the world to hear and see (through the lurid media) the heresies of Francis and his betrayal of the Faith entrusted to him. This should be seriously considered and organized, even if only as public, universally recognized gesture. Perhaps that way souls may find their way to oases of orthodoxy and tradition and save their souls inspite of Francis and his perfidious henchmen. If only a few bishops were to lead, the statement would be enormous. Edmund

  12. Bergoglio's apologies in my opinion have one primary purpose: to embarrass as much as possible and as publicly as possible the Church and the Catholic Church. He is a sinister plotter of all he says and does---the veritable nightmare many of us deserve, particularly those who years ago were attacking as "schismatics' the two lone bishops who had the Faith and the manliness to speak truth to power: the venerable (my own designation but not yet the Church's) Marcel Lefebvre and the equally admirable Dr. De Castro Mayer, bishop of Campos in Brazil. They told us clearly what was happening and in general terms what would be coming our way. And they were right and terribly abused,even by many wringing their hands in Bergoglian agony today. Much more horror to come from Bergoglio the Sadist. RC

  13. Correction: I meant to say above "the Faith and the Catholic Church." Thank you, RC