Monday, April 4, 2016

Different Land, Different Bishops -- Poland's Bishops Demand Abolition of Abortion

(Warsaw) The Polish bishops are demanding, together with the pro-life movement, a complete protection of life and a total ban on abortion.
Currently, the killing of unborn children is allowed in exceptional cases, such as rape, until the 12th week of pregnancy, in cases of severe malformation of the fetus and when the mother is in danger of death. The current law dates back to 1993 and ended the communist regime introduced, "freedom" for the killing of unborn children. Even during the communist dictatorship, Poland had the most restrictive abortion law under the socialist republics of the Soviet bloc. In 1956, the killing of unborn children was legalized. The highest abortion rates were, according to statistics in the 1960s. The Soviet Union in 1920 was the first country in the world,  allowing the killing of unborn children under the law.
After the presidential and parliamentary elections of last year, which brought a change of government, the right to life organizations have now  presented a bill that has the support of the new national conservative PiS government confirmed by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and the PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski.  
"You can not stop at the compromise of 1993"
"When it comes to protecting the lives of unborn children, you can not stop at the compromise of 1993," said the Polish Episcopal Conference.  A joint pastoral letter of the bishops was read yesterday, on White Sunday (Mercy Sunday),  in all parishes of the country. The bishops have called on the faithful to support the fight against the evil of abortion and advocate for comprehensive protection of unborn life. The protection of the lives of the  defenseless, innocent children must have validity in Poland.  It tells a lot about a nation how they treat  their unborn children.
The new bill provides that the killing of the unborn child should be possible only in mortal danger of the mother. Whoever performs at an illegal abortion or supports it will  be punished in future by five years in prison. At present, two years are provided, which thus can be suspended on probation.
According to the Ministry of Health legal abortions under the liberal economic previous government have almost quadrupled to 1,812 cases in 2014. Feminist organizations, however,  talk of 200,000 abortions a year, if you were to consider the women who go for abortion abroad. Evidence of these horrendous figures are however not presented. Since the early 1970s, there is a  proven standard of the abortion lobby  to assert completely excessive illegal abortion numbers to allow for  the "necessity" of a legal regulation, i.e. to justify the legalization of killing unborn children. Neutral observers currently  count 7,000-10,000 illegal abortions.

International institutions try to put Poland under pressure

Feminist and pro-abortion organizations agitate for the legalization of infanticide. The feminist group Feminoteka demonstrated with unscrupulous slogans for a "right" to kill unborn children, "My body belongs to me", "Abortion is sacred" and "Vade retro Pro Vita".
International institutions such as the EU and UN are exerting pressure on Poland to legalize infanticide. In November 2015, there came the perverse paradox that the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, who were responsible for compliance with the UN Children's Convention in 1989 of Poland on behalf of the Children's Rights, demanded the legalization of abortion.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: IPCO (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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  1. YES!!! FINALLY, we need the whole European movement to stop this butchery of innocents! VIVA POLAND!!!

  2. It's too late for the hubristic Polish bishops to claim the high moral ground on abortion because up until recent decades when women in the old Soviet bloc began freely to access the means of artificial birth control, the most common form of 'family planning' was abortion.
    It would not have been uncommon for Catholic women in Poland to have many abortions, maybe ten or more during her fertile years.

    The next thing to blow clean up in the faces of the Polish hierarchy is the sheer scale of the long covered up clerical child sexual abuse. When JP II published the 1983 Code of Canon Law, he put a five year time limitation on Church authorities taking action ad intra on these cases.
    Benedict was forced under pressure from several bishops conferences to extend this time limit considerably further. When and if the present or a future Pope excises the provisions of the 'Pontifical secret' in Canon Law and makes it mandatory for bishops to report clerical child rapists to the civil authorities, then the Catholic Church in priest ridden societies such as Poland will come apart at the seams.

    1. When in doubt you can always appeal to moral panic and drag out the sex abuse accusations.

    2. And when you panic over someone calling you out, you promptly pull out the 'delete' caper.
      As for the sex abuse accusations, take a look at the number of dioceses across the world which are bankrupted because of the cover ups. What I have signalled is that the Polish Catholic people will leave the Church in droves when the full extent of the hierarchy's cover ups of clerical sexual abuse is revealed.
      Besides, the Polish bishops began losing their grip on the people along with their moral credibility the moment Poland entered the Eurozone.

    3. This is why I always delete your bizarre, irrelevant posts.

      If anyone cared about sex abide allegations, most of the world's media and leadership figures would be in prison. Indeed, no one cares about Collegeville. Their sex abuse must be OK.

      And spare your psychoanalysis. You're the one who looks desperate for attention.

    4. You'll really get the wind blown out of your sails when the clerical CSA scandals are finally exposed in the ranks of the SSPX and especially in Williamson's even more deviant cabal.

    5. And yet nobody seems to care about rampant sexual abuse among Socialist politicians and their ecclesiastical handmaidens.

      There are many accusations in Buenos Aires, and more to come, but it's just business as usual, ho hum.

  3. U.N. to Install 1000 Temples to Baal in U.S., China, Great Britain April 2016!