Wednesday, March 9, 2016

North African Attacks 16 Year Old Girl on Train During Rampage

An asylum seeker from Algeria attacks girl --- Mother defended her with pepper spray -- train stopped  in Löhne 16- year old girl attacked in train 

Löhne/Bad Oeynhausen (WB/mor). A migrant from Algeria is said to have attacked a girl on Tuesday on the  Westphalia train to  Osnabrück.  The mother caused him to flee when she used pepper spraye. The train was halted in Löhne.

As reported by police, the North African had at this point left the train. He used a scheduled stop  in Bad Oeynhausen, where he attempted shortly thereafter to rob a taxi. Two policemen and helpers on the scene who tried to stop him were attacked and injured by the man.   He was was apprehended and spent the night in police custody. He was then charged by the authorities.

According to police reports, at 10:30, the man left his seat and approached the conductor's compartment of the train. There he tried to move the massive locked door.  At that point he approached one of the female passengers..  He attempted to grab the arm of a 16 year-old and pull her from her seat. He also snatched her shopping bag.  The girl shouted at the attacker but this had no effect. The mother (47) attempted then to repel the North African with pepper spray.  Finally both fled to another department and alerted the police.

He was then able to be overpowered

On the train station plaza in Bad Oeynhausen, the man ripped a 47 year old female taxi driver from her vehicle. She was injured. At that point he occupied the car.  Another female taxi driver  (48) rushed to help. She was choked by the attacker.  Even a 54 year old taxi rider helped. He received a blow to the head and a punch to the chin.  Not until the intervention of two further witnesses (42 and 52) was the attacker overpowered.

Even the responding holding van had difficulty in subduing and detaining the 23 year old.  He attempted to strike and spit on the policemen.

Even during transport  to police custody he managed to injure two officials.  One of them was sent to the hospital and removed from duty. In custody, the man received a blood test. It should ascertain if the 23 year old had been under the influence of drugs or alchohol.

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  1. Why don't European men act like men and stop these attacks?
    These stories are appearing daily from Europe.