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Archdiocese of Luxemburg Signed the Gender Ideological "Charter of Diversity"

"Charta der Vielfalt" Luxemburg -- Even the Archdiocese is on board.
(Luxembourg) they call it "Diversity Charter", which is obviously what it represents: the promotion of "diversity". "Diversity" is one of those "magic words" for a socio-political "reorganization". This includes especially the "diversity of sexual orientation". But some chief pastors surrender naively and bow to the dictates of gender ideologues.

What ideas are behind the " Charte de la diversité "?

The "Charte de la diversité" was first published in France in 2004 and goes back to an initiative of the Institut Montaigne. The Institute is a liberal think tank founded in 2000,  which is funded by many of the largest public and private companies in France.  Its origin in  France is linked directly  with the republican and secular, anti-monarchist and anti-Catholic official doctrine of 1905.
In Germany in 2006, although the historical conditions are quite different, has adopted and published it literally as a "Charta der Vielfalt"   directly from major companies such as Daimler, German Bank, Deutsche Telekom, and Deutsche BP. The whole thing was done with the support of the Federal Government.Chancellor Angela Merkel who appeared personally as patroness.
The official goal of the Charter reads: "to establish equal opportunities for employees." However, the companies are committed not only to the "equal opportunities", but operate as engines of socio-political changes. The Charter states that the "German economy" could develop  "globalization" and "demographic change"  only if it promotes and utilizes the "diversity" (diversity) of employees.
Concretely, the fight against "discrimination" and the promotion of gender ideology and mass displacements of people through migration. For example, the French bank BNP Paribas is one of the signatories of the "Charte de la diversité. This past January 12 they held a meeting, which was devoted to gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual milieu of the company. Among the invited speakers was also the spokesman for the Gay Pride France .

"Pact of Steel" between the "strong powers"

The "Charter" has spread to the business level in several countries and coalesced in the most divergent  circles. Private companies, public companies and associations have pledged  with their signature under the "Charter"  to "overthrow stereotypes and platitudes," to combat "discrimination" and to create an "inclusive society".
Every year on May 12, an international Diversity Day is organized. In Luxembourg it will be committed in 2016 for the second time. It is a kind of hard with meetings, workshops, exhibitions, product launches and all will be advertised with its own website. The aim of the rally is summarized in the motto: "Working for diversity". They essay to "change the daily lives of citizens in their homes, influence their habits  and become part of their daily lives".
The objectives are a challenge. No more talk of freedom, self-determination, self-responsibility, free will, freedom of expression. Instead we a "Pact of Steel", so Corrispondenza Romana , instead there is a pact concluded between the "strong powers."  Large enterprises and government institutions join forces to influence the habits and behaviors of citizens. What is advertised as a voluntary step, it is feared, could go faster than thought to a ban for non-compliance and then coercion.

The Promoters

Population displacement and gender theory: cooperation between Caritas and "Charte de la diversité"

It is not surprising when among the promoters of the "Charter of Diversity" the European Commission finds the actual institutional powerhouse of the European Union, just like the Luxembourg family, Equality and Integration Ministry.
Promoters in Luxembourg are the already mentioned Deutsche Bank and all leading financial and investment institutions (PWC, RBC Investor & Treasury Services, IMS, etc.).
Among them is also Sodexo, the world leader in  things dealing with the "quality of life". The Sodexo operates in 80 countries and has 428,000 employees. "Catering, Community Care and Facility Management" are the services for industrial companies, government agencies, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, retirement and nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, prisons and military installations.  Sodexo also plays with the mass immigration business. In several countries, it is in charge of food, accommodation and management of asylum seekers.
The Promoter Committee of the 2nd Diversity Day also includes the American Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg . The American Chamber of Commerce is a private organization and describes himself as a "non-profit". It is present in each case as an association in Austria and Switzerland. The expansion was carried out in parallel with the Marshall Plan for Europe. As the socio-political ambitions show, it is not just about bringing together business people and philanthropic objectives.
The Luxembourg patron of the "Charter of Diversity" is the 43 year-old Family and Integration Minister, Corinne Cahen who is also simultaneously the president of the liberal  Democratic Party in the Grand Duchy, which has been forming since 2014 a coalition government with the Social Democrats and Greens.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Luxembourg has signed "Charte de la diversité"

It is not only the orthodox and non-orthodox Left and the Jewish Minister who eagerly collaborate, but it is also the Catholic Church in Luxembourg.  Since 2011,  Jean-Claude Hollerich is a Jesuit archbishop of the Grand Duchy.  Msgr. Hollerich studied at the Gregorian University in Rome, at the Jesuit College Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt and at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. At the University of Bonn, he received his doctorate and has lived and worked for several years in Japan.
In 2012 he opposed the abortion law debated by Parliament. The Greens in the country indicated his rejection of abortion as "archaic and extremist" and his defense of the right to life of unborn children as an "anachronistic world view".
At the Second Diversity Day there was a solemn ceremony in which all signatories of the Charter committed themselves publicly to promote "diversity" by concrete actions. Among the signatories in the category of "Company", the subcategory "foundations, NGOs"  can be found   "Catholic Church - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Luxembourg". The archdiocese is managed as a company with more than 300 employees, which is committed in the collective agreement 'to respect diversity ".

Rejected resignation of Rome

It is thus hard to believe Archbishop Hollerich would not have understood what is represented by the "Charte de la diversité". This isn't the first time the archbishop has stumbled. It was he who signed a new agreement between Church and State almost a year ago. With the state is meant the governing Traffic Light Coalition,  since December 2013.  With this convention, religious instruction has disappeared from Luxembourg school programs and the public subsidies for the Church were reduced by 30 percent. Not even the eagerly encouraged commitment of the Church in social services and education were appreciated. In addition, the maintenance of the churches were left to the Church alone.
Archbishop Hollerich tried to whitewash  this affront to the Church with a quote from Pope Francis, "The Church of the poor is a richer Church." The Luxembourg Catholics understood only too well.  RTL reported "violent tensions". According to media reports,  Archbishop Hollerich wanted to fly the coop because of the disaster. As always, according to the RTL the 57 year old senior shepherd has already submitted his resignation to the Vatican  "for health reasons".
The application will have been rejected by Pope Francis, himself a Jesuit. Archbishop Hollerich was merely "granted" an Auxiliary Bishop. Luxembourg Catholics see in this "the danger that the difficulties are  only going to increase," said Corrispondenza Romana .
Text. Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred
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