Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NZZ: "The Pope and His Opponents: Francis in the Headwinds"

Cardinal Leondaro Sandri
by Manfred Ferrari
This is one comment, typical of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung   (NZZ), among the best I've ever read on the subject. As a journalist who has been working for three decades with the Vatican Curia, I can agree with the author in many ways. A reform of the Curia was long overdue. But this has to be drawn with tact and consideration out of the myriad of  Vatican cliques. The commissioning of outrageously expensive consulting firms was an unfortunate choice.
In addition, Pope Francis has received some internal crossfire due to  unhappy personnel decisions, particularly also because he (against his better judgment) did not want to reverse. The extravagance of the Curia, which often arises from a frightening arrogance has hardly relented even under the new pontiff.
An example: As the Greek Catholic Church on 16 September 2013, was inaugurated in Astana / Kazakhstan *, the Vatican ordered a private jet in Switzerland so that the Argentine curial official and his staff  could walk in with  "dry feet."  This was certainly not within the meaning of Pope Bergoglio.  But even Pope Paul VI. had his work cut with his Curia. When he gave an analysis of the reform of the Curia at Bishop Edouard Gagnon in order, these disappeared without a trace, even before Pope Montini could see them. Even for Pope John Paul II. it was not possible gather all findings in a single study (existing in a single output).
*) The private company MAX Airlines had carried (from Berne-Rome-Kazakhstan and back)  Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (Argentina) and his suite. The estimated cost was approximately 15-20000 Swiss francs to be a guest at the feast of the dedication there! How many poor children could have been supplied with it? With Alitalia Flight + Aeroflot this would have cost 548 euros per person. And now the Vatican is taking action (according to my information, at the express wish of Pope Francis) against two Italian journalists, because they denounced the wastefulness of Vatican cardinals in their books. According to the new Law Code of the Vatican they could be faced with imprisonment between 5 - expect 10 years, even if they are expected to be pardoned. With this action, Pope Francis may lose his goodwill with the international press. Pity!
Text: Manfred Ferrari, Vaticanist kathmedia.org, fotoferrari.com
Image: Una Fides
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmmail.com


  1. Libruls once they get in power always splurge on themselves. So many similarities between Team Bergoglio and Oslama.

  2. Might I ask why you are opposed to the Vatican using "outrageous consulting firms? I am aware they are expensive, however the work they so is usually first class. To try to reorganize the Curia using internal personnel would result in nothing being accomplished. The outside consulting firms, however, have a greater probability of success.

  3. These articles that picture Francis as some kind of hero trying to clean up the :corrupt: Vatican and running into opposition makes me sick.

    More likely, it's a large group of true Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and priests in the Vatican who see Francis as the heretic and lunatic he really is and are going all out to stop him. God Bless them. I wish Francis would arouse so much opposition to him that the good Cardinals, bishops and priests in the Vatican and elsewhere stage an uprising against him, a coup d'état, a putsch, an outright revolt and force Francis and his thugs out.
    Then we might get a Catholic as Pope!

    Damian Malliapalli

  4. It is the duty of all bishops and priests with souls in their care to denounce the evil attacks by Francis on the Faith and morals.