Thursday, December 17, 2015

Czech President: "Europe and Islam Are Not Compatible"

PRAGUE The Czech President Milos Zeman has spoken out against  Muslim immigration to Europe. "We respect the Islamic countries and their beliefs, as long as its inhabitants do not come to Europe. Because as soon as they come to Europe,  two cultures collide that are not compatible with each other," he said  in an interview with the state news agency TASR. Muslims have yet to have been assimilated in any European country. This proves the incompatibility of Islamic and European culture.
The EU Member States, urged Zeman, should rather invest more in securing the EU's external border than in the reception of refugees.
His country would have received no  asylum seekers,  had they not gone through secure countries before arriving in the Czech Republic. "To bring this stream of refugees under control, means not only to have  the police but also the army sent to the borders and in order to encourage the return of illegal immigrants. Precisely for this reason, because we are not the most secure country  for them," quoted the Austrian news agency APA Zeman as saying. (KRK)


  1. Bravo!
    Czech yourself before you wreck yourself

  2. Im tired of hearing about respect for these animals and their bastard religion as a qualifier before anything else is said.


  4. Bravo for the Czech president. He and also the Poles are the only Europeans who can see the truth. Then, unfortunately we have this loser Pope Francis, and many bishops who want to imitate him, who are preaching welcome and "mercy" for these wretched people.
    Donald Trump might sometimes speak before he thinks of the consequences, but he is on the right track to in this regard. Apparently, most Americans think so too.
    Damian Malliapalli

    1. Donald Trump wants to protect American people from being murdered by muslims.Why is everyone acting like this is terrible?