Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Pray For Us!

Edit: this is also the 444th anniversary of the victory of Catholic forces over the Turk at Lepanto in 1571. 

Then as now, the Church and the remnant of Christendom is under assault, but this time the foes within are as threatening as the enemies without.

Perhaps it is this virtual eclipse of the only Church founded by Jesus Christ, that His  power will manifest to us, for it is only through Him that we will be victorious. 

Now is a good day for everyone to petition His Mother for the graces our leaders need to guide the Church. 


  1. What a great and glorious vehicle for receiving God graces! For thise who properly recite it's prayers while meditating on it's holy Mysteries, that is.

  2. Thi is wonderful advice to pray for holy leaders and a holy Pope for our Church, not necessarily the current Pope.

    Today. in his own newapaper:L'Osservatore Romano" there was printed a huge page,. obviously placed there as an advertisement, praising Mario Palmaro, the late, great Catholic author, traditionalist and extreme critic of Pope Francis and his agenda. The ad showed a picture of Mario Palmaro, his dates (1968-2014), and the tribute words "Mario Palmaro, a great example, for all of us" that he was such a devout and faithful traditional Catholic.
    Today, the storm of gossip in the Vatican is, how was this obvious tribute to Palmaro placed in the Pope's own paper, during the Synod which Francis hopes goes his way? It is and was, as many have remarked, a set-up of the Pope, a deliberate threat and insult to Francis and his people,during the Synod...a Pope and his thugs who are exactly the opposite of the great Mario Palmaro.
    Apparently in Rome it a great mystery how it got in the Pope's own paper. But it has made many faithful Catholic very happy, because they know it was intended as a threat and insult to Francia and his people, who inscreasingly those in the Vatican and Rome itself hate.

  3. What with this so-called Family Synod (aka threat to Catholicism as we know it...) taking place now, with the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Commemoration of Lepanto, the upcoming anniversary of the Fatima (Islamic girl's name, remember) apparitions, the Blood Moon, the, er, Islamic ("no it's not"), economic manly Syrian [sic] migrant crisis, Russia (Fatima again?) taking out ISIS (Egyptian goddess)....

    It's all a bit top-heavy at the moment... (sheesh, I must stop watching those 'End-Times' You Tube vids late at night...)