Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Evil Thomas Reese Laments End of Synod

Edit: so much for the Bergoglian Teach-in and the Consensus .

Ht to our friend Rick DeLano


With time running out, the synodal fathers appear no closer to resolving their conflicts over issues facing the family than they were a year ago. One of the principal sticking points is over Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics who do not have an annulment. Another controversy is over the language to be used in speaking about homosexuals.

The Synod of Bishops concludes this Sunday after meeting in Rome since Oct. 4. The synod has been discussing issues facing families, the same issues discussed at a similar gathering of bishops last October.

The pope and the bishops argue that the synod is about the family and decry the media’s focus on homosexuality and divorce, but there is no question that these are the topics around which the bishops have conflict. There is little disagreement over other issues.



  1. I'm getting sick of hearing the phrase "divorced and remarried Catholics." There is no such thing. Call them as they are: adulterers.

    1. Catholics can be adulterers, and worse.

    2. Adultery. Bigamy. Abandonment of husband or wife.

    3. 50 years of grey has numbed the discernment of the average church of nice Catholic.it's adultery, that's the name of the sin, that's the issue. One can be d&r and live in chastity, no problem there. Watered down words have caused terrible confusion in the politically correct church of the new false mercy (real mercy is when the church teaches the world, false mercy is when the church listens to the world) eg the word gay doesnt have the horror that the word sodomy has, or as the vulgate puts it plainly, masculorum concubitoribus

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  3. Does not homosexuality & divorce impinge on the family?