Sunday, October 4, 2015

Evil Communist Organization Attacks Catholic Hospitals

Edit: we've already talked about how the most prolific litigator against the Catholic Church, Jeff Anderson, gives substantial sums to the ACLU.  

Now we see their other prong being employed here:

[Fox]The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit last week against Trinity Health Corporation, one of the nation’s largest Catholic health care groups, for refusing to provide emergency abortions.

The formal complaint is based on the health system’s “repeated and systematic failure to provide women suffering pregnancy complications with appropriate emergency abortions as required by federal law,” according to an ACLU press release.

Fox News religion correspondent Father John Morris said this is another example of religious institutions being forced to do things against their beliefs.


  1. Today is Pro-life Sunday. In Catholic Church. Maybe nationwide...

  2. Just like the Parochial schools , The Bishops opened their hands for Catholic hospitals and clinics to accept Fed monies through Bush's Faith Based charitable offering. Once you take Fed money you play by their rules.Bush also created misery when he federalized student loans as a generation is discovering when after college they cannot find decent wage jobs by which to pay off these loans and move forward in life since they cannot be discharged through bankruptcy courts.

    1. Counter-IntelligenceOctober 4, 2015 at 10:58 PM

      Don't blame Bush, not that I have much regard for him, he was a minor part of the scam. Blame the education-banking-Congress complex. And greed on the part of students who should have done a little more research into demographics and prospects before signing their lives away.

      Frankly, the Catholic Church needs to get out of the hospital and education business. And especially the illegal invader coddling business.

    2. Hey "Counter-I".... I have a serious regret. Too bad the undesirable immigrants that gave birth to you managed to slither into the USA.

    3. Counter-IntelligenceOctober 9, 2015 at 10:47 PM

      Hey, Anonymous 4:29. you have a serious regret whenever you open your mouth, or look in the mirror.

  3. The "morning after pill" is sometimes referred to as emergency contraception but I have never heard of an emergency abortion. The testimony of a former abortionist talks about the unlikelihood of an abortion ever being to the mother's advantage for her own health.

  4. Whitey stopped taking socialist, homosexual (and in way too many cases turning a blind eye to pederasts) bishops seriously years ago. They have diluted themselves into thinking all the illegal tacos will save the Church. Taco can't save the Church. Open a beer, and enjoy the decline.

  5. You sound angry. Need to talk?