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The Third World War Has Already Begun -- And It is Being Waged Against the Church

The Third World War Already
 is Taking Place -- Against the Catholic
(Rome) The financial expert and banker Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was President of the Vatican Bank IOR from 2009 to 2012. During his presidency, incisive reforms to increase transparency were made. Through it was through an opaque machination that he lost his job but was rehabilitated by the judiciary.
Today he writes commentaries on current world events for the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano and the business newspaper Il Sole-24Ore.
In the Catholic online daily Nuova Bussola Quotidianahe on September 1st, he published an essay on the battle between Church and Gnosticism.

The Third World War has already broken out - against the Church

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi -
Recently, all seem - the Catholic world with included - anxious to avoid a supposedly predictable Third World War, triggered by religious fundamentalism, nationalism, racism and forms of discrimination, that globalism which has dramatically accelerated terrorism.
To avoid it (instead of developing strategies to address these problems and to solve them) it seems to have agreed instead to identify the first "cause" of this danger in what Gnosticism had always wanted to destroy: in the Christian faith.
With regard to  catholicity, the action focused initially on two issues: the relativity of human dignity and of religious dogmas.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Then they appear to have tried to persuade of a reasonable advance in ecumenism for an already multicultural and multi-religious world, trying to make you think that the truth emerges from dialogue.
Then they seem to have tried to persuade the Church to recognize the infallibility of personal conscience and reduce its of moral authority.
To as it seems decided, would have us believe that the moral misery is a result of economic misery.
The Church is encouraged to separate itself from her possessions and to distribute them and abandon evangelization.
This is justified rationally: evangelization is inconsistent with the multi-religious and multi-cultural historical reality, depriving neighbor of his freedom and dangerously harming the cultures of other peoples.

It seems they have decided to let the immigration process to accelerate...

And to explain it is necessary, useful and compelling  (to close the population gab to make more cultural diversity...).
Meanwhile, the inexorable process is evident throughout the "civilized" world to impose "civilized" conformist laws  on the moral vision and the moral behavior (the origin of the conflict).
The Church is encouraged (and seems itself to encourage), to deal with comforting, and educate less.
It is far more serious that the whole world should  accept the "ecological" program as a world religion that unites all nations of the earth.

With all due respect: there are fears that a third world war is breaking out or has already broken

Jesus on a ruined Calvary 
and is being defeated  by the Gnosis of the 21st century that has overwhelmed Christendom?
It appears namely that Gnosis has defeated evangelization.
There is at this point a consideration to make:
We Catholics have always thought that God writes history and that this story is the eternal conflict between Gnosticism and Revelation.
We have always thought that the trained conscience recognizes what is good and evil, and determines the meaning of our lives and our actions; for Christianity has always influenced history in this way, although Gnosis has always stood in its way, and that it has always tried to eradicate this "sense".
I would ask the reader but to consider something else. In the history of the past 2000 years to make it, a, like ours, global spread, which in its line of argumentation is "absurd"  (remember: founded on the incarnation of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit, founded on the resurrection! ) where neither the logic applies nor could reason (sic et simpliciter), nor on the lie, nor on mere hope, nor coercion and conquest: How could one not believe that history is directly written by God through his  grace?

Now we no longer believe that?

But we go one step further. Those who accept Christianity, there can not engage it by striving for power (those who have tried, have lost) nor looking for pleasure, success, etc. Those who have embraced Christianity, knew, indeed according to their estate, that they must separate from the world, knew that they must renounce it and carry the cross.
So how could you think that Christianity alone would, without God, have survived and written history under these conditions?
But why do we fear these times, these challenges, the new persecutions and dangers of today?

History was written thanks to the effort to make known the truth.

This effort succeeded only as long as that which "was worldly, was subordinated to the otherworldly."
Today, in order to tackle the issues mentioned above, the consequences of globalization are (to simplify), demanded more than ever, to affirm  truth in order to create a truly global society which is based on  real human rights and not just on an unsustainable accumulation of cultures without anything that  really unites them.
Therefore Gnosticism suggests that all unite in a form of "pseudo-religious" and Malthusian environmentalism.

Do we want to allow this?

Burning Church (Marie Sanctuary of Muxia, Spain)
The history of mankind is understood, in understanding the role of the Church, because only the church can express and restore the meaning and order of creation. [!]
If this should not happen, our historical epoch will become sterile and even harmful for our children and descendants, we would leave them a totally different legacy than just leaving them a damaged environment  ... much worse: We would leave them a damaged morality, a damaged culture. Do we understand that?
If the church is no longer teacher, original sin explodes in thought and action of man.
When the church leaves the conscience of man freely infected by the motives of the alleged dominant cultures and fashions,  man goes astray.
If the church does not evangelize, it deprives people of the right to know Christ.

History can not be written with the Gnostic and nihilistic disorder.

One can not simply limit  himself to observing and to expressing opinions that are requested by the prevailing culture. One can not limit himself to consolation rather than to instruct, rather than calling to prayer and to confirm and give the sacraments.
It is also written in the encyclical Lumen Fidei. This is how the reins of history are taken in hand again.
Above all, we must not be afraid.
What's good for the wolves, can not be good for the lambs.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image NBQ / MiL
Trans: Tancred
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  1. So the president of the 'Vatican Bank', IOR, has just found out that gnostics and others of that ilk are at war with the Catholic Church. Wow! Next he will be telling us that Queen Victoria has died.

    1. Oh boy, more wisdom from the Sede squadron. Thanks, sooo insightful.

    2. Gary. There is no need for sarcasm here. The subject matter is serious. Do something about it rather than criticise the messenger.

    3. Paul, of course the matter is serious, and it appears my post has been misunderstood. Let me explain; gnosticism has been a war with Christianity for the very earliest days, under the guise of Neoplatonism it powered the paganist revival of the Renaissance, and achieved world power during and following the French Revolution. It would appear Mr Tedeschi doesn't know much history or is intending to confuse Catholics as to the scope and depth of this religious war.

  2. There is nothing sedevacantist in the above statement by Gary. You, Mr. Tancred, have a real mean and irrational streak. Why do you seem so often to dislike so much those who read and respond in this blog? People should start ignoring the blog (which I will do from now on), despite the interesting information it contains, and shut you down, as you deserve. As Judge Judy would say: there is something wrong with you! (and, no, I don't watch much television---in anticipation of your sour remarks). Archimago

  3. Agreed, Anonymous. This is the second time in recent months when Tancred is very unlike Tancred. His behavior was so bad (like just now with his uncalled for attack against Gary) that many of us thought this blog had been hijacked and it was not Tancred speaking at all.

    We are your friends, Tancred. That is why we come here. Even those of us who just come to read and not comment.


    1. What was the point of Gary's comment? An insightful contribution by the former head of the Vatican Bank becomes a moment for Gary to sneer and make the claim that this is old news.

      As happy as I am that Gary is up on the evil that is Gnosticism, unfortunately, not everyone else is as up to speed, and there are additional aspects of this contribution which I found useful, to say nothing of who is doing the saying. That the Church has been infected with the spirit of Gnosticism, and that the worldly spirit has attacked the Church is a controversial statement, which needs to be said.

      Nobody cares if Gary or Tancred knows about Gnosticism, but it is important when Professor Tedesci, a man of considerable education, reputation and involvement with worldly affairs, who's been exonerated, by the way, of any wrong doing in handling the Vatican Bank IOR, says it. So much for Francis' reforming the bank.

      I find Gary's comments typical of sedevacantiats and like-minded individuals. Sedevacanists create expectations in their minds about what it means to be Catholic, which varies depending on what day, what Sedevacantist, and when someone, actually Catholic, who happens to be highly accomplished, in this case, a banker who teaches economics and ethics, well, They can't just chew on the information and humbly reflect on it, they have to find something unprofitable, nasty and sarcastic to say about it.

      Maybe I'll simply delete the posts from now on that detract from the message people need to hear, rather than have to deal with someone who knows it all. You can always write me an email to ask why.

  4. It's very simple, make the consecration.

  5. Our Lady of Akita foretold that God is preparing a chastisement worse than that of the deluge. Also Sister Lucia Dos Santos in a letter to a Cardinal said that the final battle between God and Satan would be the family. When lightning struck St. Peter's Basilica, I take it as a sign that we are now being chastised. What could be worse than our leaders becoming the enemies of Christ and his Church. The Church is now infested with the heresy of Modernism and its so far taken a huge toll on us. We failed in praying the Rosary for Peace as our Lady instructed but its not too late.

    1. Cardinal Ottaviani got back at the bums who cut his microphone off at the Vatican meeting (most call "council"). He released the secret with extra padding or additional words so he played a sly trick on the churchmen who were supposed to have released the secret in 1960.
      This is the text. Notice how closely it matches Akita, Our lady has had to return several times to get this message to the people.

      "A great chastisement will fall on the entire human race; not today as yet, not tomorrow, but in the second half of the twentieth century.
      No longer does order reign anywhere and Satan will reign over the highest places directing the course of events. He (Satan) really will succeed in infiltrating to the top of the Church. Also for the Church a time of Her greatest trials will come. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals; Bishops will oppose Bishops and Satan will march amid their ranks, and in Rome there will be changes. What is rotten will fall, and what will fall will never rise again. The Church will be darkened and the world deranged by terror.
      A great war will break out within the second half of the Twentieth Century, fire and smoke will fall from Heaven, the water of the oceans will become vapors and the foam will rise up flooding and sinking everything, millions and millions of people will die by the hour and the survivors will envy the dead.
      Death will reign everywhere for the errors committed by the foolish and by the partisans of Satan, who, then and only then, will reign over the world. At last, those who will survive all of these events will once more proclaim God and His Glory and serve Him like before, when the world was not as corrupted."

    2. This is interesting. When did Our Lady says this and to whom. It certainly resembles the message from Akita. Thanks.

    3. The July/August 2013 issue of Chiesa Viva magazine features Dr. Franco Adessa's article "The Third Secret of Fatima: A Testimony." According to Adessa, the now-deceased Fr. Luigi Villa, who reportedly had a mandate from Pope Pius XII to uncover and expose Freemasonry in the Catholic Church and to defend her from it, knew from Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani (d. 1979) that the text published in the German magazine Neues Europa in 1963, though not itself the Third Secret, contained ALL of the sentences of the real Third Secret.

      Before his death in 2012, Fr. Villa allegedly communicated to Dr. Adessa what these sentences from the Neues Europa text were that make up the real Third Secret. Adessa compiled them into one text which was published in the July/August 2013 issue of Chiesa Viva.

    4. wasn't Villa also the one who wrote the expose on Paul VI? THAT'S really worth a read, particularly as francis gets ready to raise him to the altar...God save us.

  6. What could be worse? Islamists, they're here, in Rome, and everywhere, just waiting to islamize us, don't think Europeans are prepared to become martyrs, I think that it is not God to chastise us, we're doing the job by ourselves.We can pray and pray, and hope.God bless+

  7. I think Prof Tedeschi's essay is very good. He tells it as it is.

    It reminds me of the saying of St Paul when he said that the reason we become ill in body is because our soul is sick.

  8. "Agreed, Anonymous. This is the second time in recent months when Tancred is very unlike Tancred. His behavior was so bad (like just now with his uncalled for attack against Gary) that many of us thought this blog had been hijacked and it was not Tancred speaking at all."


    Perhaps Tancred is sick and tired of what is passing for Catholicism nowadays and the totally unmanly, flaccid clerics that are running 'the Church' of today.

    1. Well it's clear where you stand in the Catholic spectrum, Rosie, given that you are fawning and posting on the deranged, hate-consumed Mundabor dog patch.

    2. awwwww Rose....michael/jeffrey dahmer/gaybriel is really sweet on you.

      Looks like you hit a particular nerve with the "totally unmanly, flaccid clerics that are running 'the Church' of today" comment. Any guess as to the color habit he wears?

  9. While one believes these Novus Ordo squatters in the formerly Catholic Sees are part of Christ's Church, while one supports them and pays homage to them, how can one be anything but an an enemy of Christ?

    1. The Novus Ordo is 'DYI', right down to its New Mass, New Ordination Rites, and Heresiarchs leading the whole thing. Holy Mother Church teaches that we must not support heresiarchs and their sects. But during these times of the great apostasy most folks prefer to remain in the real estate, even if the landlords are now antichrists.

    2. Nothing like doing the Sisyphus routine viretbo, especially after Ray Blake just pushed another bounder into your hands to push up the mountain.
      Stick with it and sooner or later you'll pass the hubris test and begin believe your own drivel.

    3. Do you even know who Sisyphus is supposed to be, Gabriel? At least you spelled the name right.

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