Monday, September 14, 2015

Pope Francis to Visit Lutheran Church In Rome

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rome
(Rome) Pope Francis will visit the Lutheran church in Rome this coming November 15th.
On Sunday, 15 November, the Catholic Church leader will   the Christ Church in Rome  on November 15th to pay the Lutheran parish of the city to visit. This was published on the official website of the Vatican in the Italian calendar of "events with the Holy Father".
For almost 200 years, Evangelical services have been held in Rome. The initiative goes back to the Prussian Embassy built in 1747 in the Papal States. In 1817 the first Lutheran service was held in the city of the popes in the chapel of the embassy. The occasion was the 300-year anniversary of the Reformation. Since 1819, it was then  commissioned by King Friedrich Wilhelm III. of Prussia, with a permanent Protestant minister in Rome. With the defeat of the Papal States the forming, Germanic Evangelical-Lutheran congregation departed the Prussian embassy out into the public.
1910 saw the construction of the Romanesque Revival Christ Church, which was only completed, because of World War I in 1922. The architect was Franz Schwechten, who also created the plans for the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin.
Francis' visit will be the third visit of a Pope in the Church of Christ. The first Pope who visited a Lutheran church since the Protestant schism of 1517 was in 1983 by John Paul II. Who was then preaching from the pulpit. On 14 March 2010 Benedict XVI paid the Protestant church a visit.

Pope appointments for November

From September 19 to 28  Pope Francis is to visit Cuba and then the United States of America.
On October 3, the pontiff will attend a prayer vigil from 7pm on St. Peter's Square for the 14th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the family.
On October 4, the celebration of the Holy Mass begins at 10am for the opening of the Synod of Bishops.
On October 18,  beginning at 10:15am on St. Peter's Square, the Holy Mass for the canonization of new saints Vincenzo Grossi, Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Ludovico Martin and Maria Azelia Guerin.
On 25 October, at 10 clock, the Holy Mass in the Vatican Basilica for the conclusion of the Synod of Bishops held.
On November 1, the feast of All Saints, Pope Francis is how to celebrate the Holy Mass in the previous years, at the Roman cemetery of Verano.
On November 2, All Souls' Day, follows in the Vatican Grottoes at 6pm a moment of prayer  for deceased Popes.
On November 5, the Pope celebrates at 11:30am   on the Vatican Basilica Altar, a requiem for the deceased Cardinals and Bishops in the past year.
On November 15, there will be a 4pm  visit to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Rome.
From November 25 to 30, the Catholic Church leader is to  travel to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


  1. No doubt we will witness another moment where the necessity to convert to Catholicism is never mentioned among Lutherans, resulting in the perception that conversion is no longer necessary. Another John Paul II moment, God have mercy on us for canonizing him.

    1. Not only does Francis not think they need to convert, he regards them as being in his "Church". Along with Jews, Muslims, etc.

  2. I would like to see the Lutheran "Church" apologize to the Catholic Church for all the damage they have done. Why is it that the Catholic Church, in the figure of the Pope, is the apologizer?

  3. If Mass attendance has been plummeting in the Catholic Church, especially in Europe, how many attend services in the heretical 'anything goes' Lutheran church. I imagine it is measured in the dozens. As for the Pope visiting there, if only it was to preach conversion to the true Church.

    1. Be careful, the "conservative" Catholics will wag their finger at you declaring that in our new enlightened age we no longer preach the necessity to convert to Catholicism, which was simply for the Church yesteryear, all 1950 years, including the Apostles and the command of Christ. But since our new age is different than nearly 2,000 years of history, we don't have to do this anymore.

      Follow the lead of the newly canonized John Paul II who did no such thing, but rather, accommodated pagans to break the first commanded on holy church ground at Assisi. You see, praying for peace to pagan demon gods is a sign of solidarity alongside Catholics who pray for peace to the true God, and hence, once pagans see that we both like natural peace they will somehow, and dare I say miraculously, know that Catholicism is true, all the Sacraments necessary, and they will convert. All because we wanted some vague notion of peace, and accommodating them in worshiping demons. It is the perfect plan. Just look at all those converts after each Assisi meeting!

      As for the Lutherans, just act nice, compliment them on what they believe in common, and they will see that since we are such nice guys they will "convert" to Catholicism.

      Smiling, acting hospitable, complimenting their beliefs, all of this will infuse into their intellect the truth of Catholicism. How can you people not see this? John Paul the Greatest of All did this, and he was a Pope AND a Saint! You see! Don’t be schismatic!

  4. From the Pope Benedict XVI’s speech to Lutheran leaders in Germany, Sept 23, 2011:

    “How do I receive the grace of God?” The fact that this question was the driving force of his whole life never ceases to make an impression on me. [ . . . ] In my view, this is the first summons we should attend to in our encounter with Martin Luther.

    Another important point: God, the one God, creator of heaven and earth, is no mere philosophical hypothesis regarding the origins of the universe. This God has a face, and he has spoken to us. He became one of us in the man Jesus Christ”who is both true God and true man. Luther’s thinking, his whole spirituality, was thoroughly Christocentric: “What promotes Christ’s cause” was for Luther the decisive hermeneutical criterion for the exegesis of sacred Scripture. This presupposes, however, that Christ is at the heart of our spirituality and that love for him, living in communion with him, is what guides our life.”

    "What promotes Christ's cause?" Indeed!

    1. Benedict says differently, Tancred. He pointed out that Luther was thoroughly Christocentric.
      How inconvenient for you.

    2. Just for you gaybriel/michael/martin, in the words of your hero Luther;

      "In appearance and words you simulate modesty, but you are so swollen with haughtiness, arrogance, pride, malice, villainy, rashness, superciliousness, ignorance, and stupidity that there is nothing to surpass you."

      and some more "Christ-like" gems from your role-model....

    3. The devil is Christocentric too, in the sense that Feybriel is The Eponymous Flower-centric. Feyb's intellectually dishonest enough to be proof-texting from the Bible, but now Feybriel is proof-texting from Luther and Benedict. "Any stick is large enough to beat Catholicism," hmm, Feybriel?

    4. I think Susan has given us the Aptest Quote of the Year!

    5. What that praise of Luther overlooks is that he was a schismatic and an heresiarch who loathed the Papacy, which he claimed was "founded by the devil", that he hated the Mass, defended and justified bigamy, and regarded Catholics as worse than the Turks. He mutilated the Bible, tampered with its text in order to accommodate his own ideas, denounced vows, lied about the Catholic traching on the Mass, was notoriously foul-mouthed, and defended the use of lies in a good cause.

      A Catholic theologian guilty of defending one of these enormities today would rightly be in a lot of trouble - but Luther did every one of these things. it is beyond belief that Catholics should present this sanitised, bowdlerised, air-brushed, photoshopped, picture of him, because this picture is a fraud. The man was a false prophet, who foretold the fall of the Papacy. He died - the Papacy has survived not only his attacks, but the attacks of those inspired by him. Such a man does not deserve the respect he receives. As for his venomous anti-Judaism, if he was so great a reformer, why did he retain it ? If his name had been Joe Bloggs, he would have been have written off as a thoroughly bad man But no - his name is Martin Luther, so the CC disgraces herself by flattering this odious man as though he were admirable. Anyone can be made to like a hero, if his vices and crimes are carefully slurred over and become Unfacts.

  5. Luther was a deeply disturbed man.


  6. "“What promotes Christ’s cause” was for Luther the decisive hermeneutical criterion for the exegesis of sacred Scripture"

    The Luther's thesis was: "Christ was the only and greatest sinner" - says Polish Catholic scholar Rev. T. Guz, after many years of studies of source material (Luther's speeches and writings).,sprzecznosc-w-naturze-boskiej-jezusa-chrystusa-wedlug-marcina-lutra.html
    (use google translate)
    Looking at the present hermeneutics of Post-concilium, I am afraid that Rev. Guz will be regarded by Rome as a heretic.

  7. Ratzinger said that Luther's theology was circumscribed in the Letter to the Romans, nothing else. He was a doomed man, haunted, and died as suicide. God bless+

  8. Why doesn't Pope Francis become a Lutheran/ He'd be a much better Lutheran that he is a Catholic.

    anon at 12:38:
    Luther did not commit suicide. As mentally ill as he was (as a monk he would go to confession 10-20x a day because his sick mind kept telling him that he wasn't really sorry for his sins, so he would go back and confess again, and again, and again. It's called obsessive compulsive disorder....among other things). Luther died at around aged 63, after being in poor health for months. He had either a massive heart attack or a massive stroke, lingered for 2-3 days and died in his bed.

    Damian Malliapalli

  9. Luther was also the first person who advocated rounding up all theJews and putting them in work camps to do all the menial tasks to free the German people from doing them. He didn't advocate killing them though....that came later with the Nazis.
    But the Naziz believe it or not took Luther as an inspiration for the idea of labor camps for the Jews.
    Of course, God forbid that that becomes widespread knowledge!!! LOL!!
    Damian Malliapalli

  10. From a 1992 "30 Days" expose;

    According to Luther, Christ cannot be a person, he must be a compositum since divinity and malediction – the diabolical – must co-exist in Him

    ABS will have proof of this tomorrow on his crummy blog

  11. And inspite of all this history of horrors of this most unfortunate heresiarch, wait for October 2017 for all the lying, adulation and self-flagellation on the part of Franics and his ecumenical crew and papolators in praise of the swine of Wittenberg. The Modernists in a sense are worse than Luther---certainly less honest and much more cowardly. Archimago

  12. Pope Francis and the Lutherans should sit down together and take a good look at Cardinal Ratzinger's later Pope Benedict XVl "Dominus Iesus". Thank God Pope Francis is not the one who wrote it. It was the future Pope Benedict XVl by orders of St. John Paul ll. After reading Dominus Iesus St. John Paul ll would not change a single word in it, he was well pleased. The Lutherans imploded and exploded when they read this Apostolic letter.

  13. Francis to visit pro-homosexual watered-down CELI Lutheran cult on November 15:

    La Chiesa evangelica luterana in Italia (CELI) ha ugualmente approvato il 14 maggio 2011 un documento che afferma l’equiparazione delle comunioni di vita omosessuali a quelle eterosessuali, e di conseguenza apre la benedizione a qualsiasi tipo di coppia in varie forme di comunione di vita, senza discriminazioni.

    Is he going to share the good news of the Sodo-Synod with them?


    Check it out, Martin Luther exposed as a gnostic who thought Jesus was a composite of good and evil