Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vatican Diplomat: Muslim Migrants Are a Challenge

Edit: can't vouch for everything on here, but it's an important commentary on the incompatibility of Muslim immigration and the Christian values that are the foundation of Europe's culture and consciousness. The last time Muslims "immigrated" to Europe it wasn't so great either.

The Vatican representative at the United Nations in Geneva: Muslim immigrants often lack an understanding of European values ​​- He also criticized that on the international stage Christian persecution is swept aside.

Vatican City (kath.net/KAP) The arrival of an increasing number of Muslim refugees in Europe can be a challenge for the Christian and democratic identity of the continent, were the words of the Vatican's representative to the United Nations in Geneva. Muslim immigrants often lack an understanding of European values, Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi said this weekend at Vatican Radio. These included respect for a pluralistic society, the separation of religion and politics and democracy. Although the inclusion of people in need is a Christian duty, Europe also has the right to "retain their own identity," said Tomasi. Muslims should not call into question the values ​​of freedom.

The enormous increase in the numbers of refugees are from the perspective Tomasi, firstly, the result of a failed Middle East policy since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. "The situation in the Middle East has grown steadily worse since." On the other hand, people fleeing poverty, arising from a systematic policy of disparity between economically strong and weak countries. "There is a political will to maintain this inequality between countries," criticized Tomasi.

An important role was played by the interests of multinational corporations. In addition, the Vatican diplomat lamented, international indifference to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Apart from Pope Francis, who constantly remembers their suffering, the events are brushed aside on the international stage, "as if the human rights of Christians are not of equal importance like the rights of other persons". Copyright 2015 Catholic press agency Kathpress, Vienna, Austria

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J said...

Christian Europe does not exist. It is a difficulty for secular Europe, as they do not meet. But neither does Christian Europe meet with secular Europe. Christian identity of the continent? What a laugh.

Damask Rose said...

"The arrival of an increasing number of Muslim refugees in Europe can be a challenge for the Christian and democratic identity of the continent,..."

No kidding.

"as if the human rights of Christians are not of equal importance like the rights of other persons".

Very simple really. Important to note here:

1. While the Christians are being slaughtered, they aren't.

2. Someone is allowing the Christians to be slaughtered. Bad luck Christians.

Tancred said...

The bigger laugh is when someone prematurely passes judgement on something like this without any actual firsthand knowledge.

J said...

I don't understand. I grew up in Europe and spent my whole life here. How can I be said to not have first-hand knowledge? How can it be said to be premature when Christian Europe was dead before I was born? But maybe I misunderstand your point completely.

Tancred said...

Maybe you don't move in Catholic circles, or are deliberately or invincibly ignorant of them?

J said...

The subject of the interview is not speaking of tiny and materially insignificant Catholic circles and their view of Europe as it once was and they pray might be again, and how that image and those small groups would collide with the strangers; but he speaks of Europe as it is now, and thus as it is perceived by the vast majority of its native inhabitants. Then to mention some sort of identity as Christian is laughable because of its ignorance of the state of Europe, which is secular and identifies as such, and has for some time.

Perhaps it is you, Tancred, who doesn't realise the situation. I remember once, in high school, when it was whispered that one of the girls in my class might be Christian. I remember how we all looked at her as if we were looking at a troll, and whispered that it made sense because she was stupid. That is northern Europe. In southern Europe, everybody knows Christianity: it's their grandmother.

Perhaps you should stop deluding youself and leave incredibly rude comments to unsuspecting readers, and deal with the situation as it is.

Tancred said...

You're merely interpolating and projecting your own world weary ennui on something you don't know anything about.

There are millions of faithful Catholics in Europe, some influential, some not so, but your glib contribution asserts something which isn't true.

Perhaps it is you who are dead?

J said...
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