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The Diocese of Padua Prohibit Initiatives Against Gender Ideology (Which apparently doesn't exist)

Event Hall of the University of Padua--
For the Diocese, gennder ideologie
nor a gender theory.
(Padua) Are there any Catholic diocese who like the gender ideology? That sounds incredible, but it seems to apply to the northern Italian diocese of Padua.
The fact that the gender issue will be perceived differently by other  dioceses has been apparent at least since last June, otherwise all dioceses had supported  Family Day  "Hands Off Our Children"  on June 20th on Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. And all dioceses have supported the Italian Veilleurs,  called the Sentinelle in Piedi (Sentinels on Guard), protesting against the disintegration of the family by genderisation, particularly aberrosexualization, silently in front of government buildings.

Family Day and weak support from dioceses

If nevertheless one million people came to Rome on June 20  to protest against the introduction of gender ideology, then it was no thanks to support from the dioceses. Compared with the support there were  significantly more dioceses and pastors who hastened to distance themselves from the Family Day.
Many Catholic circles ignore the gender issue, because they are afraid that the controversial issue could divide. Similar things have already happened in Catholic dioceses and organizations  with discussions such as abortion and divorce. On the gender issue, however, there is astonishingly "a willingness not to recognize the scale of the problem, minimize it or deny it completely," said the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ) whose co-editor is Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara.Archbishop Negri supported,  like no other diocesan Bishop, the Italian version of Manif pour tous.
Many Catholics seem so empty inside and trapped in bourgeois conventions that they shy away from any public struggle for one's own faith. "If a parent or teacher would but rouse himself and express concerns, they say that this is an exaggeration. When citizens go to the streets against the introduction of gender ideology, they say that this is disrespectful," said NBQ.

Circular of the Diocese of Padua to all parishes

In the school office of the Diocese of Padua one seems to consider  gender theory even as an invention. This past August 18, it sent a corresponding Circular. This was triggered by information evenings against the gender ideology, organized in some parishes of the diocese. Worried parents had also turned for information and assistance on gender ideology to the diocese.
In circulars the diocesan Office of Education informed all the parishes of the diocese on three points:
  1. The gender theory is not an ideology. Under the heading of "gender" rather, it should be understood as a number of very different theories. These gender theories are not a real enemy to combat, but an interlocutor with which  to lead a dialogue and to distinguish how to be correctly informed and properly directed according to the logic of Christ.
  2. Article 1, paragraph 16 of the new Education Act, which was introduced by the government of the Left Democrat, Matteo Renzi and against which a million people protested in June have nothing to do with the gender issue. It is therefore only a  pretext to give reasons for refusing the law and to collect signatures for its abolition, as several Catholic organizations have  currently done.
  3. Education Minister Stefania Giannini had sent circulars of which the parents may be reassured.  For this reason, there is a warning to all parishes, to avoid  indulging in events and initiatives on  the gender issue without having previously informed the bishop about it. Should educational issues be addressed (what else?), then the diocesan Office of Education is also to be informed.

A stab in the back  - what the Diocese does not want to admit

"After this communication, hardly a pastor  dares to conduct an event in his parish, where voices  critical of gender theory have their say,"  said Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ). Catholics from the Diocese of Padua, who participated in the "Hands off  our children" rally, must now think they have done something wrong. Even for "standing guard" (Sentinelle in Piedi) it was like a stab in  the back communication from the diocese. "They will be disappointed, because the only prompt is as follows: dialog," said NBQ.
Pope Benedict XVI. and Pope Francis warned of gender theory, school boards of other dioceses have released their own documents about the dangers of this ideology. Since the World Population Conference in Cairo in 1994, the gender theory is advanced by the international organizations of the United Nations and financed by major American foundations. Now it is to be coupled to the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals, effectively assimilated to human rights. The European Union and most European governments have published guidelines and explanations.There are newly established publishing houses which publish mostly only books about gender with public money.  The public libraries, kindergarten and school libraries are inundated with such gender publications. But for the diocese of Padua, it's all just fiction?

Aberrosexual associations operate aberrosexualization at schools

The circulars of the Minister of Education were not worth the paper on which they are written, says NBQ. Apart from the fact that most relate to rules before the new Education Act, numerous education officials, school principals and teachers have collaborated with the conventions of gay organizations.  These gay organizations have access to the schools and can often, with melodious and obfuscating names,  romp for the children there under the guise of "training programs."  Officially  "soft skills", "tolerance", "diversity" or "enlightenment" are conveyed. In reality, the natural order of man and woman, the family, of parents and children, the shame and one's own identity are to be destroyed, who  force   boys to dress up as a girls, using coercion, to have to use  the restrooms of the opposite sex,  the showing  of specially produced aberrosexual movies in kindergarten and primary schools, the doctrine that "all love" and all forms of sexual pleasure are "ok" and that they must be satisfied, should avoid one from becoming  mentally  ill mentally by "repression." .
In most cases this  early sexualization is done without the parents consent. Not only because many parents, equate the schools of today with the schools of their schooling, but because many intentionally  conceal this from the parents, says NBQ.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Trans: Tancred


  1. See Gaybriel and Friends, you do have permission to leave the Church. Please, don't feel you have to do us any favors by sticking around. I'll even give you a bag of caramel corn on the way out.

  2. It should now be obvious, at least to concerned Catholics, that the Church is fully on board with the NWO program. We should brace ourselves and not be surprised by more and shocking pronouncements of the type coming from Padua. The good Catholics of Padua need St Anthony's help.

  3. I couldn't finish reading this. The cowardice and refusal to face facts is sickening. The problem is, that the structure of the Church makes idiocy and treason by the hierarchy - obviously including the Pope - almost impossible to fight.

    1. I find it encouraging that groups like the Veuilleurs and Watchers exist at all and are well-organized enough that leftist aberrosexual personnel have to expose themselves to denounce them.

  4. The Church is Christ' Spouse and never ends, this church is a quango, UNO follower, no more faith, no more church just byz and money.......the second coming is on.

  5. "a willingness not to recognize the scale of the problem, minimize it or deny it completely,"

    They're using the same tactics they used for the divorced and remarried, aka adulterers. Get them to come up for their priestly blessing at Communion and its all so beautiful. Now the parishioners are being desensitised to gender ideology and homosexualism. Their faith is being boiled alive like a frog.

    I could picture a sci-fi scenario where deep into the night, in the dark basilica, St Antony of Padua's bones take on flesh, his tongue returns to his head, the saint then smashes his way through the glass case/coffin and he marches forthwith to the Bishop of Padua and gives him the full 'hammer of the heretics' sermon....

  6. And St Antony of Padua was so chaste as well. What is the Church coming to?

  7. "These gender theories are not a real enemy to combat, but an interlocutor with which to lead a dialogue and to distinguish how to be correctly informed and properly directed according to the logic of Christ."

    No, they're an enemy to combat,

  8. I had a supervisor who was transgendered and that was his filter for everything. I was no longer allowed to use he or she or to use ethnicity to describe a person. It was sheer madness and confused and angered other staff we worked with. The agency is an AIDS Service NGO and we were gay friendly. Apparently that wasn't enough for this person. Bullying tactics are used to force compliance.