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Pressure on Africa's Bishops for Aberrosexual Agenda -- Are Swiss Bishops Also Participating?

Will Bishops of Sub-Saharan Africa be Put Under
Pressure by Catholic European Organizations to
Accept Aberrosexual Agenda
(New York / Lucerne) At the end of the Synod of Bishops in 2014 on the family  Bishop Nicolas Djomo Lola of Tshumbe, President of the Bishops' Conference of the Democratic Republic of Congo , complained in an interview from NBQ that the pressure on poor countries is very strong: "The agencies United Nations and non-governmental organizations, many of them from Europe, make their aid more and more dependent on whether or not the recipient accepts the gender ideology with its negative consequences for the family."
The Congolese Bishops expressed deep concern in the wake of the interview  that there is a  desire to make  "undue exercise of pressure" that is also noticeable in "European Catholic associations". This is in any event his personal impression that he had come to. This impression seems to find much confirmation.

Gift from Catholic Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics for Homo project against Africa's bishops?

Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that the relief organization of the Catholic Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics along with a well-known US foundation, the project of homosexual activists funded to counteract the attitude of African bishops at the upcoming Synod of Bishops.
At first it was a matter of producing a documentary that should support "LGBT Catholics" in black African states. The producer is the European Forum of Christian LGBT groups based in the Netherlands. In its Annual Report 2014/2015 it states that the Forum is reacting "to the extremely negative impact of the African bishops to the final document of the Synod Family 2014." "We have considered it important to give greater attention to the voice of LGBT Catholics of this region."

Arcus Foundation invests millions in gay organizations

The Arcus Foundation from the United States offered several hundred thousand dollars  for the film project. The Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics are supposed to  have paid a grant of 15,000 dollars. The support of the Arcus Foundation is not surprising. It has promoted aberrosexual activities of all kinds for many years. On their website it says that the Foundation has invested $ 17 million in 2013 aberrosexual organizations alone.
The  Arcus Foundation was established in 2000 by aberrosexual John Stryker, a billionaire trust recipient. The Foundation was able to distribute114 million dollars in 2014. It is committed to the conservation of nature and the natural habitat of animals, especially monkeys, for 'social justice' and especially for LGBT rights. 
In 2014 John Stryker donated $ 200,000, "to help LGBT supporters to influence the position of the Catholic Church and oppose their ultraconservative supporters." Here some American bishops were explicitly mentioned who are committed in a special way for the promotion and protection of the family.

Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics

Things are quite different  for the Swiss financiers. Fastenopfer is the official international aid agency of  Swiss Catholics based in Lucerne. The Fund was established in 1961, collects either directly or through the parish donations. Financial contributions also flow from the federal government and some cantons and political municipalities. In 2014 they received 18.5 million Swiss francs. The President of Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics is Bishop Felix Gmür from Basel. Two of the new board members are directly appointed by the Swiss Bishops' Conference. The objectives of the Arcus Foundation is completely unrelated  Catholic charity Aid and its objectives.
According to Catholic News Agency, co-financing the homo-film project was not decided by the Lenten -Director Patrick Renz, and not approved by the Foundation or the Foundation President, Bishop Gmür. Although the director commissioned for the project backed out of the film at the last moment due to health problems,  it was still implemented.

New homosexual network holds first meeting in Rome in front of the Synod of Bishops 

Instead of a documentary, interviews were conducted in an anthology just before the start of the Synod of Bishops by the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics which are to be published in English and Italian.
This new  network wants to hold its first meeting in Rome from 1st-4th October and thus immediately before the start of the Synod of Bishops on October 4.
On the website of Catholic Fastenopfer there is no indication as to working with the Arcus Foundation and the support of aberrosexual project. The CNA report was also previously denied. If confirmed the flow of money, it would be a further confirmation of the concern expressed by Bishop Djomo that Catholic organizations themselves are taking part, contrary to the teaching of the Catholic doctrine, to exert pressure on Africa to accept the aberrosexual agenda. This includes the cooperation of Catholic organizations in the fields of development aid and human rights with non-Catholic organizations, whose aims are the promotion and enforcement of abortion and gender ideology (see Catholic Women's Movement in Austria in the Network of Abortion Lobby and Gender Ideology ).
Eleven black African bishops are raising their voices in a forthcoming book  against the gender ideology.  To be treated but overlooking the Synod of Bishops  there will also be topics such as,  environment, food, globalization, economy, peace, and dialogue between religions
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NBQ / Catholic Lenten Fund / Arcus Foundation (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

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