Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Archbishop Cupich: Catholics Must Show "Mercy to Non-Traditional Families" -- End of Pallium Ceremony as We Know it

(New York), he is considered one of the progressive "outsiders" in the American episcopate. There is talk about the Msgr. Cupich, appointed in September 2014 appointed by the Pope Francis as the new archbishop of Chicago. It's a  decision that found the disapproval  emeritus Chicago Shepherd, Francis Cardinal George,.
Still missing is the official confirmation by Rome, but  Archbishop Cupich is to be one of the participants in the Bishops' Synod on the Family personally appointed by Pope Francis. The American Bishops' Conference had not chosen Cupich   for the Synod seat. But Pope Francis seems to put emphasis on a counter position to the majority opinion of the Episcopal Conference.
The Archbishop has now called the Catholics of his diocese  "to embrace change".  Moreover, Catholics should show "mercy towards non-traditional families." [Weren't we supposed to be merciless? What gives!]
At least one unfortunate phrase, as they say in the US, was Archbishop Cupich's message on the occasion of receiving the pallium, which took place on 23 August.
"At risk are not extra-familial forms of living, the family is at risk. They need protection and words of encouragement, rather than giving the impression that the family is currently an obligation towards extra-familial forms," said Francisco Fernandez de la CigoƱa.
As is known, Pope Francis changed the Pallium Rite. Unlike what was once usual, it is no longer the Pope, who hangs a pallium about the newly appointed metropolitan  in a solemn ceremony. The bestowal of office took place for the first time  in 2015 in the cathedral church of the respective metropolitan by the competent apostolic nuncio.
What has been seen as a form to strengthen the ties with Rome and of fidelity to the Pope, will now serve decentralization and the strengthening of the local Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com
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  1. Maybe Francis doesn't wear the pallium himself and doesn't hang the pallium on the archbishops because he isn't actually the Pope!

    Rome has lost the faith.

    Pray for Pope Benedict XVI.

  2. "Non-traditional"? Hmmmm Whatever could he mean?

    I don't know who these jackasses think they are fooling.

  3. Pope Francis does wear the pallium as metropolitan of the province of Rome.
    It was John Paul II who began gathering the new archbishops in Rome for the conferral of the pallium on the feast of Peter and Paul.
    Pope Francis is simply returning to the long standing practice of the pallium being conferred in the metropolitan cathedral.
    ++Cupich had already been elected by the US bishops as a 'back up' in case one of the four drops out for any reason.
    The Pope may, according to Synod rules, appoint one third of the participants. JPII and Benedict XVI did as much.

    1. Isn't Newchurch just groovy? And that Francis! Oh so traditional!

    2. Hmmm, think the fact that airplanes were invented in the 20th century had anything to do with JPII and B16 flyin'em in?

      And It's cheaper to fly all 3rd world bishops in to Rome at the same time and put them up at Hotel Marthae than to fly flamboyant retired octogenarian bishops and put them up in luxury condos in Hawaii.

  4. Francis is very clearly stacking the Synod with his own men---the ideologues of the Left in the Church who, in their hubris, refuse to accept the evident failure of all their aggiornamento of the past half century: a devastated and trivialized liturgy; empty convents, populated by tottering, delusional fools passing themselves off as nuns on buses or at the fences of nuclear plants; inept and ludicrous bishops who are as efficacious in the service of the Faith as the useless Anglican "episcopal" poseurs (but with a lot less class and intelligence); generations ignorant of the Faith and bored to death with their Novus Ordo mass and its banal, cheap music
    and ubiquitous old bags at the ambo--- the list can go on ad nauseam, a tragic litany we all know by now except the simpering fools or outright heretics who confuse devotion with papolatry and the Faith with hero-worship of heretical prelates. All a sordid spectacle presided over by what the 60's radical Tom Hayden himself calls a "Machiavellian Pope" (Hayden should know, as one radical to another). This institution is beyond recall, and faithful Catholics have to make provisions for their spiritual survival away from this ecclesial virus that will only contaminate their own faith and rob them of spiritual peace. RC

  5. I prefer to refer to this person as simply Mr. Cupich. He doesn't deserve the episcopal title.

    The Vatican II is rotting from the inside out.

  6. Surely he means show compassion ,since when have Catholics been required to dispense mercy for sin that's God's domain .

  7. The contempt for souls is demonic. What a wolf!

  8. I notice that all these wolves smile and speak sweet words.
    But behind all their simpering, back bending, hand shaking and head nodding, water drips from their fangs as they salivate over the souls they lead to perdition.

  9. For honesty's sake, give the sheep a break and start skinin' some wolves. #CupichPaliumPalozza2015

  10. #CupichPalliumPalozza2015

  11. Agreed. It was never traditional for the pope to personally put the pallium on the bishop. It was sent to the country and conferred by the apostolic nuncio, or even sent directly to the bishop-elect.

  12. Only in recent times has the pallium been bestowed personally by the Pontiff. Traditionallyit was given by the Nunicio, Apostolic Delegate, or bishop-delegate. So, for instance, the first US cardinal John McCloskey, was given the palliumby Archbishop Bayley, first bishop of Newark and then archbishop of Baltimore. Even the red hat was bestowed by papal delgates. In the late Middle Ages the red hat for Wolsey was sent to England and carried in procession through several towns. The future Pope JohnXXIII Roncalli, was nuncio to France when he was created a cardinal in 1953 and, by provision of the ancient Gallican accords, he was given the Red Hat not by Pius XII but by the President of France, Auriole.

    1. Nice history lesson, but more or less irrelevant since the purpose of bringing them to Rome in the first place was to emphasize, at least symbolically, the primacy of Rome.

      This was especially important when you consider the problematic nature of the German Bishops' Conference, the worst of the bunch, whose rebelliousness continues even under Francis.