Monday, July 13, 2015

Where Are the Retractions on Pope's Love of a Murderous Ideology?

Edit: the following is an editorial by a Catholic Doctor who has seen more than his fair share of this sort of thing. He asks some important questions.

Early on, we were being vilified and called nasty names. We were right the whole time as it turns out.

Creative Minority Report featured the piece:

By Brian Kopp

Please take a look at the trajectory of this most recent story On the Pope and the Marxist crucifix.

Day 1: Catholic apologists for this pope here and in the mainstream Catholic press and some MSM erroneously claim that the pope is offended by the blasphemous Marxist crucifix, recoils in shock and exclaims, "No. That's not right." They further claim the pope rejected this crucifix and returned it to Bolivia. Anyone who reads the story in another light is pilloried and shamed here and elsewhere.

Day 2: Vatican press office claims the pope did not say "No. That's not right," but "I didn't know that". Many continue to believe the original erroneous narrative.

Day 3(?): The pope lays the necklace and pendant with the blasphemous crucifix at the feet of a Bolivian Shrine of Our Lady. Papal apologists claim its a sign of his displeasure and that he gave the larger crucifix back to Bolivia to lodge his displeasure.

And Today:
Pope says he wasn't offended by 'Communist crucifix'
"During a news conference en route home to Rome on Sunday, Francis said he interpreted Morales’ gift through the prism of Espinal’s Marxist bent and viewed it as protest art.

"After taking into consideration the time in which he lived, Francis said: “I understand this work. For me it wasn’t an offense.”

"Francis added that he brought the crucifix home with him." [Source]


  1. I wager the sun will come up tomorrow just as it did today.

    1. Think so, Sid?

      "Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, 'Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.'

      For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water,…" 2 Peter 3-5

      There's more but you can look it up.

  2. Especially since the Supreme Court forced 50 states to recognize homosexual marriages, right Syd/Gaybriel? Otherwise we'd still have been in the darkness of Catholic obscurantism, no doubt!

    How much freakier can the show get?

    1. Just wait until the October Synod. I fear it will become mind blowing diabolically freaky.

    2. "mind blowing diabolically freaky."...what an utterly apt description.

    3. The hunt for Red October is on.

  3. Yes, he did, he brought the 'crucifix' with him, on the way back to Rome, he said that being called marxist or commie pope is quite right, it's only the doctrine of the church in his own opinion, who are you to judge? May God have mercy on us.

  4. Ponder your own commentJuly 14, 2015 at 4:02 AM


    And where will it find you, Syd? On the side of God or the Devil?

  5. Very possibly among the very worst Popes the Church has ever had.

    1. if he is indeed a pope, or even a catholic.

    2. I wonder more and more about whether Bergolio was canonically elected. Antonio Socci has written much about the strange election which produced Bergolio.

      Remember Angelo Cardinal Scola? Generally regarded as the 2013 conclave front-runner, the Italian anti-mafia police conducted a shocking, unexpected, and much publicized pre-dawn raid on Cardinal Scola’s diocesan offices in Milan just hours before the conclave commenced (undoubtedly within ear-shot of the Cardinal electors).

      In fact, so certain was the anticipation that Scola would become the next pope that as ‘Vatican Insider’s’ Giacomo Galeazzi reported on 14 March 2013:

      “…just minutes from the Proto-Deacon’s announcement, an unfortunate statement by the Secretary General of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) expressed ‘the feelings of the entire Italian Church in welcoming the news of the election of Cardinal Angelo Scola as the successor of Peter.'”

      But Bergolio's god of surprises apparently intervened and continues to run interference for him.

      To my knowledge no charges were ever forthcoming from that 'anti-mafia' raid on Scola's Diocese of Milan.

      A suspicious man or woman might suggest Scola was set-up to crush his chances before the voting.

    3. The Pope has to powers: Bishop or Rome and also the Head of the Church. Pope Benedict XVI resigned only as a Bishop of Rome. Compare his resignation with Pope Celestine V

    4. Celestine went back to austerity, seclusion and to being a simple monk. Benedict continues to project the fiction that he is still the Pope and lives in more comfort than 90% of the human race.
      Selective abdication!

    5. Liam: Freemasonry at play?

  6. >>>
    ... interpreted Morales’ gift through the prism of ...

    my goodness, francis sounds like a 2 bit crystal ball gazer here.
    that prism is, more and more, bending the light of god's truth into a rainbow of heresies and apostasies - the attack on marriage, and the false mercy and compassion, are just the beginning i'm afraid.

    one does not have to look through a crystal ball to see to where this is all leading - schism, and then the one world religion.

    anyone who cant see that all the sinod nonsense from kasper, forte et al is all under the direction of none other the francis the puppetmaster himself, is spiritual comatose - unfortunatelty most of the vc2 neocatholics are in this state of spiritual denial.

  7. I read a few minths ago that Benedict XVI now regrets that he resigned. Too late. He should have never done so in the first place. Even if he waited to resign now, Bergoglio would never have been elected, because he is almost 79.
    I often wonder how Kasper, who was past 80 when the 2013 opened, managed to get inside and manipulate the election. Just like he and his cohorts are trying to manipulate the coming Synod.
    I hope that effort backfires badly on them....including Francis.

  8. Celestine V was imprisoned and died as a prisoner, it's quite different and if Benedict lives in more comfort, the BoR lives in an extra luxury hotel, so what? This church 2.0 is only in name a church for poors, keep it up!