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"Via discretionis": New "Solutions" for the Synod of Bishops -- Communion "Only at Easter"

(Rome) The Pontifical Family Council headed by Curial Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia  organized last February and March, a three-day international seminar behind closed doors on the question of remarried divorcees. Many invited theologians defended the sacrament of marriage. The seminar should, so say Roman voices, especially provide a platform for a certain thesis: the "Via discretionis", a refined and concretized variant of the Kasper-proposal.
The event took place in view of the forthcoming Synod of Bishops in October and was Top Secret. The theme was "Family and Church. An inextricable link." As it says in the conference proceedings, which has now been released by the Vatican publishing.

International Seminar Behind Closed Doors

At the seminar, no bishops were invited, only "experts". The focus was on the controversial topics of the Synod. The opinions of the speakers were  very heterogeneous. Many defended the indissolubility of marriage.
The left-leaning daily La Repubblica , the only newspaper that Pope Francis reads daily, unfailingly  fished out a  paper that is close to Cardinal Kasper's "New Mercy." The key words are "heal wounds", and "diminish suffering," of those who "have failed". This corresponds quite, so La Repubblica ,  with  "Pope Francis' desire for completion of the extraordinary session of the Synod in last October, calling to find concrete solutions to many difficulties and countless challenges that  families have to face.''
The proposals of the Paglia seminar "While committed to nothing," says the newspaper, "but to show the will of some theologians, that nothing can remain on the pastoral level, as it is". It's to make  "possible a new beginning for the divorced and remarried."

Via discretionis: symbiosis of the theses of Xavier Lacroix and Paul De Clerck

Proceedings "Family and Church"
The proposal is to introduce a "Via discretionis." This involves  a symbiosis of the texts by the theologians Xavier Lacroix and Paul De Clerck. Lacroix in favor of the admission to communion, but not for the recognition of the second marriage. De Clerck also represents the recognition of the second marriage after the model of the Orthodox Church.
The Via discretionis provides that each diocese should appoint a priest who only cares for the divorced and remarried. If necessary, these priests could be supported by a "team of experts". Its mission is to examine the intentions of the couple and to request the reasons that they are asking for re-admission to communion. The priest has first to consider the nullity of marriage and to refer the couple to the Church court. Because, according to the thesis, the cause of many separations is that marriages are in fact invalid. If the path of invalidity  is not possible, the authorized priest leads the couple to begin a penitential journey. It will not be short and will consist of several stages. "The motive is understanding what led to the failure of the marriage; be conscious of having betrayed a commandment of God; to go on in reconciliation with their own past,"  says a direct quote from the conference proceedings.

"In Some Cases Admission to Communion only at Easter"

This way "would also require a public character of penance to show the general consciousness of Christians, that the reconciliation of man whose marriage has broken down, means no frivolity of the Church in provision for the interpretation  of the Gospel, but  will  concretely  prove the actual obedience to this provision." In concrete terms,  the re-admission to the sacraments could "be full or partial." In some cases, admission to the Eucharist could be limited to a one-time annual Communion at Easter.
For the problem of how second marriages could be recognized, there was also a proposal. Most were in agreement that it could  not be called a sacrament in a second marriage. The sacrament of marriage remains unique. This could recognize  "the high human and spiritual value of the new union." Exactly what Cardinal Kasper has written: Where the faith today and the love at work and penance for the guilt for the failure of the first marriage are felt, it will also have a second marriage as  part of the spiritual dimension of Church life.
 La Repubblica : "Sure, in October the Synod has the last word and then the Pope. There are now at least within the Vatican Walls   new solutions which are on   terms of a Church of acceptance and puts  mercy in black and white on paper."

The Authors of the "New Solutions"

Xavier Lacroix and Paul De Clerck
The Belgian liturgist Paul De Clerck, born in 1939, is a priest of the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels. He was from 1970-1998 director of the Centre d'études et théologiques pastoral de Bruxelles. De Clerck is professor emeritus of the Institut supérieur de Liturgy at the Catholic University of Paris. From 1986-2001 he was Director of the Institute.
The French moral theologian Xavier Lacroix, born in 1947, has taught ethics and moral theology since 1986 at the Université catholique de Lyon . From 1986-1994 he was director of the Institut des sciences de la famille at the Faculty of Theology, which he was dean from 1997 to 2003. From 1987-2004 he was a member of the National Council for Family Pastoral. Lacroix is an advisor of the French Bishops' Conference and the Pontifical Family Council in matters of family. Since 2008 he has belonged at the proposal of the President, to the 39 head National Ethics Council of France.
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the organizer of the international seminar has  been noted mainly for statements encouraging the recognition of homosexuality since 2013. When his ticket was stamped for the Community of Sant'Egidio  by the Roman Curia, he left his diocese of Terni with a debt of 24 million euros.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil / UCL / ISL (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


Barnum said...

My compliments to Fathers LaCroix an De Clerck on their choice in neckties. I might start going with one of those numbers instead of my normal red coat and bowtie, but, I suppose traditional Japanese men's clothing could work and make a statement as well.

Looking at Fr. De Clerck's bio, it seems like his career exactly coincides with the decline of the Church in Belgium. He and his prog cohort could not even manage to keep Jeanne Deckers, the Singing Nun, in the Church. Even if you knew nothing about the Faith, betting with Fr. De Clerck, it seems to me, would be like betting the same way as that sportswriter, found in every large enough metropolitan (except NY) newspaper, is correct in his NFL football picks 40% of the time.

Geremia said...

So, one can receive Communion in mortal sin once a year? Talk about theology from the pits of hell!

Barnum said...

And here is the Gaybriel Mass that they envision for the renewal of the adulterous marriage vows, at least until gay marriages are "sacramentalized."

Truly the liturgy designed by our NeoGaybriels is a function of Gaybreality.

Barnum said...

My apologies, meant to add this:

Merci/Danke/Thanks, Fr. DeClerck and friends/vrenden/amis

This is what your negligence helped bring Sister to. Those you brought her to consider her a laughingstock.

Barnum said...

Now for the UnGaybriel Mass. Straight from the 1st Century in essence and in practice, I would gladly bet.

Now if only they could accept the theology and teachings they accepted before they schism. Let us pray for unity.

Barnum said...

For your consideration, one more comparison, in my opinion inapposite, notice the cherry-pickiung, but then, we are supposed to be oooooooooooopeeennnnnnnnnnnn, right Feybriel?

Say what you want, and there is a lot to be said for the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches, but doesn't Francis' careless, indifferent one-handed epiclesis, in defiance of his own rubrics, really encapsulate all that is wrong with him?

He is the show, evidently.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis stinks.

Anonymous said...

It's only the sheep' smell......don't you like it?

Anonymous said...

"Pope Francis stinks."

That's for sure. He stinks from the rot of Vatican II !!!

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis' popularity is collapsing. In the USA among Catholics it's down from 90% to the present 71%. When it gets close to only 50% (and it will go down that far and even more), I think the Cardinals will finally admit that they have a big problem on their hands....Pope Francis and the radical direction he wants to push the Church.
I hope good Catholics, and Cardinals, start pushing back. By the decline in popularity of Francis, maybe they already are.
I hope the upcoming trip to the USA, and the October Synod are disasters...for Francis and his agenda.

We have the Power! Lets fight! said...

I bind all spirits not of the Holy Spirit that surround attendees of the Synod and I sent you to the foot of The Cross to be judged by The Lord!

August Queen of Heaven, sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who from the beginning hast received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, I humbly implore thee to send thy Holy Legions so that under thy command and by thy power they may drive the devils away, everywhere fight them, subduing their boldness and thrust them back into the Abyss.

Who is like unto God?!

O Good and tender Mother, thou will always be my love and my hope. O Holy Mother of God, send thy Holy Angels to protect us. Holy Angels and Archangels, defend us, keep us. Amen.

Anonymous said...

The process sounds arduous, lengthy and entirely subjective than the most scrupulously administered annulment. The only exception to that is that the “desired result” of reception of the Holy Eucharist would seem to be assured. Of course, the true desired result is to not FEEL guilty, not to FEEL excluded. Pastoral malpractice worthy of legal retaliation.
These experts are more worthy of a vocation in the circus than the church. Perhaps they have achieved both since the “fortuitous” events of March 13, 2013.

Anonymous said...

"the “fortuitous” events of March 13, 2013"

Francis election day. It was planned, campaigned for, and was set up from opening day of the conclave...all illegal conclave procedures and therefore Francis is not a duly elected Pope. His election is invalid because they didn't follow correct procedure and protocol.

Edward Timmons said...

Pope Francis' popularity is collapsing among liberals and conservatives. Liberals have discovered that he's not one of them. He supports Humanae Vitae. He is opposed to homosexual "marriage", artificial birth control and abortion.

Conservatives despise Pope Francis as he preaches the Church's traditional Social Teachings. Pope Francis doesn't carry water for the right-wing of the Republican Party.

Imagine that. A pro-life Pope who preaches the Church's Social Teachings.

Ed Timmons

Anonymous said...

When j23 opened the windows to let in some fresh air, he let in the smoke of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth must Holy Mother Church consider the errors of the so-called "Orthodox" schismatics? Because of an supposed ethereal otherness we ascribe to the Orient? To quote Father Adrian Fortescue, "The prejudice that imagines that everything Eastern must be old is a mistake. Eastern rites have been modified later too; some of them quite late." Unless I am mistaken, the policy of ecclesiastical divorce had originated with Justinian (the author of the Pentarchy) and poisoned the indissolubility of matrimony in the ninth century. I believe references Greek Fathers such as Saint Gregory the Theologian had made with regard to second and third marriages were directed toward widows and widowers, as the early Church had often disapproved of subsequent weddings contracted by one whose spouse had fallen asleep in Christ.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with the Orthodox, and any slight to them is a grave injustice. They are a valid and ancient Church, just as is the Roman Catholic Church (I mean the True Catholic Church....not the 50 year old Vatican II Catholic Church). But it Is true that the Roman Catholic Church is the True Church, and is guided by the true Pope........Benedict XVI :)

Anonymous said...

Edward Timmons said"
"Pope Francis' popularity is collapsing among liberals and conservatives. Liberals have discovered that he's not one of them. :

Well, if Pope Francis and his thugs like Tagle and Kasper, Paglia and Forte and Dolan are not radical liberals....then I'm going to be elected and installed as the next Lubavitch Rebbe or the new Rebbe of Ger.
I'll wager a few people will have trouble figuring out who they are.....that's what a longshot it is to say Francis and company are not liberals!!

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

The Orthodox are in error regarding the Holy Ghost. They are also schismatic regarding rejection of papal authority. Non-Catholic is non-Catholic. Period.

Edward Timmons said...

Damian Malliapalli, my point doesn't have anything to do with your reply. I am simply talking about Pope Francis' polling popularity.

The more that Pope Francis has pushed the Church's traditional Social Teachings, the more that he has enraged right-wingers.

Many, not all, but many conservatives are weak on Social Teaching. Right-wing Republican Catholics despise being reminded that the Catholic Church does not carry the water for capitalists. She never has.

Pope Francis has taught the Church's traditional Social Teachings. Right-wing Republican have denounced said teachings in reactionary fashion.

Sorry but many right-wing Republican Catholics are fanatical capitalists who have a poor understanding of the Church's traditional Social Teachings.

Conversely, left-wing Democratic fanatics have grown more and more enraged by Pope Francis' adherence to the Church's traditional pro-life teachings.

The Pope has taught that marriage is between a man and woman. Pope Francis has promoted Humanae Vitae. He has condemned artificial birth control and abortion.

Pope Francis isn't a left-wing, anti-life fanatic. That has enraged left-wingers.

Right-wingers are enraged that Pope Francis isn't one of them in regard to fanatical attachment to unfettered capitalism.

Therefore, Pope Francis' popularity continues to sink among left-wingers and right-wingers.

Ed Timmons

Anonymous said...

Ed Timmons:

That maybe true for quite a few people but I am well aware that neither Capitalism or Socialism are Catholic. I'm more concerned about what his off the cuff comments point to about what he believe as a man claiming to be pope. It's his constant non-Catholic commentary and his lack of mention of his Boss that worries me. When he does say something Catholic it comes off as tokenism. Don't believe that the things he says contradicts his predecessors? Read the Denzinger-Bergoglio blog.

Tancred said...

Oh, here come the London School of Economics kids with their critiques of "capitalism".

Damask Rose said...

Well said.

Damask Rose said...

So I guess Lent is for venial sins and Easter Sunday for hardened mortal sins...?

No, hang on a minute what was Lent for again? Oh yeah, dieting.

susan said...

Ed....pull your head out of the dark place:

Sorros is the antichrist
Obama is the beast
Bergoglio is the false prophet

We are seeing the unholy trinity in vivid color.

susan said...

no, no, no Rose....dieting is so 20th century. Lent is now for stepping up the recycling efforts, and increased prayers to gaia.