Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Synod: Curial Bishop Laffitte Remains in His Position

(Rome) Curia Bishop Jean Laffitte remains, at least for the time being, the secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family . His appointment last July 4 by Pope Francis to Prelate of the Sovereign Order of Malta sparked speculation about his dismissal in the family council.
"Good news," said the well-known Catholic Spanish blogger Francisco Fernandez de la CigoƱa with good wire to Vatican sources. The personnel decision  before the "decisive Synod of Bishops on the family," said Riposte Catholique, "is not meaningless."
As secretary Msgr. Laffitte holds the second most important office in the pontifical "Family Affairs". The Frenchman Laffitte belogns to the Emmanuel Community , and is considered a serious defender of the marriage sacrament. The same can not be said of his immediate superior Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.
The Italian Paglia belongs to  the Community of Sant'Egidio. He has fallen, since Benedict XVI., announcing his resignatio, into  homophilic statements, as on June 25 at the press conference to present the World Meeting of Families, which takes place  in September in Philadelphia (USA). With a "slick set" ( Riscossa Cristiana )   the Vatican's "Family Minister" signaled an acceptance of homosexuality (see Before the synod: Family Minister "Flashes" Homophilic signals - Vice is Maltese Prelate ).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riposte Catholique
Trans: Tancred
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  1. I know this is off topic form this particular article/post, but I thought we were due for some good news.....and very predictable news....

    Apparently, some polls are running in major newspapers and television media as to the popularity of Pope Francis on the eve of his USA trip.

    We all know the high ratings Francis has supposedly enjoyed. The media had been positively overjoyed over Francis. It has been nauseating to hear about is so called enormous world-wide popularity.

    Well, no longer. USA total favorable rating of Pope Francis is down overall by 25 points, from 83% to 59%. Among Catholics, it's down from nearly 90%, to 71%.

    This, coupled with the report out of Germany which says that twice as many Catholics are walking out of the Church over Francis and his direction than over Benedict shows what kind of a Pope Francis really is.

    And the report in the USA says that the approval rating keeps going's plummeting among Catholics.

    Considering what Francis has said and done, how he presents himself as Pope, and his direction and his agenda.....should anyone be surprised???

    Doesnt't take a genius to put the pieces together as to why is approval among Catholics is crashing. If he tries to push any more liberal, radical agendas in October or other times....his approval ratings with be in the basement before long. Good riddance Francis. You worked hard for it!!

  2. I am not sure whether to believe these polls saying that the Pope is unpopular, not having seen the questions asked, the sample, etc. Maybe the people who organize and coordinate "things" are trying to set up a protesting frenzy to coerce the Pope to allow divorce or gay marriage in the Catholic Church, or some such nonsense, during his visit here.

    On the other hand, how would I know that the Pope really was popular among Americans up until last week, for the same reasons as above?

    You might have heard John Derbyshire saying "We Are Doomed!"

    I say the corollary is "We Are Groomed," at least when it comes to public opinion.

  3. Actually, the report(s) and the polls say that it's American conservatives, and also traditional Catholics and basic in the pew Catholics, who are turning from Francis.

    I will always say that the day whey he was gathering 85%-90% approval poll ratings were polls taken only of liberal Catholics. The traditional or faithful Catholic would be and is appalled by Francis, how he presents himself as Pope, and his agenda.

    So this poll I think was totally honest, and reflects a strong negative undercurrent for this Pope. Not violence against him or course.....just a growing, negative perception of him in the USA, among USA Catholics, and millions of Catholics in general.

    1. What poll are you referring to, and, again, who are "they" polling? What is the structure of the survey? How would one know that they asked only Catholics, much less whether the Catholics were "liberal" or "conservative", whatever those terms mean, and why would the opinions of non-Catholics matter, and towards what end? Big diff between American conservatives, if by that they mean Nat Review conservatives, and whatever a basic in the pews Catholic is supposed to be. And I sit in pews all over the USA.

    2. I think it's the Neocon opinion shapers at Patheteos, and Catholic World Report, like the Cankeress (Elizabeth Scalia) who are sore at the Pope. My guess is that this Pope proves too much for their materialistic, Marty Haugenized, suburban Catholicism.

  4. Paglia, is a turncoat, as many others curia bishops and cardinals, silent under the Benedict's papacy and too much talkative under Francis, often inopportunely....