Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pope Francis Chastises Charismatic Movement

Pope Francis during the address of President of the Charismatic
Community "Rinnovamento nello Spirito," Savatore Martinez
"There are no leaders for life in the Church"

(Rome) Pope Francis attended a meeting of 3 July Rinnovamento in Spirito, the largest charismatic community in the Catholic Church. The meeting took place at St. Peter's Square. The Pope said in his address to the 35,000 attendees that there should be in the Church no offices for life. In reporting some Catholic and secular media had the impression that the Pope had talked about the Petrine ministry and thus stimulated talk about a time limit or age limit. One issue that was introduced in 2013 by the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
Despite its imprecise partly spontaneous wording  the Catholic Church's head's address referred explicitly to offices of the Charismatic Renewal. At the beginning of this heading of his speech, Pope Francis spoke of it being "very important", in "another item" to clarify "in this flow of grace", a formulation with which he addressed those in St. Peter's Square about the Charismatics in the Catholic Church. The Pope did not say what  specifically led him to this admonition.
Church leader said:
"It is still very important  to clarify another point that it is in this flow of grace: those that lead. There is, dear brothers and sisters, a great temptation for the leaders - I repeat, I prefer the term servants who serve; and this temptation for servants comes from the devil,  the temptation to believe they are irreplaceable, which is always his task. The devil causes them to want to be those who command, those who are at the heart and so slide step by step into authoritarianism, the personalism and does not let the renewed spirit in the communities live. This temptation results in the position of those who consider themselves to be irreplaceable, who are "forever"; a position that always has a form of power, or to stand on the others. The following is clear to us: "The only irreplaceable in the Church is the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is the only Lord. I ask you: Who is the only irreplaceable in the Church? [Place: The Holy Spirit "] And who is the only Lord? [Place: Jesus] we say that the Lord Jesus is the Lord, we praise Jesus, loudly! Jesus is Lord! There is no other. In this sense, there were sad cases. You must have time limits for offices, which are in reality services. An important service of the leader, the lay leader is to growth, to promote the spiritual and pastoral maturity of those who will assume office at the end of their service. For all the services in the church, it is convenient that they have a time limit, there is no leader for life in the Church. This happens in a country where there are dictatorships. "Learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart "[Mt 11:29b]. This temptation is the devil, which makes you leaders of the servants of the Lord, you grab ownership of that community, of this group. This temptation also lets you slip into vanity. And there are many people - we have these two testimonies heard from this pair and Ugo - how many temptations there are which a community can suffer and avoid doing good; and they become an organization, as if they were an NGO. It is the power that leads us - sorry, but I'll say it: How many leaders are vain peacocks? - Power  seduces  to vanity."
Text: iuseppe Nardi
Image: CTV (Screenshot)
Tran: Tancred


  1. Perhaps I analyze how the Pope looks too deeply, but this photo above of Francis....he looks the worst (health wise), that I have ever seen him look. Very aged, almost frail looking.

    1. Have to agree w/you - shades of JP2 - hope it's not due to too much vino at lunch. Maybe needs his mate pick me up.

  2. I think the headline that the Pope has 'chastised' the 'movement' is something of a leap based on the text in hand!!

    1. I guess no-one escapes from the Prince of Put-downs. The indication (from the comments) would be that someone challenged someone's authoritian stance against authoritarianism and suffered the brunt of the Tango-man's authoritarianism.

  3. "This happens in a country where there are dictatorships."

    Good. Francis is evidently not a liberation theologist.

    1. He was co-author of the Aparecida Document which is a direct descendant of the Medellin charter of 1968 and the basis for Evangelii Gaudium.
      It's full of that Gustavo Gutierrez line of Liberation Theology so praised by Cardinal Mueller.

    2. Go forth and make neo-marxists of all nations, baptising them in the name of Locke, the UN and the New Ecumenism.

  4. i wonder how he sounds in italian/spanish, because the english translations i can never follow, it hurts my head

  5. "For all the services in the church, it is convenient that they have a time limit, there is no leader for life in the Church. This happens in a country where there are dictatorships. "Learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart "[Mt 11:29b]."

    I think he meant not just those in charismatic leadership, but also leadership in the universal church, i.e., "for all the services in the church."
    Else, why compare such leadership to "countries where there are dictatorships?"

    Charismatic leadership is hardly the equivalent in power with country dictatorship. But the papacy? Well, now he's talking!

  6. At least the pope is an 'equal opportunity' criticizer! I thought he knelt to the charismatics on another occasion and them 'bless' him?

  7. You gotcha, church leader, every church is good enough, but RCC.....Pope and successor of St.Peter and Vicar of Christ are just another question, totaliter italo-porteno is even worse than the translation you have.

  8. Agree on limiting time in office especially if the incumbent is incompetent. I think Pope Francis should set a good example and resign immediately so no further damage can be done.

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  9. Yes, I think Pope Francis should be made to set a good example, to follow his own advice and resign immediately, willingly. If not, there should be a growing movement to force him out....indeed....before he and his thugs to nay more harm to the Catholic Church.

    One tiny example of the harm Francis is doing is shown at the North American College in Rome, the premiere seminary of the USA. where many dioceses send their seminarians. Under Benedict XVI, they began to have an increasing wave of new vocations year after year....whereas before, even under JP II, the enrollment was stagnant.
    To accommodate the influx, they built an extension. Then along came Francis. He's been in office now long enough to measure the "Francis effect"
    The verdict.....enrollment declining again....down 20 last year, and a larger decline forseen for this year !! LOL!!! So much for the "Francis Effect!!" bein good.
    And by the way, Mass attendance in the uSA has not changed at all under Francis----still hovering between 20-24 percent of USA Catholics.....down an astonishing 60% since before Vatican II.

  10. The man in white goes through the Square
    With his Scorzelli walking stick.
    He sits in someone else's Chair,
    Barking his satanpolitik.

    He loves the gays, or so he says,
    And at the feet of penury,
    He places kisses and bouquets,
    With all the truth of Mercury.

    The rosaries of little ones,
    His charity will toss as trash.
    But not the toys of the Big Guns,
    United by desire and cash.

    Heresiarch of stolen seats
    To whom the faithless bend their souls
    And loyal partisans will beat
    With pew-cushions and trendy stoles.

    (A remnant with the ears to hear
    Cut all communion with the foil.
    Most hated these, who persevere
    In exile, watch and pray and toil.)

    From west to north, to south to east,
    His head heaped with praise and honour.
    Such is the nature of the beast,
    No Bride; but what you see - a whore.

  11. "Perhaps I analyze how the Pope looks too deeply, but this photo above of Francis....he looks the worst (health wise), that I have ever seen him look. Very aged, almost frail looking."

    It fascinates me as to how people see and read something, then arrive at incredibly different opinions as to that which they've seen and read.

    1. There isn't one thing about the photo in question of Pope Francis that makes him look very aged...frail...the worst that he has looked health wise.

    2. "Pope Francis Chastises Charismatic Movement." I read the text of the Pope's address in question. I don't have any sense that the Pope chastised charismatics.

    1. Maybe you missed the part in the first paragraph where it mentioned the event and the people he was addressing?

  12. Did he "chastise" them for not handling enough snakes and kiko masses?