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For Consultor of the Pope The Celebration of the Eucharist is "Magical, Not Religious"

The "erotic Buddhist" Pablo d'Ors a heretic
(Rome / Madrid) The writer, a Catholic priest and "erotic Buddhist" Pablo d'Ors from Spain has been a consultant since 1 July 2014, Adviser, for the Pontifical Council for Culture at the Vatican (see Pontifical Cultural Council for Women priests -? The "Erotic Buddhist" that Francis made ​​the Consultant ). His appointment  has already caused amazement. Now  Msgr. Jose Rico Paves, the auxiliary bishop of Getafe in Madrid,  has accused Pablo d'Ors who wrote an essay in an article published on June 26  of a "Wealth of Doctrinal Heresies". The  President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, just appeared in the headlines because of his active participation in the Pachamama cult, a Pagan Mother Earth Cult .
The essay by Pablo d'Ors appeared in the Spanish magazine Vida Nueva (New Life) with the subtitle "A dedicated voice in the Church." The Consultant maintains therein that the actions in the Eucharistic celebration are "fundamentally magical and not religious." Pablo d'Ors: "The sacraments of the Church mean nothing to the vast majority, to those who belong to it,  as good as nothing. A character whose meaning they do not understand, it's not a sign, but magic. The Christian rites and symbols have degenerated to, for the majority of believers, pure magic."  Words and gestures to "be carried out automatically and in an irrational manner, do not connect with the transcendent," said the Spaniard, whom Pope Francis has made ​​a consultant.

"Our Masses Remind Me of the Absurd Theater of Beckett"

He continued: "I maintain that much is fundamentally magical and non-religious from the behavior of the priests and the laity during the Eucharistic celebration. Can you imagine that the apostles knelt before the bread or picked up crumbs after Jesus?"
Therefore, "Our Masses remind me of the absurd theater of Beckett," said d'Ors. "For example, take the Eucharist, whose symbols are the bread and wine. The bread is of course commonplace, soft and nutritious. That the bread is a symbol of God means that God is an everyday occurrence, that God is soft and that God is nutritious. If the symbol of bread is broken, distributed and consumed as a sign or sacrament, that means not only giving, consciousness of other bread, but to make himself the food for the needs of others. The same applies to the wine [...] But why should we use it to keep the Eucharist in a tabernacle? Have we not said that it is the true sign and to share it? The proof that our mentality is magical, if we think that God is more in a box than outside. But this is ... is absurd! "

Statements by Pablo d'Ors "Full Doctrinal Heresies"

Bishop Rico Paves responded with a paper, in which he condemned the text by Pablo d'Ors as "full doctrinal heresies".The views expressed by D'Ors would have "dramatic consequences for the Christian life". Pablo d'Ors was a priest, who "does not believe in the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist and makes fun of the worship and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and His constant presence in the tabernacle of the Church".
Bishop Rico Paves also expresses its concern because the author of these heresies is a "Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture." The Bishop sees in "the doctrinal confusion by d'Ors, a faith problem". The auxiliary bishop writes: "Why did he not even mention the word faith? He thinks that one can understand the sacraments without faith."  Also: "How can it be that 50 years after publication of the encyclical Fidei Msyterium by Pope Paul VI. the misconceptions rejected at the same time about the Eucharist and the sacraments are represented?"
Pablo d'Ors is incardinated in the Archdiocese of Madrid. Will he suspended from his priesthood, to which he has publicly turned his back? Will  he be released as a Vatican dicastery Consultant?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred
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  1. Pablo d’Ors has obviously left the Church, although without leaving it, following the course set by innumerable ecclesiastics, clerics and religious in the last fifty years. These individuals, with the “courage of their convictions” apparently do not have sufficient fortitude to forgo the privileges of their “vocation” and get a day job. Those sharing their dubious repute are those who turn a blind eye to this circus of make-believe and promote them to positions pontifical councils, let alone synods. The noxious gas of decomposition blends with the smoke of Satan.

  2. Yes, it's true, it reminds the theater of Beckett, Waitng for God-ot, who never comes, this is no more satan's smoke, it's a big fire.....God bless+

  3. Pope Francis needs a new set of friends...

  4. This should not be shocking. The major fight in Western philosophy has been between whether speech acts are performative/magical or indicative/representative. The erotic buddhist in question has sided completely with the idea that the (one assumes he speaks of the N. O. version of the) Mass is a performative, hence magical act. This is Luther's criticism. This is materialism. This is to elevate the material over the spiritual. Yes, it is heresy. But why?

    The understanding that was established prior to the council in question, obviously not with total success, is that the speech acts of the duly consecrated priests of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church are representative. The words they are given the authority to speak indicate transubstantiation, they do not affect the transubstantiation. Jesus Christ, aka God, affects the transubstantiation. Surely most people with any knowledge of Catholic tradition have heard it said that Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the unbloody representment of Jesus Christ's great labour or work or passsion on Calvary.

    This confusion in principles permeates the Church in this the cold "civil" war of the faithful. Is the authority of the local ordinary indicative or performative? Same goes for the Holy Father. Are the pronouncements of Church officials worthy of our submission by virtue of some "magical" power that blesses or sanctifies their every action? No, that would be ridiculous. Or are we taught that the bishops are owed allegiance because God indicated that it be so? The bishops represent Jesus Christ's authority. They represent His Kingship, hence they are authorized to govern. They represent His Priesthood, hence they are authorized to sacrifice.

    Can man change the substance of a being? No, clearly not.
    Can omnipotent God change the substance of a being? Clearly, yes.

    Who affects the change in substance at the representment of the Sacrifice of Calvary? The priest or God? God. The Catholic priest is given the authority to ask of God that this happen. His presence and authority indicate what is taking place. Hence the elaborate ceremony.

    This is painful to see, but we should thank and bless God for bringing this out to the light of day so that it can be identified for the heresy that it is and steps to contain it taken.

  5. Money is all Team B cares about. Unfortunately, while some in the pews whine and hand-wring their consciences clean, they continue to go along with whatever the fairysees do (same w/the politicians they elect) -- which makes me think that money's all those in the pews care about also. It's the economy, stupid!

  6. So he no longer believes in Transubstantiation ,and he regards people who do as superstitious pheasants,he has voiced these opinions ,how can a man who's not even a catholic be a priest and the Popes consultor .Why do these unbelievers stay in the church ,is it the salary or prestige ?

    1. The Pope chooses heretics, apostates, and other public evil-doers to be his close associates, consultants, collaborators, even appointing and promoting to important positions, such persons, who are also priests, bishops, cardinals.

    2. The one world religion is already here.
      St Francis was sent to rebuild the church, this francis is tearing it down, via his associates who are doing his dirty work for him , and the vast majority of vc2 liturgical dancing sleepy neo Catholics believe that he is a great pope whose every word and action are divinly inspired. Cathecism 675 anyone? Just shows how much they really don't know about their own religion.

  7. Then you are between a rock and a bog.

  8. Fr. d 'Ors, there are more things in heaven and earth than in your erotic Buddhism.

  9. Fr. d 'Ors, there are more things in heaven and earth than in your erotic Buddhism.

  10. "The writer, a Catholic priest and "erotic Buddhist" Pablo d'Ors from Spain has been a consultant since 1 July 2014, Adviser, for the Pontifical Council for Culture at the Vatican."


    "The President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, just appeared in the headlines because of his active participation in the Pachamama cult, a Pagan Mother Earth Cult ."

    Even better...

    What, are they competing for at this Council for Culture? Who the most pagan is?

    Sadly, this Pablo d'Ors is right. Just see how people behave before and during Mass and what passes for First Holy Communion these days.

    These two men work at the Vatican and it's as though, through them, Heaven is telling us to our faces, what is happening in the Church today. If we don't take heed, what is going to happen?

  11. Pope Francis has got to go!

    I just spoke to friends of mine who vacationed in France and Italy, and also took a week to Poland after spending three weeks in Rome.
    They all say that no one would believe how much the Pope (Francis that is) is disliked in Europe....not because he isn't liberal enough, but rather the average faithful Catholic sees him and his associates for what they are....dissenters and radicals.
    They are reviled in Italy, mocked in France, and openly hated...even by all three countries..

  12. Reminds me of the schismatics in our country. D'Ors might as well join them:

  13. This priest should be thrown out of the priesthood, and Cardinal Ravasi removed from office.
    Let him go off and worship "pachamama" on his own time

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  15. If he is truly the pope, are we really free to ignore, criticize, ridicule, make fun of, and pray for his termination as pope? Tsk tsk, where are the "Long live the pope" hymns that used to be sung in churches of long ago?

    Seattle kim
    former S. Baptist, former Novus Ordite, former FSSP and SSPX attender, and now
    happy sedevacantist