Monday, July 20, 2015

Cardinal Ravasi Participates in "Mother Earth" Worship

 (Buenos Aires) Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture actively took part in the Argentine city of San Marcos Sierras  a Pachamama cult ceremony. The goddess Pachamama means in the Quechua language "Mother Earth" or "mother cosmos". It is a relic of pre-Christian, pagan times, which has been preserved in parts by the Quechua and Aymara Indians of the Andean countries.
Sacrifices will be made to the goddess Pachamama, which is "omnipotent" in the indigenous imagination, especially "Coca leaves", "talismans, herbs, llama fetuses", "little dolls" as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote. "On the witches' market in La Paz"  there are traded "the ingredients for the burnt offering in honor of Pachamama"  and  "faith as business," said the NZZ.
The animist cult is also operated in a place of central Argentine province of Cordoba. There, San Marcos Sierras, with its nearly 950 inhabitants (2010), about 150 kilometers from the city of Cordoba, is where Pope Francis had been exiled   in the 80s by his provincials. San Marcos Sierras is regarded as the last place, where in the main of which is inhabited by the  more than 5,000 remaining  indigenous people of the Comechingones (Henia and Kamiare).

"Court of Nations" with Idolatry

Cardinal Ravasi Pachamama cult
Cardinal Ravasi at Pachamama cult
The Pachamama cult action was in November 2014 under Ravasis Initiative, "Court of Gentiles", which appeared at that time on Argentinan television stations, but is only now becoming available through the publication of a video. The organized idolatry was organized by Foro Ecumenico Social (Ecumenical Social Forum). The most prominent attendee of the "Mother Earth" was Cardinal Ravasi, "which was cultivated" (ORF) by the curial cardinal. The cardinal was not only an observer but an active participant (see video). With him Theresa Varela, who was vice president of the Foro Social Ecumenico and president of the Foundation Mision Esperanza to San Marcos Sierras  came  "along with the indigenous peoples".
According to unofficial information in Argentina, the place is said to have grown to 3,000 residents, as there is a strong influx of Argentines from the largest cities of Argentina, by Europeans and white US citizens "of the middle and upper classes." San Marcos Sierras is developed for tourism and is considered a destination of the hippie movement. A connection to Pachamama cult is believed.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: liriosdelvalle/Youtube (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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  1. What an insult to those who gave their lives to lead pagans to the true Faith ,these clergy are trampling on the Blood of Christ and on the Blood of his Martyrs .

    1. Amen. Not to mention direct repudiation of God Almighty.

  2. "Are the 60s over yet?" a Chicago newspaper columnist used to plaintively ask at the turn of the millennium. Where do they keep finding these old hippies?

    And isn't it as Chesterton foresaw, moon goddesses and blood sacrifices, soon to turn into human sacrifices?