Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What is going on in the Vatican?

As reported in The Week, it looks like Pope Francis has lost control of his staff in the Vatican. Michael Doughtery's article deserves a close read and clearly expresses the same position of concern and incomprehension at contemporary events that we at the EF take, albeit in a tone less polemical than our own.

A few things to note: In the contemporary church the only thing worse than the hubris of an archbishop towards well-meaning laypeople seeking clarification for his unCatholic behavior, is the hubris of a lay employee in the Vatican towards her critics. What these people would have us believe is that to combat poverty, slavery, and prostitution in the world, we must join forces with those at the UN who think that the murder of the unborn is necessary to save the environment. Shame on them! And instead of engaging in meaningful dialogue with their opponents, these elitists who have only condescension and contempt for their opponents, are only too eager to engage in mudslinging by accusing their opponents of being funded by the Tea Party and the oil industry. And who, pray tell, funds their salaries? Hmm? It does make one wonder if either of them ever took a course in formal logic and learned about the ad hominem.

One last thing: Apparently, Cardinal Pell does not own a cappa magna. I would only suggest that those of you with the money who support the churchiness-of-the-church might want to think about buying him one. That way someone in the anglosphere other than Cardinal Burke can proclaim to his opponents what he really feels.

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