Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Pope in Sarajevo -- Strengthen Brotherhood --- Inter-religious Dialogue

(Rome) "I come to Sarajevo to strengthen Catholics in their faith and to support inter-religious dialogue and peaceful coexistence." Pope Francis said this in a video message ahead of his pastoral visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will take place this coming June 6 .. As Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi said, the visit has no connection with the alleged Marian apparitions in Herzegovinian Medjugorje. The Pope will not take a position on the Medjugorje phenomenon in Sarajevo  so Lombardi.
Catholics ought to "be witnesses of faith and love of God". For this, the Catholic Church leader wants to support  inter-religious dialogue between Christians and Muslims and to "encourage"  peaceful coexistence.These are the goals that     Pope Francis has named for his Sarajevo visit. The video message was published in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The motto of the Pope's visit is "Peace be With You". The Pope called on Catholics to unite with him in prayer, so that the visit "will bring the expected fruits for the Church and society as a whole."
"For my part, I prepare to come to you as a brother, as a messenger of peace to all of you - all! - To express my appreciation and my friendship. I want every person, every family, every community to preach the mercy, the tenderness and the love of God."
Pope Francis is to visit the Bosnian city of Sarajevo on Saturday, June 6. It is the seat of government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country which is divided into two sub-states since 1995. The division is a result of ethnic-religious war between 1991 and 1995, which broke out with the collapse of communist Yugoslavia. Another consequence is that the Croat-Muslim Federation, founded in 1994 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Orthodox Serb Republic (Republika Srpska) were forced by the international community against their will into a common state. The Catholic-Croat and the Muslim-Bosniak population were forced into an unloved federation.
Pope Francis is to visit this Catholic-Muslim defacto EU protectorate. The highest political authority and therefore the actual decision-makers is the "High Representative" of the UN. It was established and carried out by the EU, USA and Russia. Since 2009  an Austrian diplomat, a   Carinthian Slovene Valentin Inzko, has held this office.
The Catholic Croats have repeatedly initiated complaints that they have been treated less favorably than the Bosniaks (see The ignoring discrimination against Catholic Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina German). The ethnic-religious divide in the Federation is about 70 percent Bosniaks and 30 percent Croats with a tendential shift in favor of Bosniaks. Among these it is found, according to observers since the Civil War, a considerable re-Islamization instead. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are trying through the construction of mosques, to win the establishment of madrassas and assistance toward influence among these European Muslims (see Islamization of Bosnia - Turkey Tries to Establish pro-Turkish Lobbyists  German).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: RotW
Trans: Tancred



  1. Cut the crap. Francis and call for a Crusade.

    1. He already has, against Traditional Catholicism.

    2. He already has, against Traditional Catholicism.

  2. The ignorance of Jorge Bergoglio is comedic but the fact that he's Pope Francis is both sad and infuriating at the same time.

    The Mohammedan Bosnian "converts" sold out Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver, they converted to Muhammadanism so they wouldn't pay the Jizya tax. They caved into the Muhammadan extortion racket. And the less fortunate, particularly young boys, where kidnapped and forced to convert via the barbaric devshirme system. The Bosnian Christians need our prayers and our admiration for keeping the Faith. The Bosnian "Muslims" need our prayers so they may convert to the true religion, Catholicism, founded by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the secound person in the most Holy Trinity.

    "If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them" - Muslim (19:4294)

    1. Regarding the Ottoman devshirme system:

      John R. Schindler stated in his book called Unholy Terror that “The most hated aspect of Ottoman rule in Bosnia, and the one whose memory lingers most sharply even today, was the practice of devshirme, the blood tax imposed on Christians. For three centuries beginning with the conquest of Bosnia, the Ottomans annually levied male children as tribute; every year, up to one-fifth of Christian boys in Bosnia – usually aged fourteen to twenty, but some were younger – were forcibly taken from their families in contingents of a thousand and shipped to the imperial court at Istanbul to become warrior-slaves in the janissaries, the Sultan’s elite guard. They were converted to Islam….” Page 23 – Unholy Terror.

      The Christians of Bosnia clearly faced pogroms, institutional discrimination, and a system which was brutal. If Christian men happened to fall in love with Muslim women then they faced the death penalty because it is forbidden in Islam, however, countless numbers of Christian women were taken by Muslims, just like in modern day Egypt and Pakistan, and the legal authorities deemed this permissible.

  3. Amazing that the pope of the non-catholic god of surprises (whoever that may be) can go to within a couple of hundred Miles of medjugorje (the confessional of europe) and not say a word about it.
    what a joke!
    Clearly nothing supernAtural happening,
    Nothing to see here folks ,move along please.
    And one more thing if I may.
    The term "peaceful coexistance" is a political term from the cold war, and deeply offensive to me as a catholic.
    Did not Jesus say go out to the whole world and spread the good news in the name of the father son And holy ghost?
    Oh that's right I forgot. Proselytizing is solemn nonsense in the church of nice, where all are welcome, except pre vc2 Catholics.and we can all see what a rousing success the novelties of the last 50 years of grey have been (those who are left to survey the wreckage that is)

    1. Oh? I thought a Medjugorje fan would love the false Irenicism.

  4. More Islam and less Christianity, wasn't this the Kalergi's plan for Europe? We got it, balcanic countries are doomed, they costed Europe 2 tremendous world wars with million people dead, Europe is a zombie continent, up to more 2 years, I see no way out, let's pray and wait, He will never let us alone, as He promised.God bless+