Friday, June 5, 2015

Tacky Liberal Incoherence, No. 5

Instead of allowing conservative meanies with guns to shoot at deer, kill them, and eat their flesh, why don’t we inject all the does with contraceptive darts? That way, they can enjoy free love almost as much as I do! I mean, just think of BAMBI’s MOM and all the harm being deprived of her love and affection causes fawns! (And don't you dare refer to another Disney movie that might invalidate my point!) And don’t even mention that many hunters do good by donating the meat they don’t want to feed the hungry. Such humanitarian acts which benefit young children undermine my own position!
CLEARLY, sterilizing deer against their will is worth the cost of $135 million every two years just in the state of Connecticut alone! And CLEARLY there will be no negative environmental effects as all those unnatural chemicals pass into the water supply!


  1. So, they complain about animals on the verge of extinction being hunted by hunters. And to stop hunters hunting, they steralise an entire species so their reproduction rates plummit, bring them down to being an extinct species?

  2. Was the profanity necessary in this satire? This is Catholic blog, correct? We ought to be countering the filth of the world with purity in all respects. Who is responsible for this blog? I absolutely demand this post be edited. No authentic Catholic should have anything to do with profanity. Apart from its inherent sinfulness, it blemishes our credibility. Erase it. NOW.

  3. To Anonymous, @ 10:10 PM: I have now deleted the single word that you have objected to. (And do note: I have the power to edit posts after they are posted. No need to delete completely).

    I should remind you that this is satire. In this post, I am merely imitating how our opponents talk in order to broadcast to all and sundry their stupidity. Satire sometimes makes use of obscenity to make its point, and approval for the judicious use of obscenity has been a hallmark of Catholic culture since at least the days of Dante.

    As John Ciardi put it in his commentary to the twenty-first of Dante’s Inferno: "Dante places the Blasphemous in Hell as the worst of the Violent against God and His Works, but he has no category for punishing those who use four-letter words. The difference is not, I think, national, but religious.”