Friday, June 5, 2015

Cardinal Kasper Denies His Theology is Approved by the Pope

Edit: thanks to another reader for pointing this out.  Kasper is a habitual liar, so who knows if the information he gives in any interview is correct.  Since he is supposed to have also said something disgraceful and heretical, I'd like to hear the full interview, unless someone else can fill us in till I go through the agony of searching the EWTN website and listening to Raymond Arroyo.

He does say that most of the bishops share his hackneyed theological view.  This is probably true.
Cardinal Walter Kasper has clarified that Pope Francis did not approve his proposal to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion after a period of penance. 
The cardinal made the remarks in an interview with EWTN during a visit to the United States. 
He said the Pope wanted him to “put the question”, and that afterwards he “expressed his satisfaction with my talk”. But he added: “I wouldn’t say he approved the proposal, no, no, no.”
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would say that Pope Francis does support Kasper, regarding divorce, Holy Communion for Remarried and Divorced, and gays.

If he did not. he himself would say something to put an end to it all, and the Germans and other radicals could not have had their little secrete summit at the Gregorian University....a seedbed of heresy and Jesuit rot.

No, Pope Francis secretly supports Kasper, otherwise he would never have been able to go this far with his ideas.

And no, most of the world's bishops don't support you Kasper. Not the USA except for Pope Francis supporters like Dolan, not in Africa, Eastern Europe (especially Poland), Italy (except Pope Francis men like Bruno Forte etc), or Spain.
That's a good 65% of the Church at least against Kasper.....and perhaps Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I hate listening to Raymond Arroyo. I remember a JP II Mass in Saint Peter's where African warriors were dancing half naked and gyrating down the aisle....a disgusting show.....and Arroyo who was a narrator was gushing about how unique and different it was....something about Vatican II's directiives for "inculturation" and how great it was. This was about 2000.
Arroyo thinks he's a big deal, working at EWTN....which probably will be closed down in 10 years. He could never measure up to the big time reporters who cover real news, .like the anchors David Muir, Scott Pelle, Tom llamas, etc.

DJR said...

We've heard this song before.

A prelate says something publicly, only later to retract it when some opposition surfaces, all the while working towards fulfilling what was originally stated.

It's been the M.O. of the modern day hierarchy for many a year now.

Tancred said...

I miss the thrift store sets, the low production values, the moth eaten Friar with a speech impediment and the sweet voice of Mother Angelica, before pizza king got his millions involved and everything got neoconned.

susan said...

...and a publicly exposed liar who tried to destroy the livelihood and reputation of a good man. He isn't fit to wear clerics.

SPC said...

Would that EWTN had reporters like the assistant in this clip from "Yes, Minister":

One can imagine the response:

"Perhaps the semantic and epistemological resources of German are sturdy enough, but I'm afraid the answer you've given and the facts that are known lay a heavier burden those of the English language than it can reasonably be expected to bear."

"Was ist das?"

"What I'm trying to say is…you told…a lie."


"…a lie…of course, how do I get this across to a modernist Cardinal…Your Eminence, you did not tell the truth."

Barnum said...

Just say it already. He reminds everyone of Pee Wee Herman.

Parenthetically, not a bad marketing strategy. If you want to sell nonthreatening Catholicism, R. A. is the man!

Now what do you mean he couldn't measure up to big time reporters? He is as good as anyone else, from what I've seen, They are all newsreaders. They read what their directors and producers tell them to read.

Unknown said...

Pee Wee Herman---hahaha!

Andy from Akron said...

Eactly right! It is called cover-your-boss's-butt when he makes a butt of himself and a people's revolt is on the horizon.

susan said...

It wouldn't surprise me if the next red hat francis doles out is for Clinton..."it depends on what the meaning of "is", is."

You know Kasper watched that deposition and thought, "Brilliant! Das ist brilliant!"

Anonymous said...

The broken papal staff is fixed with tape during papal visit to Sarajevo

susan said...

boy, if that isn't on a par for signs with the raven attacking the papal dove, I don't know what is.

Scelata said...

Anonymous, I did not see the broadcast from St Peter's you mention, but is it possible that what seemed like "gushing" was sarcasm?
Arroyo and the late Father Neuhaus could barely contain their contempt at the arbitrary tackiness of the music, decor and ceremony shoehorned into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at one stadium liturgy when Pope Benedict made his apostolic visit to the US.
(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)