Monday, April 13, 2015

Pope's Argentine Successor Urges State to Recognize Catholicity of SSPX

Edit: this will make some people at Vatican Insider very unhappy.

Note from CFN: Bishop Fellay and SSPX Leadership have to yet to publicly comment on this development, but will probably do so soon.

Argentina formally recognizes SSPX as part of the Catholic Church - at the request of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires (and Pope Francis?)
Our partners at Adelante de la Fe have broken the news that the Argentinian government has recognized the SSPX as part of the Roman Catholic Church: La FSSPX reconocida en Argentina como parte de la Iglesia Católica Romana.In the words of the official state Resolution granting this recognition:


  1. Well that's some Good News at last.

  2. are you sure? it doesnt make sense. i smell something very smelly.
    it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that this came from francis.
    why destroy the ffi, remove burke et all, and then welcome back sspx?
    what deals have been done?
    waiting for +fellay to comment before i get excited.
    time for frannie to have an off-the-cuff interview to tell use his position.

  3. No. Here's the clarification from SSPX: