Friday, April 24, 2015

Old Liberal Bishop of Chicago Commits Sacrilege

Edit: as covered on ChurchMilitant.TV, one of the most Leftist prelates in the American Church commits sacrilege by cynically using the Blessed Sacrament as a bargaining chip, if you'll excuse the expression.
As follows:
Therefore, what appears to be a grave violation of Canon 844 has been committed. Present at the Mass was Chicago's new archbishop Blase Cupich.
In addition to the violation of canon law, the question is being asked: Was a sacrilege committed on the new archbishop's watch?
According to canon law, since the governor is a non-Catholic, he is unable to be given Holy Communion unless a number of conditions are all met:
  1. Foremost, there must be a grave and urgent need, usually understood to mean danger of death.
  2. The governor must demonstrate Catholic faith in the Real Presence.
  3. He must be duly disposed, and not conscious of any grave sin


  1. 1) I can see this happening accidentally. One has the impression that Abp. Cupich gave the Sacrament to Rauner, but I don't think that this is the case. What piques Barnum's curiosity is whether, Francis-like, Abp. Blaise sat at the altar or in fact administered the Sacrament. Barnum wasn't there to see what went on. At least there were no EM's, at least Barnum has that impression.

    2) I can see a priest giving by accident-- if the priest does not follow the news, well, there are not many photos of Rauner in the news. Rauner has looks that make him melt into the crowd, so I can see a well-meaning priest not recognizing him. Barnum does has long ago quit watching the local news-- too many events to plan-- and reads the news only sporadically, maybe once a week. If Barnum, who is sympathetic, to say the least, to Rauner, has trouble recognizing him, imagine the mindset of a poor, harried priest.

    3) Bear with Barnum here-- I have trouble recognizing Abp. Cupich, and all other Bps. for that matter. When Barnum walked into Holy Name Cathedral on Wednesday to pay his respects, there was a bishop standing at the door. Barnum couldn't tell if it was Abp. Blaise Cupich or one of the myriad other Bps. Barnum has seen at one time or another at Mass at his parish. Being in a hurry to catch up with his organization, Barnum abysmally failed to engage this Bp. to find out who he was and to tell him that the "To Teach Who Christ Is" campaign stopped receiving a share of Barnum's gate because of a) Abp. Blaise's "Hands Up" grandstanding at Mass, and 2) the funding seems to be spent in part on other than Teaching Who Christ Is. Barnum, mind you, looks not like a movie star, but these Bps., holiness aside, have the look of GS-14 or 15s who worry about diversifying things, jog on average 1.67 miles every day and run 6 5Ks per year, and eat healthy diets, or assistant deans at Big Ten Universities. I am sure that an Evelyn Waugh would find the right description; it is beyond a poor circus freak like Barnum, whose prayer is "Lord, give me the courage to quit flying under the radar."

    4) Barnum worked with a Lutheran whose wife was a priestess. Nice spending money for her and free rent, one less care for him, no doubt. Hanging around at work, catching a smoke outside the work tent, he told Barnum that he received the Body and Blood of Our Lord in a Catholic Church. Barnum responded that he couldn't do that, he's not in communion, one has to be a Catholic to receive, you don't believe in the True Nature of Our Lord, etc., etc., etc. "You have your beliefs, I have mine," is basically what he said. Brethren, this (co-opting of the Holy Eucharist) is, as you know, what we are up against. And have been. And will be. Inside our tent, and out.

    5) BTW, he asked Barnum to read the McCullough book (mostly tedium, but some fun spots and observations, that a Msgr Knox, or a tin miner, if Catholic would love) on Protestantism, which, because Barnum promised he would, did. Contrariwise, the husband of the Lutheran priestess did not even crack open the Catholic book Barnum lent him in turn. We all stumble on Truth, do we notice it or not? Barnum has converts in his family, his parish, and at work. As do you all. And it is all thanks to the Graces of Our Lord, which we grasp and share. Let us keep at our Work, and pray that the Bps. do the same, to spread those Graces.

  2. And Tancred, thanks for posting the video clip. First time I've seen it. he doesn't inspire confidence, does he? Put him in mufti, and he's another social worker. People wouldn't attend with free tix. But at least he tried to defend marriage, however timidly...

    And he really needs to stop dragging his immigrant grandparents into it if he respects them. Most of us Americans reading this have immigrant grandparents, and filial piety (including respect for the intentions, in general, or the Founding Fathers) and amor patria lead us to different but saner conclusions.

  3. Cupich is a disgrace, but that's why Bergoglio chose him.

  4. Write Archbishop Cupich here:

    Write Governor Rauner here:

  5. Just when you wonder how worse can things get you come across this ,a Catholic funeral for a celebrity dog.