Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Orbán Sees Increasing Conflicts With the United States

BUDAPEST. For Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán conflicts with the US are inevitable in the future. "We have to get used to it, that the interests of Hungary and the United States do not always coincide," said the right-wing conservative politician in a speech to the ambassadors of Hungary, according to the news agency dpa . This is also true for other countries such as Germany for instance.
"To pursue an independent foreign policy is often uncomfortable, but you must become friends with this idea." There were issues where the diplomats would have to take a different line than their respective host country. At the same time he defended a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February. "We are not an enemy of Russia" Orbán had criticized and left open whether he would agree to a further tightening sanctions against Moscow in recent months.
He also brought the Hungarian participation in the fight against "Islamic state" into play. It was possible  that a contingent might be sent  for support to Iraq. "Hungary is part of the Western integration," said Orbán. (Ho)

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