Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jacobins to Punish French Bishop for Daring to Describe Abortion in Accurate Terms

Edit: Hollande's France really is fast becoming a joke unto itself.
His Excellency, Bishop Luc Ravel,a Catholic bishops in the French Military Ordinariate is to be "punished" by the French Ministry of Defense, for his writings. He has also been told to cease using any emblems identifying himself with the army. The bishop apparently in his words and actions, contradicts "republican values". No doubt, as a good Catholic he does. But then, so did the thousands who were slaughtered by the Revolution... 

The bishop wrote: 

"...Christians feel shackled between two ideologies. On the one hand an ideology that is a caricature of God, which has contempt for man. On the other hand, an ideology that manipulates man, despising God. On the one hand, we have those who are declared and known: the terrorists of the bomb, the Prophet's avengers. On the other hand, we have terrorists of thought, the proponents of secularism, the admirers of the Republic. In what camp is a Christian to find himself"?  

"We do not want to be held hostage by Islamists, but we also do not want to be slaves of correct thought. Islamic ideology has led to 17 victims in France, but the ideology of thinking correctly [political correctness] creates annually two hundred thousand victims in the womb of the mother.Abortion has become a fundamental right and a weapon of mass destruction "

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  1. Sure Hollande is a Pope Frances democrat like O'Malley who begins his days w/'mass' or spiritual reading -- then goes out and promotes sodomy, abortion and teaching children sado-masochism in kindergarten (whatever, just so long as I (ME MYSELF AND I) can be president!).



  2. For a brief moment I thought I was reading a quote from a FSSPX bishop.

  3. When will France implode? Can't be far off. The same applies to Belgium and Holland. But here we are pointing our fingers at secular paper tigers, when the RCC (that is its own preferred appellation these days) is in the same lamentable condition.

    1. France has imploded. The political system is just duct tape wrapped around the debris. Please pray for the eldest daughter of the Church.