Thursday, February 12, 2015

Austria's Minister Demands Gender Equality for Stoning --- Silent About Islam

Mrs. Minister Heinisch-Hosek Demands
Gender Equal Stoning
(Vienna) Austria's socialist Minister has been lost in the ideological gender jungle. Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek is concerned about disapproval of  a report by her Ministry. The SPÖ Minister and Senior Women's Representative of the Alpine Republic complains of alleged discrimination of women in stoning. The ministerial discontent is due to the fact that men  are buried upon stoning only to the waist, while women up to the shoulders.
As quoted in the report, "Tradition and Violence Against Women" the Ministry complained:  "Finally, the implementation of  stoning itself  clearly reveals disadvantages for women because men are, however, only buried to the waist, and women up to the shoulders."
Because, according to the brochure, which informs that stoning is practiced for example, in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Iran:  "This is significant because in the case of, 'self freeing'  the male or female convicted may receive a pardon. This is thus far more likely in men."
However, the ministry said, "on this subject"  the indexes and statistical material "are just as hard to find as scientific arguments."

"SPÖ Forcing Gender-Sensitive Stoning"

The incident became known through the officially distributed report by the Austrian Federal Chancellery through  a parliamentary inquiry of FPÖ-General Herbert Kickl. He wanted to get more information on the "SPO forcing gender-sensitive stoning" and accused the Minister of "lacking sensitivity to the death penalty."
The Vienna State Parliament Barbara Feldmann of the Christian Democratic People's Party said: "Gendering must not cause the forgetting of the basics of human rights." Publications such as these did not help the women's ministry. 
Mrs. Minister Heinisch-Hosek declined to comment. In the Ministry one is angry and feels misunderstood. The report was drawn up "for the protection of women," said the minister through her spokeswoman.

Context of Islam and Stoning Concealed

The Austrian Kronen-Zeitung commented: "The absurdities surrounding 'Gendering' i.e., the gender-neutral treatment of women and men, apparently knows no boundaries."
Although the publication of the Ministry of Women complained about stoning, it especially decried  "discriminatory" non-gender-equitable stoning, but does not mention that they take place in Islamic states and are directly linked with Islam. Any reference to the context and background is not reported. The brochure did not succeed in squaring the circle of ideological constraints. Austria's federal government seems to get lost between gender ideology and a pro-Islamic "culture of welcome".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


  1. Looks like she is excavating for some boulders right now.

  2. People go so extreme about thing... gender for a good example...

  3. That's insane-aggro, and clearly demonic. No wonder stoning was only sanctioned by moslems and jews.
    I had no idea that one was partially buried so as to provide an easy target to pummel with stones. Sick sick sick

  4. That minister, party, and government must not have very much to do. Please restore the Hapsburgs.