Thursday, January 29, 2015

Petition to Pope Francis

January 19, 2015:  Dissident Catholic pressure groups -- aided by the liberal media -- are feverishly working to dismantle vital Church teaching on marriage and family at the next Synod on the Family in Rome.
In fact, they are bombarding the Holy Father and the Synod Fathers right now with messages of revolt against traditional moral values as they clamor for "change, change, change" inside the Church.
At this critical time, we must defend the truth and ask the Holy Father to protect the future of the family.
TFP Student Action is joining forces with over 20 more pro-family groups around the world to collect as many signatures as possible before the next Synod starts. This prayerful petition is a worldwide effort.  Everyone is invited to sign.
May God reward you.

H/t Mazara


  1. Another total waste of time - this is no "Holy Father" but a radical liberal modernist who is ditching the final vestiges of what used to be 50 years ago The Roman Catholic Faith but is now a new protestant sect that has betrayed its divine mandate. The remnant lives outside The Vatican.

    1. All you ever do is say these things are a waste of time, that the game's over, we might as well not even play, not even pray.

    2. Keep praying that the remnant of faithful Roman Catholicss will eventually be able to reinsert the true faith back into "Eternal" not "Liberal modernist" Rome.

  2. There's nothing wrong with making our voice heard LeonG - if this gains in momentum and thousands and thousands adher to the appeal it can't be completely ignored. Also the few remaining prelates who sustain Tradition will need the lay support and people who know how to defend the Church's teachings articulately.

    Our voices need to be heard - and this is one way to do it collectively.

    Whether it will make any difference to what the Synod will do in October is another matter...but at least we will have tried....and seen that we are not alone.

    There may be high drama ...but then the situation is already extremely dramatic...

    Pray and fast yes - but also action we can't just whine awat ad infinitum on blogs and ad nauseum too for that matter...I do my fair share of that too

    It has now spread to different countries

    I think it's a good initiative.