Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heretical Father Richard McBrien Theologian Dies

Edit:  Dear God, please send us a sign.

NCR is not offering any prayers for the repose of his soul, and there is no sign that he ever did penance for his many years in the service of a dark lord.   In fact, NCR is embarking on a virtual canonization of one of the most unrepentant, unchastened, prideful and heretical theologians of  our day.  We expect endless laudatory praise coming from the usual propaganda organs. (The devil's own media will surely miss his services.)

It is to be hoped that his death will signal the continuing decline of the Modernist hegemony on Catholic education in the West.

It's an ecclesiastical crime, a testimony to the bankruptcy and cowardice of American Catholicism  that Our Lady's name was associated with this theological gremlin all these years.
Fr. Richard McBrien, who as a scholar brought distinction to a university theology department and who as an author and often-interviewed popular expert explained the Catholic church to the wider world, died early Sunday morning. He was 78. 
McBrien had been seriously ill for several years and had moved recently from South Bend, Ind., to his native Connecticut. 
It would be difficult to find a figure comparable in making understandable to a broad public the basic beliefs and traditions of the Roman Catholic church.


  1. I hope he was able to plead insanity. Or possession.

  2. Possession by ecumenism! Once saved, always saved?

  3. He led many into error and did so with impunity. Yes, I hope there was some repentance and an anointing of the sick for he had much to answer for. I would not want to have been in his shoes when he met the Lord; he had a great responsibility on his shoulders. Yet we must hope that he was able to save his soul.

  4. Extreme Unction not Anointing of the Sick.

  5. Why didn't you burn him at stake like the good old days?

  6. If he was a public deceiver then there is no hope for him. Curse his name, because he'll be surrounded by curses and agony for the rest of eternity. On this side of the veil you see hogs being fed, petted and fattened. Hogs always think they have it made until they're taken to the slaughterhouse. Then it's too late. The slaughterhouse is kept hidden from view, or no one would go into it. The word Occult simply means Hidden in Latin. That which is evil must remain hidden, or people would flee from it instead of toward it.

  7. 'The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts"