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Commissar Volpi Threatens Bishops -- Franciscans of the Immaculate Are Trying to Overthrow Pope Francis

The Commissar and the Franciscans of the Immaculate
(Rome) The Apostolic Commissioner of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate urges the Italian bishops not to incardinate priests who want to leave the maltreated Order. It even comes to threats. The background is an alleged "conspiracy" by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate for the "downfall of Pope Francis," from which the Commissar wanted to save the Church leader. What followed was a written slugfest between Father Volpi and a leading bishop.
For the last 16 months the Order of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate  was among  the most flourishing religious orders of the Catholic Church. The young Order, canonically erected in 1990 , was astonishing in its completely opposite trend.  While other orders bemoaned a shortage of young people, the Order grew up in the West at an impressive pace. In an effort to return to the roots of the Franciscan Order and to follow the original rule of the order, the Order discovered the treasures of the Church, went to the traditional rite the tradition of the Church on its own. With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. its fate was thus sealed. The visible figurehead of the Benedictine reform of the reform, which had become an Old Ritual Order, had lost his patron.

Commissioner Volpi invited by Pope Confidant Galatino to Bishops' Conference

Since July 2013 provided the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception has been provided with a provisional administration. The religious congregation continued with the approval of Pope Francis under a Capuchin Father Fidenzio Volpi. The Apostolic Commissioner  came to enforce his policy sanctions  in the autumn General Assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference in part, after some bishops had shown willingness to include the brothers and priests of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate i in their dioceses.
After this provisional procedure became known there was a written exchange between the website Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ) and Commissioner Volpi.
We initiated  a report by Matteo Matzuzzi last 25 November. Matzuzzi is Vaticanist the daily newspaper Il Foglio .

Episcopal Head Shaking Morning "Pope \ earl"

Commissar  Volpi with Pope Francis
Matzuzzi reported on the "orientation" of many bishops around the world for the morning sermon by Pope Francis on 21 November in Santa Marta. It was the "Pearl of the Day" that triggered the helpless shaking of the head among the bishops.  Pope Francis accused  priests and parish secretaries who were supposed to have   published price lists for the sacraments on church doors. According to Vatican Radio , the "pearl" spread, and made ​​more than one bishop a squirm in his chair. "So it gives the impression as if we were only baptize when we see a donation in an envelope," said Matzuzzi quoting an Italian bishop.
There may be black sheep   everywhere, but the reality in the Church from Cape Town to Svalbard, from Vladivostok to Porto is clear. The fees are minimal and are entirely subsided in case of need. In many parts of the world where there is no government-driven church tax as in the Federal Republic of Germany, the clergy is even denied their  livelihood from these offerings.
In the afternoon of the same day there was a public clarification by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the President of the Italian Bishops' Conference: "The sacraments are to be paid in any way. The duties of the faithful are a form of contributing to the material needs of the Church."  The statement was immediately read by observers as a response to the Pope's  morning talks if Cardinal Bagnasco did not mention the pope by name.
Who would not have understood it, was better taught contrario by the speaker of the Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Domenico Pompili as  he briefly stated:  "Each statement made by   the President of the Episcopal Conference as a counter to Pope Francis are misleading ".

Episcopal Anger at Argentine Pope

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
That something is not working in the relationship between the center and the edges,  is but certain. This was evident a few weeks ago, when the Pope confidante, Archbishop Bruno Forte of Chieti-Vasto, who wrote, as the synods' Special Secretary, the controversial gay passages of the interim report for the Synod of Bishops,  who  resoundingly trumpeted Bishop Mario Marini of Fielsole at the election of the Vice-President of the Episcopal Conference.  The only 30 percent of the vote against 70 percent of Bishop Maini in the decisive second round wasn't even close, not even  for an honorable defeat, but for a man like Msgr. Forte, who feels called for higher things, it was a crushing rebuff.
The situation was very embarrassing for some, was why yet begun during the bishops' meeting, the play down "incident"."You wanted new faces precedence," was the embarrassment formula.
Anyway: One possible promotion for Fortes is one of the great Archdiocesan chairs with the dignity of Cardinal, which are open in 2015, namely Florence and Bologna, is a bar quite high. In 2011, Forte was discussed for the  Archdiocese  of Milan. Benedict XVI., however, appointed the then Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Scola.  Forte was discussed as a possible Patriarch of Venice, but Benedict XVI, which not only was Benedict irritated by Fortes fierce opposition to the corrected translation of the words of consecration in the vernacular. (Pro multis - for many), so Francesco Moraglia was chosen instead, who himself chose a meaningfully strong coat of arms, which is virtually identical to that of St. Pius X, who himself was also Patriarch of Venice. Pope Francis has not created Patriarch Moraglia  a cardinal yet, although traditionally  the Patriarchal chair is connected to the cardinalate. It's a set back that has been associated with Moraglia's understanding of the Church.
Not enough: in the first round by the way, Bishop Mariano Crociata of Latina received 27 votes. Crociata, who in 2013 was Secretary of the Bishops' Conference  was then replaced by Pope Francis overnight by Bishop Nunzio Galatino Cassano all'Jonio. Bishop Crociata asked his brother Bishops, not to give him any more votes, because that could be interpreted as an affront to Pope Francis. But  some of the bishops intended to be demonstrative with their vote.

Galatinos Franciscan Officiate and the Invitation to Commissioner Volpi

Bishop Galatino with Pope Francis
The newly appointe, without consultation with Cardinal Bagnasco, Secretary General Galatino, fills his office so that he could be imposed as the President of the Bishops' Conference and immediately maintains contact with the Vatican. Exactly, in the opinion of observers, this was whatthe Pope wanted with Galatino's appointment: A major reorganization of the Episcopal Conference, without dismissing its president, and thus attracting too much attention. Galatino is the bishop who snidely commented on the Pro-Lifers  who work against the outrageousness of the mass murder of unborn children at abortion clinics and hospitals and pray the rosary for the right to life of every human being.
The Pope's confidant, Galatino, was also appointed by Rome as the Apostolic Commissioner of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate has invited Father Fidenzio Volpi for Autumn Plenary Assembly of Bishops. The real purpose of the bishop's invitation was more apparent during the breaks.  Commissioner Volpi approached  and targeted certain bishops and urged them not to incardinate brothers of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate in their diocese who want to leave the Order because of radical upheaval. The procedure of the Commissioner is very unusual because incardination is constantly taking place in many dioceses around the world. The Commissioner's foray is therefore aimed specifically against the priests entrusted to him. They have been  denied in Rome for more than a year, the new foundation as an Old Rite Order. Commissioner Volpi will prevent the brothers leaving the Order or from being incardinated into dioceses. In other words, the impression that arises is that Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate should be forced to remain in the Order, to force them to accept the realignment.
The intention becomes clearer, if one takes into account that Bishop Galatino as Secretary of the Bishops' Conference called upon the Bishops of Italy with an official letter, that no Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are to be incardinated. If appropriate requests are made, the bishops should immediately inform Commissioner Volpi Commissioner of it. 
Commissioner Volpi's "Clarification" That Explained Nothing
Founder Manelli celebrated in the Lateran Basilica St.Sacrifice of the Mass in the traditional rite
Matzuzzi's article drew a counter notification by the Commissioner himself, who relied on the press law.  Participation in the conference of bishops  was justified by the Commissioner with his role as General Secretary of the Superior Conference of male religious orders in Italy.  He says he did not speak to the bishops in order to address the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate addressed, but he had raised that subject on this occasion to the bishops. It belongs to the "wise practice" of the Church that a responsible  religious  will be contacted by the bishops   before incardinating former members of religious orders, especially when it comes to a priest. If Bishop Galatino is to have asked the bishops, says Volpi, to align themselves with this practice, then it would fall to his responsibilities as General Secretary of the Episcopal Conference.
Thus Commissioner Volpi  gave an unsolicited clarification, however, without clarifying anything. It was replicated by the chief editor of NBQ, Riccardo Cascioli.
Cascioli wrote to the Commissioner that no one had doubted that he was invited to the General Assembly of the Bishops' Conference, but that it posed questions about  the reasons for the referral, "especially regarding your behavior towards some bishops".
Cascioli opposed the spread of Volpi's impression that he belonged, as General Secretary of the Superiors Conference, of his own motion for the Episcopal Conference or that such participation is an established practice. But neither the one nor the other is true. "That explains," said the NBQ-Editor in Chief, "which is why many bishops were amazed when they had to take notice of your presence at the meeting  without having it exlained to them beforehand. I am sure that there was a justified reason for your presence, but unfortunately your writing does not clarify on this."

Not "wise practice", but "hard pressure"

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate under the aegis of a Visitrix
Cascioli continues: "It may be that the bishops will be approached to you as well (I have no reason to doubt it, of which we have not spoken). We have criticized, however, that you have approached with intimidating demeanor and talk to bishops, to cause them to reject requests for incardination by the Franciscans of the Immaculate. It's a statement that you do not deny in your reply. Apart from that, it is  apparent now by  several witnesses. That raises the question of the extent  the powers of the Commissioner of an Order actually reach. We know of no case that is comparable. "
Cascioli then shredded Volpis assertion that it is a "wise practice" of the Church, to contact the appropriate religious superiors before incardinating a former religious. Be that as confirms the NBQ-editor, but what Volpi and Galatino in the case of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate do have nothing to do with the consultations of the Church's practice, but is exercising "hard pressure",  to extend  "threats against bishops" in order  "to prevent some brothers from finding refuge in a diocese or other religious order."   There is no alternative, that Volpi's motto is,  "either by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, according to  Commissar Volpi or nothing." Also it was "an unprecedented procedure that even according to the canon law, it contradicts the basic right to freedom of conscience,"  says Cascioli.

 Dogged Action Against the Order and the "Plans" to Overthrow Pope Francis

Commissar Volpi with Pope Francis (7 November 2014)
This exacerbates the issues that have already found no satisfactory answer: "Why this harshness up to this day, that  neither the reasons for the provisional administration were explained about this blooming Order in the Summer of 2013, nor a time frame for the provisional government."
The official internet site which is controlled by the Commissioner of the Order  offers no help to find answers to the open questions. Helpful on the other hand, is a blog that says of himself, is close to Commissioner Volpi.  The blog describes itself "in accordance with the provisional administration of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate" and published an arid  invective against the article by Matteo Matzuzzi.
In another entry from November 17, however, the anonymous blogger explained why Commissioner Volpi is so "concerned" that no Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate be incardinated in dioceses: "The very purpose of seeking incardination seems clear: it is about the creation of a platform, perhaps off shore, like the Archdiocese of Lipa in the Philippines and a Catholic minority diocese as in England, for the consecrated priests  and former seminarians of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate to newly gather in the hope of a revolution against the current management of the universal Church."
To this Cascioli's response to Commissioner Volpi was: "In other words, the blog says, you would act in concert with whom you were  invited to the meeting of the Episcopal Conference to Assisi, because a plot to overthrow Pope Francis was in progress, whom the clerics and former seminarians of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, were  together with some bishops, who were to include in their dioceses. However, this would be really laughable, if it were not someone close to you  who has spread an unofficial declaration of your whole approach. I hope, therefore, that you will want to clarify this account and also the blog that speaks on your behalf ". Signed, Riccardo Cascioli.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: MiL / CR / Chiesa e Postconcilio / Osservatore Romano


  1. tell me this guy Volpi (FOX! how utterly appropriate a name) doesn't have the look of the biggest perv sleaze-bag you've ever seen....

    The FFI are truly the strawberries to bergoglio's Queeg....he's unabashedly pathological where they're concerned; he seems to spit pea soup with his head spinning 180 degrees at their mere mention. They may yet end up being his undoing....and wouldn't that just be ironic justice?

  2. Too bad the rest of the N.O. isn't trying to overthrow him too... All it takes for evil to triumph is for 'good' men to do nothing!

    1. The idea that there is a plot to overthrow the Pope is a ridiculous suggestion by Volpi's lackey - desperate men with desperate arguments. However, if you read the article carefully you will note that they are worried that something will happen outside of Italy and hence beyond their control.

      I can't tell from the translation when the original article was written and hence how up to date it is. There will be some interesting developments in the news soon, though, so its worth following this story.

  3. THIS IS A NEWS NOT TO BE PUBLICATED (in camera caritatis) and by remembering an old post in this blog, Volpi does what his lodge master has ordered him to do, full stop.

    1. Thank you for that. I believe we would be shocked to find out how many prelates belong to the Lodge.

  4. The evil being done by Volpi is diabolic, beyond words. However, the truth is that the Pope is wholly responsible for what Volpi has done, and is doing, to destroy the holy and successful institute, and the holy mean and women in it, and their powerful vocations, which witnessed to the world and caused conversions and an increase in holiness, and of course, many new vocations to priesthood and religious life. Those who deny that Pope Francis is responsible are playing right into the hands of those who want to destroy the Faith and morals, and all priests, bishops and orders of religious life that uphold same.

    If Pope Francis wanted to stop the ongoing egregious, unprecedented and unlawful persecution of the Friars and sisters, and the egregious, unprecedented and unlawful suppression of the Institute, he could do so in a moment. But, no, he is the one responsible for what is happening; it couldn't happen without his sanction, and his direct sanction, at that (given its outrageously unjust, unlawful and unprecedented nature).

    Where are the good cardinals and bishops?? When are they going to cry out in righteous anger against this evil persecution by the Holy See of friars and sisters for their upholding of the Faith and morals, and their adherence to Holy Tradition?? Blessed Michael, the Archangel defend us in battle . . .

    1. The Friars & Nuns should align themselves with traditional order outside the vatican 2 sect.

    2. Dear Linda, I agree with everything you wrote. One thing you must realize is that Francis was not canonically elected and is not the pope. He is THE FALSE PROPHET OF HOLY SCRIPTURE. He knows it and a large majority of people know it.

    3. Volpi, it seems, willingly does what Francis orders. Remember who is holding the ship's wheel right now as he drags the anchor of Rome in a stormy sea. He appears to be stirring the waves to create some sort of tsunami. From North to South, East to West, all ages of faithful Catholics are flabbergasted by the Pope's behaviour, and actions. Nothing escapes us....God is still in control, He sees all. He knows who are his faithful servants and who is His enemy. Amen. Treasa, Australia.

  5. The question remains,how will michael voris spin this story? Jorge looks star struck in the photo with Volpi.He (Volpi) must be a high a high ranking mason in the lodge.

    1. I think the entire vatican 2 sect is nervous.For something like this to happen,traditional chapels must be gaining enough members to make them sweat.

  6. Any mention by anyone of the harsh, unwarranted, and unprecedented treatment of a holy institute and its holy founders brings cries of "you are against the pope' which is a lie. The Order was totally faithful to the pope and always would be. To not allow the TLM and not allow brothers to find a true home is more than cruel and probably sinful. Yet the suffering is not wasted. It is offered by the holy ones. And the unholy ones can blog all they want. (they know who they are).

  7. Volpi is right. The Traditional Latin Mass and Tradition in general is a movement that is either consciously or subconsciously anti-Vatican II, anti New Mass, and anti anything Novus Ordo Ecclesiam. Some are consciously aware of it and embrace it like the FSSPX and others are trying to reconcile the two like the FSSP or FFI.

    Traditional Catholicism is contrary to everything Pope Francis stands for, just because you aren't consciously conspiring against him doesn't mean that your actions aren't leading to his downfall.

    The Church as an institution has political parties - Traditionalism is one of them. There's a reason why certain Cardinals have started to publicly celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, there's a reason why these Cardinals are "coincidentally" critics of Francis and the Synod on the Family.

    Don't shoot the messenger. Volpi has far greater insights into this matter than you think. The FFI is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate for the FSSPX, if I were in the shoes of Francis of Volpi I wouldn't be as merciful as they are.

    1. If the Friars are true,they will either leave the Novus ordo, or join a traditional group outside the Novus ordo.

    2. Well, I've read some rum justifications for persecution in my time and this has got to be in the top 10.

    3. Lynda asks:

      "Where are the good cardinals and bishops?? When are they going to cry out in righteous anger against this evil persecution..."

      A Saint has already been sent and he preserved the Catholic Faith through his priests, brothers, monks & nuns and are growing. These are principalities and only a Saint could stand up to this...there are good prelates but still too afraid. Thank God for this great Saint!


      Oh, campy clergy
      And wasted women
      It's all about just you.

      You cannot think
      Outside the globe
      Or past the sixties view.

      But Holy Mother
      Catholic Church
      Universal on this earth,

      Her stars and moon
      And sun helped grow
      Our boys beyond their birth,

      Where deep dark nights
      And mornings gold
      Protected as we prayed,

      First light's low Mass -
      Evening rosaries, while you’ve grayed.

      Time waits not for
      Your desires
      Or you, new truths to declare…

      The Universal
      Truths are set --
      Tradition’s celibate sons will bear!

    4. "Traditional Catholicism is contrary to everything Pope Francis stands for ..." This is an extra-ordinary statement. Were it to be true (in reality it's nonsense) the Pope stands for something other than the Catholic faith. The Church did not begin with Vatican II. John the Mad

  8. Sooner or later there will be a showdown,you cant serve two Masters ,specially when they give opposing views.Christ said "No one can go to the Father except through him" Pope Francis says atheists can go to Heaven despite the fact they don't believe in God ,he is in effect contradicting Christ.

  9. Anon @ 10:25 a.m. If the old mass is "anti-VCII and the new mass", then there's sumthin' NOT CATHOLIC about the new mass and VCII! What you are saying is that Bergoglio and yourself are heretics -- 2,000 years are not wrong. The 50 years since VCII that have led to 60 million abortions in the U.S. alone, 50% illegitimacy, 50% divorce rate, 'assisted' suicide and euthanasia laws, post-birth abortion laws, organ 'harvesting' and homosexual 'marriage' laws and $18 trillion debt is wrong! Since you are on the side of Francis of Wolf and would be less merciful than they are, you might as well say you are on the side of Satan and his fairy demons. Wonder how merciful Jesus Christ is going to be to you, Francis and Volpi for destroying His Church, His priesthood and His sacraments? How about your persecuting anyone who tries to remain faithful to His teachings? How about your leading little ones to hell? Hope you come to your senses and repent of your evil ways before you find out.

    1. "The 50 years since VCII that have led to 60 million abortions in the U.S. alone, 50% illegitimacy, 50% divorce rate, 'assisted' suicide and euthanasia laws, post-birth abortion laws, organ 'harvesting' and homosexual 'marriage' laws and $18 trillion debt is wrong!"

      That has nothing to do with Vatican II. The USA is a Freemasonic, Protestant, and Revolutionary government - countless numbers of Royalists predicted the disasters that plague the USA today. Read:

      Also, things like abortion are still practically illegal and extremely rare in Catholic populated countries like Poland. The USA is a protestant country where divorce and contraception have long been a badge of anti-Papist honour. Most other "Catholic" countries that accept immorality are also not Catholic but revolutionary (e.g. post-Franco Spain, France, most of South America, etc.)

      Your arguments make no sense, what does American debt have to do with Vatican II? That argument is completely irrational.

      Your judgements are extremely rash. You need to go on an Ignatian retreat or something. I never once said whether I supported Traditional Catholicism or Novus Ordo Catholicism, I was speaking objectively.

      Traditional Catholicism is not compatible with Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Ecclesiam. The people running the Vatican are in the Novus Ordo camp, it is completely justifiable for them to stomp out any forms of pre-Vatican II Catholicism - you can't accept both the Syllabus of Errors and, as Cardinal Ratzinger put it, the Counter-Syllabus (i.e. Gaudium et Spes).

      If a Traditional Catholic became pope he would excommunicate and suppress liberal religious orders en masse. Novus Ordo Catholics despise Traditional Catholicism just as much as Traditional Catholics despise Novus Ordo Catholicism. It's completely justifiable for Novus Ordo Catholics like Pope Francis and Fr. Volpi to suppress an ideology that's contrary to Vatican II and the Novus Ordo. The only people in the wrong here are the FFI, they tried to be crypto-Lefebvrists in a church that excommunicated Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988 and which rejected the Traditional Liturgy and Traditional Rules/Constitutions of religious orders in 1976. Paul VI said his changes to the Mass where equal of that to St. Pius V.

      If you wanna act like a Lefebvrist then you might as well become a Lefebvrist, otherwise the Vatican will suspend and excommunicate you like Abp. Lefebvre. Abp. Lefebvre was one of the biggest missionary giants in African history, if a man of his clout and stature couldn't stay in good standing then nobody can. The FFI is finished, these proceedings are just a formality.

    2. The FFI was and is not 'crypto-lefebvrite' and notice that not one friar has gone to the SSPX. That made up accusation is lie. The FFI was and is faithful to the papacy just as St. Francis was. The dissenters who publicly admit that they do not like tradition and dislike 'traditionalists' very much were disobedient to their superiors and when sympathetic ears to their dissention were found in the Vatican (would not have had to look far), then things started to roll. The founder likely will be a canonized saint one day though...

  10. I often wonder if defenders of Jorge and vatican 2 are masonic lodge members on the payroll? The average vatican 2 heretic cult member doesn't care about his/her religion enough to read about it, let alone commit to writing about their religion.

  11. Volpi is mentally ill, and so is Pope Francis. Pope Francis is perhaps, the worst Pope the Church has had in 500 years. Although he remains popular with parts of the Church......but his popularity is also down from 80% right after his election and a whole year after, down to 60%.
    Probably because faithful Catholics now see him for what he is.
    This coming week, he will turn 78. We've had almost 2 years of him. Let us hope there isn't much more time for him as Pope...and then we'll get a true Catholic!! That should be a Christmas prayer from us all.

  12. This is either sheer paranoia or mere trumpery. Who would want to overthrow such an appalling character for someone who would be even worse? better the devil we know as we can see him for what he is.

  13. That charge of 'crypto-Levbrerite' was a straw man calumny and nonsense. As someone close to the Institute I deny this. Notice no one at all has gone to the SSPX...if they did, it would be in the news. No, the Order was faithful to the papacy. Of course the present papacy is hostile to tradition and has persecuted those with that bent. Yet it is in tradition that the Roman Catholic Church will survive: it is the future! And the FFI will persevere through the persecution; the present ones of the betrayal will be gone and those faithful to the founders and their charism will lead the Order into the era of the Church.

    1. How can there be a new era when the majority of the Cardinals and Bishops are on the same side as Pope Francis?

      It was the John-Paul/Benedict era Cardinals that elected Francis. Francis is now going to stack the College of Cardinals with like minded people and Ratzingerians are on the way out.

    2. It's more than a straw man, it's a boogey man that the novus ordo has been throwing around for years. I grew up in V2 and so of course knew nothing about my faith, I started watching Mother Angelica episodes. I eventually corresponded with a SSPX member in Australia who said she'd pray for me because I told here though I liked everything I was hearing I just KNEW they were "outside the Church". What a crock of bullloney that eventually Pope Benedict himself verified. I remember who on EWTN first used the boogeyman term "lefebvrist" when I was watching, it was Fr. John Trigiglio. I remember thinking at the time "lefebvrist?"
      What a joke I still have great respect for what Mother Angelica did, I think she pushed as hard as she could at the peak time of Vatican 2 when they held all the cards. This is after they pushed her out of that network, I realized it was just a massive mouthpiece for JP2 vatican 2. We even spoke once to one of her nuns after we discovered the TLM and she said of Arch Bishop LeFebvre "oh he did such damage to the Church, caused such division."

      Damage to your novus ordo church you mean huh sister? That sister later left Mother Angelica's monastery, I don't know what became of her.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  15. Gods speed to them and god bless and reward them.

  16. To Anon@10.46:
    You are wrong when you state that the Traditional Catholics in favor of the TLM hate Catholics who favor the NO Mass. There may be extremist that do so, but they are a minority, by definition; so it does not serve your purpose to make a generalization. For the position of TLM Camp see the following link of an interview by Cardinal Burke on his appraisal of the NO vs the TLM:
    Also I do not understand the following statement of yours:
    "If you wanna act like a Lefebvrist then you might as well become a Lefebvrist, otherwise the Vatican will suspend and excommunicate you like Abp. Lefebvre."
    It seems that you mean the opposite of what it says. The term "otherwise" is superfluous.
    As to your possition supporting Commissioner Volpi's theory of a conspiracy against Pope Francis, this is complete balloney. If as a consequence of the FFI persecution there is such a movement that disseminates to other orders, it would be totally spontaneous.
    As pertains to me, I attend the Novus Ordo Mass, because there is no TLM available, but if the SSPX came around I would not bat an eye to join them no matter if this means being called a Lefevbrist and excommunicated by the NO Church.

    1. I'm going to assume that English is your secound language. Your reading comprehension needs a little work. Thankfully I'm feeling charitable today and will help you understand my previous post with greater clarity.

      I never said that Traditionalists "hate" Catholics who favour the NO and vice versa. I said that they *despise* (despise and hate are different words) a particular form of Catholicism, not that they hate the particular Catholic who favours it. The Traditionalist *despises* Novus Ordo Catholicsm, he doesn't hate the Novus Ordo Catholic. For example: The Traditionalists hates Communion in the hand, lay persons handing out Holy Communion, women with naked heads inside Church, secular music, and banal liturgy. The Traditionalist doesn't hate the Novus Ordo Catholic, the Traditionalist feels sorry for them and prays for them.

      The term otherwise is not superfluous. I basically said that if you wanna act like Abp. Lefebvre then you might as well join the FSSPX, if you keep acting like Abp. Lefebvre within the Church then the Church will suspend, persecute, and excommunicate you.

      Volpi recognizes the FFI as a threat to Novus Ordo Catholicism and in principle he is right. To sum it all up we basically have the Syllabus of Errors vs the Counter-Syllabus, this is the defining battle of our time. Check out this newspaper article if you have time:

      I pray that you may get a TLM where you live.

    2. Yes, English is my second language. However the rules of semantics are universal as well as logical thinking. Your distinction of the difference between "hate" and "despise" is minuscule and there meaning if very similar. Usually one goes accompanied by the other because the one that hates also despises and the term despise is more derogatory and consequently offensive.
      I still think that your use of the term "otherwise" is redundant, and the proof is that now you use the phrase "you might as well..." The original meaning defeats logical thinking, because if you act as a Lefevbrist and get excommunicated by the Church, then if you join the SSPX and become a Lefebvrist in full, you still get excommunicated.
      To finish this message, let me point out that since you are so punctilious in the use of the English language, you "might as well" avoid the abreviation "wanna" that sounds awful, even when President Obama uses it.

  17. Do not attend the new mass! Stay at home the new mass is in valid!

  18. ..."a revolution against the current management of the universal Church." In other words a plot against THE POPE? A plot to overthrow the POPE?
    In the RCC's looong history has a "coup" ever succeeded, like did any in some latin America's republics?
    Was that odd idea ever suggested by the Pope himself a latino-american?
    Are the pope's swiss guards involved in the plot? Without them nothing is possible.
    All this would be very funny, laughable if the fate of one of the most pious, fervent, traditional orders of the Church wasn't at stake.

  19. The Catholic Church survived pope Alexander VI Borgia and will survive pope Francis.