Monday, November 24, 2014

Purge at Radio Maria Continues

Padre Livio of Radio Maria
(Milan) The wave of purges at Radio Maria continues. After the sacking of Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi in the fall of 2013 and in spring 2014 Roberto de Mattei, now Gianpaolo Barra, the chief editor of the Catholic monthly magazine was Il Timone is being fired from the radio broadcaster.
The wave of Epurations can in no way be attributed to Pope Francis, but it still has  to do with him. Don Livio Fanzaga, the program director of Radio Maria Italy, the mother of all Radio Maria stations worldwide, is engaging in  a relentless anticipated obedience. In his effort to demonstrate actual or even alleged loyalty to the Pope, he showing employees with many years of outstanding employees the door because they dared not even on the radio, but elsewhere, to comment critically about  statements, decisions or gestures of Pope Francis.

Barra Should Have Dismissed Antonio Socci

The recent purge relates to the journalists Gianpaolo Barra, chief editor of the Catholic magazine Il Timone . He was in charge of, designed and hosted Radio Maria for three years on a "Faith Foundations Class".
Barra became the radio's internal guillotine victim after he had hesitated, to remove the Catholic journalist Antonio Socci from the list of Timone award winners at the Timone festival in Modena, even before  his latest book "Non è Francesco" (He is not Francis ) was published. The author doubts the legality of the election of Pope Francis in his book.
Socci should have been awarded in Modena for his publishing activities. Padre Livio had been informed before going to print  of the contents of the new Socci book and ordered Barra  by e-mail, to delete the publicist from Sienna and Rector of the School of Journalism of Perugia, from the festival program of TimoneIl Timone and Radio Maria are institutions completely independent of each other.

Account of Hesitating From Purgsing Now Purge Themselves

Barra initially, actually forced Socci  from the program, but with some hesitation and concerns. This tentative purging displeased the leaders of Radio Maria and they took their turn to purge Barra from the radio  themselves, as Riscossa Cristiana reconstructed the course of events. That Radio Maria does not dispute the view can be seen as confirmation that it is a credible reconstruction.
Just as an aside, it should be noted that in addition to the late Mario Palmaro,  that Alessandro Gnocchi, Roberto de Mattei and Gianpaolo Barra, Antonio Socci also belonged to the staff of Radio Maria. They were all, even though they were defending the truth of faith in their programs, in another context, but engaged in well-founded criticism of Pope Francis away from the broadcaster. A form of papolatry, which confuses "loyalty to the Pope" with the worship of a particular person.
Based others purged, their criticism on specific statements and actions of the reigning Pope, Socci is however, beyond that and even questions the election of the pope himself. An attitude that is within the Church, almost continuously rejected as inadequate in its reasoning. Socci had found a number of objective errors, showing that he interpreted the facts in support of his thesis were not only risky, but largely ignored,  partly distorted.
Notwithstanding anger with the removal of Gianpaolo Barra at Radio Maria Italy the guillotine continues. "A practice that is  little  suitable for a station that is called "a Christian voice in your house,
 says  Riscossa Cristiana .
To so called, World Family of Radio Maria , is the umbrella organization of all radio stations including Maria in German-speaking Radio Horeb , Radio Maria Austria , Radio Maria South Tyrol and German Radio Maria Switzerland. All TV channels are independent in their programming.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred


  1. The enablers protecting their new god and his agenda of sin. "Menshevicks" as Aged Parent calls them.

  2. Father Livio Fanzaga did well.

  3. I have grave reservations about Socci the convert. He seems to have an agenda that ultimately undermines the Papacy. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he was acting in concert at the behest of others. It is a bit complicated just take note that he will never ask who or why or how it was done to Pope Benedict and yes he knows. He conventiently attacks the weakest point in the argument and oh yes his book is at the top of the bestsellers in Italy. Make no mistake it is an attack on the Papacy.

    1. If so, he could hardly do worse than the post-conciliar popes themselves at wrecking the papacy.

  4. From what I read of Socci's book, he has a credible case that Francis was not canonically elected--at least as good an argument as the 'birthers'. It is odd that a papacy so open and loving toward those who criticize and disbelieve God, Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church gets all riled up when personally criticized. Suddenly heads must roll! No award for you! You are attacking the papacy and destroying the Church! What a vindictive little Fairysee! Might not wear red shoes, but certainly Red Queen Alice in Wonderland!

  5. Some anonymous italian cardinal admitted 'Yes there was some trouble in the election, that's true'......not to be commented. God bless+