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Episcopal Synod Has the Tendency "to Make a Friend of the World"

Pope Francis on the way to the Synod Hall.
(Rome) Cardinal Peter Erdo introduced  the beginning of the Synod of Bishops. In his opening speech, Relatio ante disceptationem , he signaled an opening in changing the direction of pastoral practice in matters of Church teaching on marriage and family. At the same time he set some milestones over which it is better not to go: Humanae vitae, the serious depression of the Orthodox practice or a separation of justice and mercy. To declare that "the divorced are part of the Church," as did Erdo, however, was not new. No one has ever doubted this. It was only recalled recently also by Velasio Cardinal De Paolis, one of the opponents of Kasper's thesis of a "new openness".
With the beginning of the discussion, it was really lively.The front of the proponents of "aggiornamento" immediately made the lions work. It's about the topic leadership. Of the 70 speeches on Monday and Tuesday, a large majority took in one form or another the thesis of Cardinal Walter Kasper as his own, which he brought up  at the Consistory last February.

Ratio of the  Preponderance of "Liberals" Against Intellectual and Rhetorical Brilliance of the "Conservatives"

But somewhat surprisingly they have thus at least numerically surpassed the other side in the first round. On this other side there stands out, buth intellectually and rhetorically,  the Cardinals Raymond Burke and Sebastian Aguilar. From the multilingual briefing  in the Vatican press hall  it was quickly understood that what was  discussed in the auditorium on the Doctrine of the Faith, that in several reports about the discussions in the Aula that the doctrine should be better explained to disoriented believers. All just a matter of style? The Synod Fathers reaffirmed therein at least all were in agreement that the family should be considered as a basic unit of society.
Among the first who spoke, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, representative of Central America in the C9-Cardinals' Advisory. He proposed a kind of catechumenate  for couples who also  should be subjected to a catechetical instruction spouses course. Cardinal Marx before the Synod introduced a sophisticated document of the German Bishops' Conference, which bears the signature of all German bishops, thus supporting Kasper's proposal.

Train Moves Towards Change: "Epochal Signs Because there Were Forces That Wanted to Lead Back to Before the Council"

After these first battles the words emerged in sum, that the train travels towards change in practice, as well shown by the words of the "black pope". The Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas told Vatican Insider: "The free and open discussion is towards change, towards pastoral adaptation to the changing reality of our time." But not only that Nicolas put this development in a context that is implicitly directed against Benedict XVI, and John Paul II: "This is an epoch-making sign, because there were forces in these years that have attempted to return the Church to before the great season of the Council."
Nicolas words are confirmed by what the journalists' briefing was told. Many Synod Fathers have demanded that the Church should adapt their language "and make the world into a friend."  Because "if the church does not listen to the world, the world will not listen to the Church," is how the logic behind it was explained.

Australian Auditors Make Homosexuality  the Subject - Bishop Criticized Catechism

Although they had not begun with the "hot" iron topics like Communion for remarried divorcees, it was already clear from the first two Synod days   that the  application is at issue in Rome, which is much more extensive and fundamental.  Not by chance was the situation of aberrosexual couples was discussed on both days at length. This was initiated by the Australian Auditor-couple Romano and Mavis Pirola from Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council .  A Synod participant then followed who criticized  the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC): The designation of homosexuality in Canon 2357 as "an objectively disordered inclination", only to leads people away  from Christ, said the Bishop.
The African bishops spoke mainly about the problem of polygamy, which is perceived more strongly there, but largely ignored in the West, despite the phenomenon occuring in the course of Islamic immigration, if for family reunification two, three or four women are allowed into the country, or of three or four widows receive a widow's pension. These are facts with which the majority of European countries are already confronted, but which are concealed because of the "culture of welcome".

Stricter Marriage Preparation

The predominant line of the first Synod days is summarized: the way the accompaniment of couples for marriage is to undergo a radical review. It must become  "longer and more individual". It should necessitate greater "rigor" and  make the couple realize that their marriage promise is something serious and real, that it is not only a fiction, which is done  only because of the beautiful spectacle of a wedding in church with many guests, flowers and photographers. There should not be a fear  to reduce the number of marriages in the church,  said English Cardinal Vincent Nichols at the official press conference.
Regardless, the opinions among the Synod Fathers about the Gospel of the family,  are very divided with a highly significant tendency to want to make "the world a friend".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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  1. James 4 4

    ...know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God ?

    Whosoever therefore will be s friend of the world is the enemy of God.

    1. Perfect, perfect, PERFECT quote!

      The 'conservative' bishops (read; CATHOLICS!) should repeat and cite this quote OFTEN during this synod of wolves.

  2. Exactly, Anonymous. Anyone with half a wit would know that too even if they never read James chapter 4.

  3. Let me get this straight, the same evil clowns who are fine with destroying marriage want to implement a stricter catechesis for married couples?

    It is to laugh!

    1. False appearance of caring.
      Would be opportunity for evil indoctrinations. Those who refuse to sign will be forbidden a wedding "mass".
      Money-making opportunity. There will be a fee too attend and the forced purchase of absurd books. (This they already did in. Canada thirty plus years ago! And they never did discuss marriage and what God expects of those entering into the marital contract.)

      This SINod is about paving the way for acceptance of the sins of sodomy and lesbianism and NOTHING ELSE.

  4. I think THIS has everything to do with this crisis.

    hard copy here.

  5. "There should not be a fear to reduce the number of marriages in the church, said English Cardinal Vincent Nichols at the official press conference."

    A bit late for that Vincent, old chap. The number of marriages is plummeting and in the neo-church too. Your "fear" is already a generation out-of-date. Oh! and by the way Vincent, you did know about Kieran and his (not to judge it too harshly) illicit relationships but you preferred "fear" and complicit silence to the courage to deal with the matter. Doubtless, the synod would like to find a nice, easy and comfortable solution to its own episcopal and presbyter sexual indiscretions.
    One can sense the new philosophy is on the verge of being applied to revolutionise ecclesiastical policies on family matters and relationships. Fifty years later, the lib-mods are at it again.