Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bishops' Conference: Catholic Media Should not Criticize the Abortion Politics of the Government

General Secretary of the Bishops' Conference
Gil Tamayo
(Madrid) Catholic media should not criticize Spanish government because of their abortion policy. A corresponding statement to the media by the Spanish Bishops' Conference had been granted by the Secretary General and spokesman of the Episcopal Conference, José María Gil Tamayo, as InfoVaticana reported. The Spanish Bishops' Conference includes the COPE radio chain and the TV station 13TV.

Christian Democrats are the Abortion Party, but Catholic Media Should Be Silent

Not to be critical of the government of the Christian Democratic Partido Popular, although they had promised a restriction of the killing of unborn children through abortion and legal strengthening of the right to life in the last election and therefore won the parliamentary elections. The law was actually drafted by the Justice Minister and decided on last fall by the government.  Yet it never arrived in the  Parliament. Just last summer, the Minister of Justice assured that the Parliament will discuss the law in September. Instead, the ruling Christian Democrats caved in fear of a political dispute and withdrew the law. Justice Minister Ruiz Gallardón then resigned in protest. Right to Life organizations and Catholic voters are disappointed to appalled.
The Partido Popular justified the capitulation with a view to the next upcoming 2015 parliamentary elections, for which one would not waste the chances of re-election. Instead, the party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is now experiencing an exodus of core voters, for the PP as the abortion party is no longer a legitimate voting choice.
Behind the scenes it seems to agreements between the General Secretariat, the Episcopal Conference and the Partido Popular have  agreed to keep the criticism on the back burner to prevent a return of the Socialist Party to power. The non-negotiable values that were championed Popes John Paul II. and Benedict XVI, were looked past.  That does not seem hard for some bishops' conferences to drop as  they had left the above mentioned popes in the stick in the fight against the barbaric mass murder of innocent children. The reigning Pope Francis facilitates looking away from Innocents, as he explained in an interview to have "never understood non-negotiable values," their formulation.

"On the  Pressure Scale of 0-10" Pressure Exerted is Only 2

As to the "right" to assassinate unborn children in many Western countries, including in the German-speaking world as "social consensus" is alleged that the Episcopal Conferences prefer to prioritize this "consensus".
According Info Vaticana , which relies on informants from the Catholic media COPE and 13TV, the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference has given the media these instructions which is to largely hold back criticism of the government in matters of abortion. Literally Gil Tamayo said: "On the pressure scale 0-10, pressure 2".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred


  1. Perhaps this is another example of the new "gradualism" (!!!) Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

    1. SAINT Michael the Archangel.

      Just sayin'.

  2. The awful thing about these cowardly bishop conferences is that by silencing their own media, they are shooting themselves in the foot for the future. These bishops are enabling the future silencing and persecution of faithful Catholics. NB: faithful.

    1. They have already shot themselves in both feet - notice - church is falling apart and society is verging on moral chaos. The horse bolted 50 years ago under the great destroyer Paul VI and his successors. They have already laid the sandy basis for the current collapse. It is now fait accompli.

    2. They are traitors to God and His Holy Church, and colluders with the killers of babies, with the promoters of unnatural sexual relations, and persecutors of Christians.

    3. Aided and abetted by Paul VI and Francis I.

  3. They're the unprincipled people who would offer incense to idols knowing they can repent, or pretend to do so, later and be accepted.

  4. On 3 March 2010 the Organic Law 2/2010 of sexual and reproductive health and abortion was promulgated. This law is to ensure fundamental rights in the field of sexual and reproductive health established by the World Health Organization (WHO), regulating the conditions of abortion and establishing the corresponding obligations of public authorities. The law came into force on 5 July 2010.

    Bishops wouldn't want to do anything to oppose the U.N., would they? Since VCII, Rome has been working for the U.N.!

    "After the Second Vatican Council in 1965 set forth the church's stand on human rights, the church in Spain moved from a position of unswerving support for Franco's rule to one of guarded criticism. During the final years of the dictatorship, the church withdrew its support from the regime and became one of its harshest critics. This evolution in the church's position divided Spanish Catholics...At the Episcopal Conference convened in 1973, the bishops demanded the separation of church and state...

    Maybe the people will get smart and post birth abort their bishops - rend them limb from limb, decapitate and then incinerate the remains! On a scale of 1-10, I'd object against it about level 2.

  5. look abortion in the eye

  6. The liberal modernists have already achieved the moral chaos they sought before and after the war. They now have it.

  7. They are already testing the waters for after birth abortion ,people are becoming more barbarian then people who lived BC ,just because these things are done in co called medical clinics does not alter the fact ,that it is human sacrifice on a mass scale especially late term and partial birth abortion ,human life is now worth zilch ,anyone who is classed as a burden to so called society will be terminated belong long

  8. "Iglesia de Silencio" affinity knows no boundaries.