Sunday, September 7, 2014

North Rhine- Westphalia Bans "Sharia Police" Vests

Wearing vests with the word "sharia police" is now forbidden in North Rhine-Westphalia and is a punishable offense. The police should "proceed against such would-strip with all the police agents"

Dusseldorf ( Wearing vests with the words "sharia police" is now forbidden in North Rhine-Westphalia and is a punishable offense. Interior Minister Ralf Jäger told WDR that he had published this, a police decree. This was reported by "ARD". Police reportedly will "act against all such want-to-be police agents", including the identity verification and the removal of the vest, or any other things that abuse the name of the police. Jäger maintains that the actions of the so-called Sharia police were no longer covered with the fundamental right to religious freedom. "To proselytize people, and discharge themselves acting as a police patrol", this has the population so insecure that the police have set up a citizens' phone.

In Wuppertal men were wearing yellow or orange safety vests with the words "sharia police" and insisted on a life lived in strict accordance with Islam. They demanded among other things the following behavioral rules: No alcohol, no drugs, no pornography, no gambling, no music and no concerts. reported . Link to Katholisches...

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  1. That's odd. All the Muslims I've ever known had a great fondness for alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling and concerts. Well, okay, maybe not concerts.

    Mostly though they just liked to lie, steal and cheat people out of their money and the women gorged themselves on Indie and Pakie type clothing, heavy makeup and tacky, cheap jewelry then leave their husbands for another Muslim with more money. Then again none of the ones I ever knew actually practiced their Satanic religion anyway. If they did they'd be cutting off the heads of children and sodomizing goats.

  2. The moslems were also patrolling streets in London trying to impose Shria law.
    It still continues there in some areas.
    Signed John Lordship.

  3. The first sensible and accurate thing I've heard "john lordship" utter. All of the clocks in my house have stopped.

    And per the incomparable phrase in the great "My Cousin Vinny"; "dead-on-balls-accurate!"

  4. Maybe the reason why these Muslims have filled such a void is because Christians have allowed pornography, alcohol, gambling, drugs, "music" and the accompanying "concert".

    When you fail to plant crops, weeds pop out.

    The secularists are wrong, of course- religion is stronger than their ideas, and if it is not the survival of the Catholic Church that demonstrates it, it is the supremacy of Islam in the former lands of Christendom, lands that we now rationalize as not a part of the Kingdom of God.