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Cardinal Betori Forbids Immemorial Mass -- The Dilemma of the "Conservatives" Under Pope Francis

Franciscans of the Immaculate, Photo From Better Times:
1st Row in the middle are the two founders (Father Pellettieri,
Father Manelli). 2nd Row, 2nd from the right, Father
Serafino Lanzetta
(Florence) The "tragedy" of so-called "conservatives" in the Church under Pope Francis is currently being revealed emblematically  in Florence, says lawyer Carlo Manetti. This coming September 25, Father Serafino Lanzetta of the "Commissariat" oppressed Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate in Florence will his announce his latest book: "The Second Vatican Council: a Pastoral Council" arranged to be introduced in the context of this conference. Cardinal Archbishop of Florence Betori has prohibited the public celebration of Holy Mass in the traditional Rite by Father Lanzetta.
Father Lanzetta had been the Prior of the Order,  since the provisional administration, at its convent in Florence.  Since then he lives in "exile" in the monastery of Kitzbühel.
It was not only he and his brothers were forced to leave the city by the Apostolic Commissar Father Fidenzio Volpi.  Meanwhile, the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Florence  must vacate, who are currently affected by Apostolic Visitrix.

The Archbishop, the Old Mass and "Reasons of Expediency"

These days one of the decisions of the Archbishop of Florence has caused a stir. Because of the abnegation of Pope Benedict XVI's Moto Proprio by the Congregation of Religious,  the organizers presented Archbishop Giuseppe Cardinal Betori  the request for Father Lanzetta  to celebrate on the occasion of the meeting and for the participants in Florence, a Holy Mass in the traditional rite. The request was rejected by the cardinal.
In the book, which is at the same time a Doctoral thesis, Father Lanzetta outlined and analyzed, based on meticulous documentation of the main currents of the Second Vatican Council and its work in bringing about the conciliar documents (see separate report Mental Power of an Exile - Habilitation Thesis of Father Lanzetta Presented on Second Vatican Council ). The preface is by the famous theologian Manfred Hauke, who supervised Lanzetta's habilitation. A book of "incontrovertible orthodoxy," said Carlo Manetti in an interview. Manetti is the editor of the book:Un caso che fa discutere: i Franciscan of the Immaculate (Franciscans of the Immaculate: One Case that Provides Discussions, Fede & Cultura, Verona).
The lecturer in International Relations is one of the speakers at the conference, to be held in the ballroom of the Regional Parliament of Tuscany. Among others, the historian Roberto de Mattei (European University of Rome) and Pietro De Marco (University of Florence) will speak, as well as representatives of Catholic media, Guido Scatizzi (Riscossa Christiana) and Pucci Cipriani ( Controrivoluzione ). The organizer of the conference is traditional  association Communion Tradizionale of Florence, under its president, Ascanio Ruschi. Ruschi it was who put the motion to the Archbishop and received the written rejection from  him. The interview was conducted by Domenico Rosa for Il Sito di Firenze .

The No of Cardinal Betori to Father Lanzetta and Traditional Rite

Carlo Manetti on the "conservatives" in the new "climate" of Pope Francis
And yet seems Cardinal Betori, who is counted among the "conservative" bishops, does not consider the book by Father Lanzetta as "orthodox" ...
Manetti: Judging by the letter his lawyer Ruschi, President of the association Communion Tradizione has sent, in which he expressly forbids Father Serafino public celebration of the traditional Mass, one can see no doctrinal condemnation of the book content, but - if one may say  - it is a "political" condemnation of the text. It is said that a Bishop can not approve the theses contained there, without claiming that we are dealing with heresies, whereby the doubt arises that this impossibility is not caused by the thesis itself, but the position of the bishop; in other words. that it is not about doctrinal reasons, but "pastoral" considerations that cause the head of a Catholic diocese, to not comment positively in public on the great work of Father Serafino.
If you allow, I would like to extend the question still to the drama, not to say, tragedy, to present the situation in which the so-called "conservative" Catholics are: they would like,perhaps to return to the truth in their hearts, but  reasons of practical expediency, which are called "pastoral" today ," compels them to accept this and to confess as always, they are valid and immutable. So, to avoid the current widespread accusations of "traditionalism" or more recently even the "crypto-Lefebvrianism", they are forced to represent opinions and to put actions that actually represent the progressive Catholic extremism.
How do you explain the ban in the Church of San Gaetano to celebrate a Holy Mass in the traditional rite ... the church which is supervised by the Old Rite  Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest? How do you see this "turnaround" of the Archbishop of Florence, who generously supported the traditional Mass until recently and the Old Ritual community churches entrusted to his care?
Manetti: As the Cardinal himself stated in his letter, the reasons are not doctrinal, but pastoral, political, ideological. Today, after the accession of Pope Francis, the "most endangered" prelates, the so-called "conservatives" are exactly like that. case of Cardinal Piacenza example showed: the first defenestrated  by the new Pope. They are forced to show themselves as far more progressive than their colleagues to provide evidence of their loyalty to the "new course". For the progressives whose resistance acted against Benedict XVI., is today, however, like a life insurance policy, a guarantee certificate for the future that they believe in the so-called new "Church of Mercy". The Conservatives, however, who, offered assistance to Benedict XVI have aroused ​​"suspicions",  and are forced today, but also in the future, to provide evidence of their "reliability".  In particular, they may not afford the slightest relapse and that includes any concession to the "Traditionalists."

So you are, in a humanly speaking, very difficult situation from which there is a solution only if  they recognized the priority fully for themselves of the truth about the practice, recognize and accept the primacy of faith over the pastoral, the primacy of Jesus Christ through the hierarchy. This is not just a question of courage. After decades of the devaluation of truth in favor of the tactical achievement of practical results, it is hard to sacrifice everything you have built up personally and intellectually appropriated. Often it is difficult to be conscious of this necessity.
Father Serafino Lanzetta is not a dangerous heretic?
Manetti: Of course not. Father Serafino Lanzetta is not only not a dangerous heretic, but - despite his young age - one of the greatest living theologians, brilliant and profound at the same time, capable, as I said, to the depths of the errors, but also he has gathered the reasons and presented the actors of the Council.
How is the provisional administration of the Franciscans of the Immaculate to end, after most of the brothers have unsuccessfully made ​​the request to be allowed to leave the Order?
Manetti: Everything happening so far suggests that the deliberate intention is to "liquidate"  the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, both the male and the female branch. All measures, sometimes accelerated, sometimes slowed down, aim at that. It can be seen plainly that the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate reveal the violent face of modernism and show the way postulated by Gramsci of the primacy of practice leads over theory. 
I would therefore like to take the opportunity of this interview to prompt all, in the defense the truth about the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate founded by Father Manelli and Father Pellettieri, to persevere so that the silence about this sad state of affairs can  be spread, because of the silence can make profit only the persecutors.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Messa in Latino / Carlo Manetti
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

These Modernists only want their One, World Church emptied of all divine content.

The Traditional Mass? That's the epitome of divine content. It's Heaven on Earth, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Pray for these poor souls being persecuted, as if they were living under a totalitarian communist regime...

-Remnant of the Faith

Clinton R. said...

To ban the Mass Immemorial is nothing less than demonic. Especially when the modernist bishops allow and downright promulgate every liturgical abuse imaginable.

C.J. said...

Cardinal Bertori does not have the authority to "forbid" the true Mass. Nor has the pope. Any pope. Common sense and trust in God should tell us that. But for those who need proof they need look no further back than Pius V. Pope Pius V took care to secure that Catholic faithful would have their Mass.

There are plenty of places to find the truth of this. Here is but one in two parts: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gAbD9GcBM90 and http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dcqSN5hNmgI

Father Gruner refers to Quo Primum http://www.papalencyclicals.net/Pius05/p5quopri.htm

TLM said...

You are correct....no one not even the Pope can forbid the TLM. If, however, they discover it is going on anywhere, the Prelate in charge will be persecuted, big time. It will get to the point that somehow, we will have to go into hiding to hear the TLM. I know that day is coming soon for us in the Archdiocese of Chicago, with Bishop Cupich at the helm. He squashed them wherever he could in Spokane. He forbade a TLM parish from any Liturgies in Latin during Holy Week one year, from Holy Thursday until Sunday morning. From what I read, they actually had Mass outside of Church. The persecution of tradition is coming into full swing. Cupich also forbade any of his Priests or Seminarians to pray outside of abortion clinics, and banned Eucharistic Adoration across the Diocese. The gloves are coming off. He was personally selected to replace Cardinal George by Francis himself......but I guess that should surprise no one. Pray for us in Chicago. Me thinks this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the wolves are revealing themselves. How desperate they are to destroy God's creation. It's such a joke that as they destroy the Church they are moving like the new Western pagans who have murdered 60 million babies in the U.S. alone and WILL murder more of them even up to the time they leave the hospital to save the planet from CLIMATE change. My mother has finally gotten fed up w/her news commentators who had a rap star on last night to tell her she got to fast from meat on MONDAYS to save da planet! These people who are against fasting are now ordering her to fast on Mondays! What ego maniacs these closet communists and queers are. I understand Bergoglio was giving us 'signs' in Albania--when will he start thinking he's giving us 'wonders'? He will wave his fairy wand and we can be divorced and remarried, we can fornicate and screw animals, we can murder our babies and parents, our veterans and handicapped -- and we can eat P6's Luther Bread. But we want the Bread from heaven! We can read the Bible ourselves. How stupid they are. I hope these priests will not waste their time, but insist on the truth and continue to feed the people. They can start house churches like in England, Russia during communist persecutions, China now, etc. Good prep for when the Muslims take over.

Anonymous said...

And still no cardinals or bishops will speak out against the evil persecution and apostasy at the top levels of the Church. Lord, help us.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, they know that if they do, the persecution will come for them next. These.are times that strain the bravest of men and that ain't our bishops or cardinals. They went into the priesthood to have comfortable lives. There are no saints among them.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Bishop of rome You will have much to answer for. May god have mercy on You, on judgement day. I dislike what Paul vi did to the church I never like JPii yet I respected their office. This man known to the world as FRANCIS God help me I just can not pray for him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, we MUST pray for the Pope! Our Lady asked us at Fatima to pray for sinners and to make sacrifices for them: especially those who had no one to pray for them! We must pray for the conversion of sinners - that request comes from Our Lady Herself. It might be nice if we listened to Our Mother!

susan said...

I second that.