Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catholic Animism? Priest and Deacon of Archdiocese Adore Earth Mother "Rocks"

Thou Shalt Have no Other Gods Before Me 

Edit: this is a continuation of videos documenting some liturgical abuses and occult rituals on Holy Saturday in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   The Archdiocese is well aware this has been going on for years and has not done anything about it.  These sorts of abuses happen there every week.

In this video, a priest and deacon in good standing with the Archdiocese, engage in occult pagan rituals.   The rocks here being blessed  by Deacon Joseph Damiani and Father Michael Tegeder, are in the animistic American Indian parlance, "grandmothers" or "grandfathers", depending in some cases on the gender of the person idolizing them. They are said to be the bones of the "Earth Mother" and are heated up by fire for the use in sweat lodges and accompanying spirit journeys.   

These pagan rituals are justified by appealing to "inculturation", but how these practices are justified to be imposed on a Catholic Mass as is the case here, is impossible to imagine.  It looks a lot more like a violation of the First and Second Commandments.

It's such a relief that they're in good standing with the Archdiocese!



  1. Greening...greening...GONE


    Beware goddess green
    Mother earth’s pagan queen
    She’ll recycle man’s faith
    Unto doubt.

    They will question their existence
    Contracept with persistence
    If man does not wake…
    He’s waked out!

  2. Sometimes, I feel numb about reading these things.

    "Watch out, they're throwing nuns under the bus!"
    "Homosexuality rampant among clergy!"
    "Traditional Latin Mass banned forever by atheist bishops!"
    "Pope says Islam is okay!"
    "Go-go dancers invade sanctuary!"

    It's become so common and predictable to read about these sort of things, my only reaction can be a tired: "Not this again..."

    What would be news is if, say, Cardinal Mahony were struck down by the Almighty while an earthquake destroys his Cathedral while miraculously preserving every other building in Los Angeles and there would be much rejoicing as everyone converts to the Catholic Church.

    It would be news if the Holy Father suddenly speaks only in Latin, habitually uses a Papal Tiara and requires only the Traditional Latin Mass to be celebrated in the world, forever.

    Otherwise, it's like every article should end with the phrase: "Such is life in Post-Council Church."

    1. It’s like Michael Davies said, something like, is the alternative really that bad: eat, drink and be merry?

      Go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air. Pray your rosary.

  3. You know as soon as you hear the cheesy music that something baaaad is happening. The one thing that can be said about the, er, ceremony is that it was witnessed by so few.

  4. Ok, now, why did they put a diaper on the rock?

  5. Genty and Allan--you made me laugh--after seeing that--I thought it would be impossible--you should go on the road together! I always point out to my son at Mass and roll my eyes when I here the cheesy music and we always see the name Haugen...

  6. This is an abomination of desolation. Pagan New Age ritual mimicry of the Holy Mass. Not surprised it's happening in Minnesota where those long winters lull slothful minds into devils' workshops.

  7. That foul repellent suicide inducing music is suitable to what looks like on the face of a pagan animist ceremony.
    Devoid of grace and truth is it any wonder young people flee from the catholic church in droves.
    The sad thing is none of these reprobate priests can be taken to task for their abominable desecrations.

  8. is this the same deacon listed on and removed by the archdiocese ?