Thursday, February 6, 2014

Liturgy Wars, Part 1

Fr. Hunwicke, God bless him, has brought something hideous to our attention here and here. Fr. Michael J. Butler, a "liturgist" (falsely so called) of the diocese of Brentwood, UK, has decided to spew some oral diarrhea about the new translation of the missal in The Tablet. Because said periodical is more cheap and money pinching than even The New York Times, one cannot read his errors on The Tablet's website without spending an obscene amount of money, but you can read (probably illegally) his excrement here. Going so far as to call the new translation's imposition upon the clergy "illegal," he advocates that priests simply disobey and return to the old "translation" (again, falsely so called) that smells as bad as the shag carpet that his ilk put into churches in the '70s to cover up beautiful mosaics. Fr. Hunwicke has suggested that those of us opposed to this kind of insubordination and disorderliness, be we traditionalists or reform-of-the-reform types, need to man up and join ranks to oppose Fr. Butler's emetic and the liberal activism that undergirds it. We at the EF would go so far as to invite even the charismatic and pentecostal types (à la Steubenville) to join us in raising the alarm. If the liberals will not obey and conform to the new translations, they are in no rationally consistent position to criticize the "disobedient" (falsely so called yet again) celebration of the old Latin Mass, and apparently they need to be reminded of the fact.

So people, freak out, break the occasional piece of stuff you don't really need, get angry, and make some demands. If Fr. Butler will not retract his views and mop up the mess, the priests and laity of his diocese are more than justified in speaking out and refusing to obey his diktats. What is more, if he will not retract, he deserves a good public shaming and contempt for leading people into de facto schism. King Baby needs to be dethroned, and it is high time we throw over the high chair.


  1. I find this deliciously funny. Consider: the creeps who strangled the Ancient Rite without pity or remorse, and imposed upon us the banality known as the Novus Ordo, are now whining about changes to the Novus Ordo.

    Poetic justice.

  2. Deacon Nick Donnelly at Protect the Pope blog has been exposing this scandal in various posts over past week or two.

  3. Scandal? Good grief. It doesn't matter what bloody translation is used; it doesn't matter if they use Latin - it is all a scandal because the rite itself is a scandal.

    1. It's actually important to document this for various reasons. For starters, some people might not be as up to speed as you are, or they believe the NO is a valid rite of the Church and are concerned about its legitimacy, such as it is. Secondly, things like this reveal who the enemies are. They can't even be relied upon to be obedient in respects to the Liturgy, but they're often the first ones to demand obedience from people like the SSPX. It's handy ammunition, in my opinion.

  4. If they really want to use the old translation, fine, then use the old translation. I don't care if they like their churches empty, no matter how Baroque or Gothic it is. In fact, the New Translation did not initiate a change at all. I may at least tolerate the New Translation now but what I really like is the complete abolition and annihilation of the scandal and the banality called the Novus Ordo Missae that is crafted by BUGnini and the Freemasonic Satanic Consillium and restore the Mass of all Ages, the Venerable Mass that strengthened and nourished the faith of our fathers for more than 1000 years. Enough of this nonsense, give me the real deal!