Sunday, December 8, 2013

Libya Introduces Sharia -- The Result of the "Arab Spring"

(Tripoli)  Sharia is the basis and "source" of all law in the North African Mediterranean state Libya. A committee will now consider all applicable laws and regulations to determine whether they are in accordance with Islamic law.Two and a half years after the outbreak of the "Arab Spring", the results are devastating: a torn country in which various islamist groups and clans have controlled  whole regions and now has also saw the introduction of Sharia.The Libyan Parliament decided last Wednesday the introduction of Islamic law. The Sharia have to submit to all laws and regulations of the country. Therefore, the Parliament set up a commission to review all legal standards for compliance with the Sharia. Provisions that are not compliant with Shari'ah must be abolished or replaced.

A country in chaos

Two and a half years after the outbreak of the "Arab Spring" and little more than two years after the assassination of "revolutionary leader" Muammar Gheddafi by the rebels supported by NATO, the oil-rich Mediterranean country is in the depths of chaos. Several armed militias, independent of the State militias  parts of the territory under their control. They fight each other and the state. The real power has the Grand Syrtis in hand.  The transitional government has already declared Sharia as the basis of the entire law after the fall of Gaddafi. Now this has been officially adopted by Parliament.
The new law shows that the Islamists who were suppressed by the old regime, are becoming an ever more dominant factor in Libya. The Islamist militias have forced the Parliament to introduce Sharia  with violence and threats to the government, which can hardly exercise authority in the state, hoping thereby to appease the most extreme groups of Islamists. What is meant is mainly Ansar al-Sharia , the "followers of Islamic law," a Salafist militia  which is connected to Al-Qaeda.  An offshoot of Ansar al-Sharia exists in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Mali, Morocco and Mauritania.

"Sharia is the Law"

Mohammed Al-Zaroug of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Party of Justice and Construction declared contentedly: "Sharia is the law. Now no one can say that the Parliament does not work with Shari'ah." Ibrahim Al-Gharyani of the. Alliance of National Forces said: "The law already contains hardly any laws that contradict Islamic law." The Muslim Brotherhood holds 17 of 80 seats in parliament, the Alliance has 39 seats.
Also on Wednesday, the Parliament appointed 60 members of a commission to draft a new constitution for Libyan.Christians, who can hardly move freely in the government-controlled capital of Tripoli in Libya. In the rest of the country they are fair game.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: As Sabhab (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


  1. It's too late here and there. Will read tomorrow. But had not the West begun this chaos that progressed to murder and more murder and (Mrs.) Clinton guffawing at Gaddafi being murdered and dragged thru the streets,
    "We came, we saw, he's dead ahhahaha" things there would probably be as they were, not as bad as now. Same in Syria. Same in Iraq. Of course in Egypt and Israel is always there to help cause chaos, death, destruction and human misery.

    1. If Obama does one right thing it will be to progress in fair negotiations with Iran and tell Netanyahu to Shut Up! Israel is a disaster and continues it's tyranny there and here thru control of our government if the issue has anything to do with them. Britain created a monster and we feed it. and it is an obnoxious glutton.