Saturday, December 28, 2013

Archaeologists Discover 1,000 Year Old Pilgrimage Route in Ireland

On the small island of Ireland Caher, a traditional pilgrimage is held every 15 August,  but there are more finds.

 Dublin ( / CBA) on the Irish Atlantic island of Caher archeologists have discovered a 1000-year-old pilgrimage route. According to a report in the "Irish Times" (Tuesday), the curved line is marked on the southern and western edge of the island by a series of stone altars. This was identified by archival material, aerial photography and excavations, says archaeologist Michael Gibbons.

The small island (about 600 x 1200 meters) is located eight kilometers off the west coast of Ireland, is uninhabited and is called in Irish "City of Saints" (Cathair na Naomh). Each year numerous people traditionally flock on 15 August for the Feast of the Assumption on the sea route to Caher. The newly discovered route includes an additional tour on the island.

Caher has an early monastery with the ruins of a chapel and a hermitage from the seventh century and a sacred fountain in the north of the island. The island belongs, according to Gibbons, to the "most valuable" places of Ireland. It has remained largely "unaffected" by conservators.

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  1. 1000 years. may the echo of the pilgrims' footsteps never leave our ears

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