Friday, November 8, 2013

Courageous French Mayor and His Council Refuse to be Intimidated by Gomorrist Law in France

(Paris) In France the mayor wrote a letter to the citizens of his town in which he told them: "I can not believe in gay marriage. Should I be forced, I am resigning." The community is Fontgombault. There is a world-famous Benedictine abbey, which maintains the traditional rite of the Catholic Church and is bound to tradition.

In late spring, the socialist parliamentary majority decided for the legalization of "gay marriage" despite massive resistance from a broad civil rights movement. Since then, the mayors of France are under pressure. If a gay couple wants to get married, they have to make a fundamental decision. To break any resistance, the government of President Hollande has issued corresponding penalties for the same. Should a mayor refuse to honor a sodomite couple, it threatens him not only impeachment and a fine of 75,000 euros but even five years in prison.

"There is a Natural Law That Stands Above the Laws of Man"

Jacques Tissier, the Catholic mayor of Fontgombault has made his decision. He wants to withdraw: "There is a natural law that stands above the laws of man." The decision of the mayor is shared by the entire council. Municipal Government and council want to resign, should the community be forced to have to perform a "marriage" of two homosexuals. A similar decision has been taken by the entire council on this last 24th of October.

Since the legislature has expressly denied the mayors of the freedom of conscience, there are only two options: either to be dismissed and face a fine or go to jail.

Jacques Tissier sees the denial of freedom of conscience, a serious violation of religious freedom. In addition, the "gay marriage" is an absurdity because it is two same-sex persons categorically impossible to conceive new life of their own will, but just based on the basic transmission of life is the essence of marriage.

The daily Nouvelle Republique reported that the decision of the mayor had been referred to by some as "scandalous" and "shocking".

Mayor Tissier called on those who have "problems" with his decision to contact him directly and talk to him.

The Mayor Has Already Received "negative" Attention: After the Earthquake in Haiti, he Prayed for the Victims

Tissier, has been the mayor of Fontgombault since 1977, hit the headlines in 2010. After the earthquake in Haiti, he asked the council to pray the Our Father and a Hail Mary with him before the meeting for the victims of the earthquake. In the country where for over 100 years, the secularism is the official state doctrine, it was an outrageous affront.

Church opponents and proponents of "gay marriage" already called to the fact that gay couples are moving especially to Fointgombault and there are to force the mayor and the council to resign by the requirement of "marriage".

The legalization of "gay marriage" has troubled thousands of French mayors. You have to resist the introduction of the new law in the platform of Maries Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for childhood). There are already criminal complaints against some mayors who have refused to honor "gay marriage" already. Just as against Jean-Michel Colo., mayor of the French town of Arcangues since 1983.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Commune de Fontgombault
Trans: Tancred
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  1. It is a fact that the Homo and Lesbo lobby relocates their weirdos and their weirdo supporters to any location in need of a large queer presence. This is but temporary of course. They move in, use motels or rent but they do not own. Then after their mission is complete..POOF! they are suddenly gone, having loaded back into their buses to return to their sewers.

    France has already demonstrated quite well that it rejects any such faux union. Those who try to paint a mayor, who is most assuredly a hero to the people of his district, as to be disapproved are desperate liars. Time for the French people to take to the streets again only this time to defend the just decisions of these moral mayors.

    Say NO! to HoMO and LesBO

  2. There is an amusing misspelling in the article. "Maries pour l'Enfance " literally translates as Marys for Childhood" The correct spelling is "Maires" for mayors. I think l'enfance' should more accurately be translated as 'children' in the sense intended.

  3. Resigning is the wrong way to react; just like the protesters in France who stand infront of buildings and do nothing. The Mayour and City Council men should organize a national alliance of Mayors and Towns, recruit a national militia, arm and train them in military tactics and defend France with force of arms...

  4. Je suis d'accord. The only thing the Sodomite understands is brute force... or stoning. I am in favor of both. - Fr. John+

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    They need to figure out how to behave in western society.
    Because Muslim episodes on innocent folks are increasing.