Monday, October 28, 2013

Is the Vatican Going to Erect a New Congregation for Laity? Idea of Cardinal Maradiaga. Also of Pope Francis?

(Rome) The Coordinator of Pope Francis's C8 Cardinal Council wishes to establish a congregation of the Roman Curia for the laity: "There is the Congregation for Bishops, one for the priests and for the religious. But there is not one for the laity who are the most numerous."

The statement comes from Archbishop Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras Tegucugalpa. He was made Coordinator of the 8 member council by Pope Francis, which advises the Pope on the reform of the Curia and the leadership of the Church. Cardinal Maradiaga previously called for the reform of the Roman Curia in a statement and is considered among the eight cardinals who desires the most far-reaching changes. Now he again took position and indeed in Logrono in Spain, where he was staying for a visit.

The Central American cardinal declared that "the departments in the Vatican will be adjusted". There has been "only a Pontifical Council for the Laity, but a Congregation for Bishops, another for the priests, another for the religious, but there is none for the laity, who are the most numerous." According to Cardinal Maradiaga a path of reform of the Curia should lead to appreciation of the laity, that their own congregation should be built. In this Congregation various Pontifical Councils could be incorporated, the Council for the Family to the Council for Health Pastoral Care.

Pope Francis considers "clericalism" to be a disease of the Church. A position that his predecessors represented and attempting to oppose the jostle of married men, homosexuals and women entering the sanctuary and in which he attempted to highlight the mission of Christians and their place. Absolutely with some successes, except in the progressive camp, where there is an urge to clericalism throughout the whole Church. Through the clericalization of everything, the declericalization of the Church will be accomplished. Women priests have issued a rejection of Pope Francis.

Following Cardinal Maradiaga's direction, provided they give the opinion of the Pope again and not just the personal opinion of the Cardinal, then the establishment of a lay congregation could be a possible way.

Pope Francis has confirmed the chairman and the secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in office until the regular end of their term. President is Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, Secretary Bishop Josef Clemens, have both been in office since 2003. However, this term already ends with the year.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Sacri Palazzi
Trans: Tancred

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  1. Johannes de SilentioOctober 28, 2013 at 11:44 PM

    So by reform of the Curia, we mean another superfluous expansion of the administrative apparatus? Sigh...

  2. I thought the Catholic Church was the congregation for the laity. I mean to say why was it established if not to teach the Gospel to all men and provide the sacraments necessary for eternal life. The only thing we need is for our priests to be good priests, our bishops to be good bishops and our Pope to be a good Pope. We do not need a false congregation to pretend it represents us. What happens in the end is these middlemen usually only represent themselves usually to the detriment of those they are supposed to support.

  3. Oh dear. It sounds too much like the makings of a CoE synod and look where it's got them. Still, as one future Catholic bishop once mused: "They have all the best ideas . . . . .. "

  4. This married man and the colleagues he's trained will happily relinquish serving at Mass and depart the sanctuary as soon as clergy and seminarians, properly trained and reliably available, begin appear in numbers adequate to to enable worthy celebration of the liturgy. Till then, Catholics who wish to see ceremonial well supplied and supported will do well not to scorn the sacrifices of lay men -- even the defiled married ones -- who deny themselves much so that God may be glorified and souls drawn to Him.

    No more of this, please.


  5. Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen stated that the reform of the Church would come about by the laity. This new Congregation just may be a good idea. Then we Traditional Catholics would storm it with our demands that they take the Church's official condemnation of the heresy of modernism seriously. We could point out their modernist heresies and get our Church back. We Traditionalist are known to demand God's greater glory and honor and not our own.

  6. Great.

    So now we can look forward to having some definitive legislation on how far the divorced and remarrieds and sodomites (practicing) can actually get involved in the life of the parish without causing scandal to faithful practicing Catholics. No more whim of the local parish priest or bishop forcing the "pastoral solution" on to all parishioners.

    ... Legislation on the cessation of liturgical dance, legislation of no more "Children's liturgy of the word", really clear documentation/legislation on marriage in the Catholic Church, really clear and recommended books for use for First Holy Communion/Confession.

    ...Can't wait for the new Congregation...