Sunday, September 1, 2013

Slovakia: Jan Orosch New Archbishop of Trnava

Edit: ++Bezak was bad news. He was one of the bishops Pope Benedict got rid of. There’s an interesting video of him in hipster clothes, a black turtleneck, sport coat, hosting a Jazz concert in the sanctuary of a Church. It pretty much symbolizes his tenure in one of Slovakia’s most important Catholic diocese. Despite the evidence presented against him, he still has a loyal following of 68ers, the kind of people who don’t see how a blue jeans ecclesiology is a problem.

Followers of the deposed predecessor Bezak have protested silently - Francis in the decree of appointment: Orosch is the right bishop, with "gifts of mind and heart" bishop to take over the administration of the Archdiocese of Trnava

Trnava ( / KAP) The "Slovak Rome", the cathedral city of Trnava (Trnava) will have a new archbishop: On Friday, the former administrator and Bishop January Orosch (photo) was officially inaugurated. In addition to the Slovak bishops - including the pre-predecessor Oroschs, Jan Sokol - bishops from the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary will also be present. The inauguration will be led by the Chairman of the Slovak Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Stanislav Zvolensky. Located approximately 130 kilometers east of Vienna, Trnava has about 70,000 inhabitants and is also called the "Slovak Rome" for the many beautiful churches in the Old Town.

However, the followers of Orosch’s predecessor, Robert Bezak, have caused a stir under a banner, leading the procession, including bishops and clergy. The banner bore the inscription “Always our Archbishop." The followers of the Bishop, compelled into retirement on July 2012 by Benedict XVI. Bezak had announced in advance to show their solidarity with him during the ceremony to "discretely". Some of them called the bishops to “shame".

The reasons for Bezak's dismissal are still not public today. [More heads should roll like this one.] Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who played a role as Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops in Rome for the dismissal of Robert Bezaks, is a guest of the General Assembly of the Conference of European Bishops' Conferences (CCEE) scheduled for the 3rd to 6th of October in Bratislava.

Sponsored by the Apostolic Nuncio in Slovakia, Mario Giordana, Pope Francis says in the decree, that he was convinced that Orosch was the right bishop, with "gifts of mind and heart" appointed to the administration of the Archdiocese to take Trnava.

During his sermon, partially given in Hungarian, the new archbishop then focused mainly on the role of the bishop as a shepherd. "In the Church there are many problems," said Orosch, but this could not be named without also talking at the same time about "the crisis in society.”

Lay Catholics consider Katholikentag

Previously, it was 28 August for a meeting of representatives of the Slovak lay movement with representatives of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) arrived in Freising. In a report of the Press Office of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, the lay Slovak Catholics would consider holding a day after the German model. The "regular dialogue between the bishops and the laity" is an interesting approach in order to "discuss the current situation in the Church and society.” [Nuff said]

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  1. In the end it was comedy. Exarchbishop was a TV star saying every time that he will not give interviews, since he is not allowed to do so... and then going to give another one next day. ALWAYS happy with everything noncatholic, hating traditions. Masssively supported by Ateists, Jews, Freemasons, Liberal Catholics and their media. Pope Benedict XVI saved our small nation.

  2. The Administrator puts it the way as if the positive reception from the general public (and Freemasons ;) ) was a stigma. The state of Church in Slovakia reflects this attitude of its leadership.
    There are in fact not many Jews left to like Bezak; most of them did not survive the Fascist Slovak State under leadership of Catholic priest Tiso.
    Bezak's firing was a strange act and all the secrecy around it only supports the 'follow the money' theories: That he stepped on his predecessor Sokol's money laundering transactions, leading up to Vatican. Sokol is a pompous narcissist and an ex-KGB agent, easy to blackmail and manipulate.

    1. Dissidents like ++Bezak were getting the sack under B16 up to 2 a month. I doubt that trend is going to continue or be improved on by present administration.