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Novus Horror Missae in Madrid by Carmelites -- Not Worthy of The Congregation of Religious' Attention?

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(Madrid) With the questions "Are these Vedruns? And if it is about what I fear?" said the Spanish Catholic church historian and blogger Francisco de la Cigoña about a horror missae from Spain.

As to "Vedruns" the nuns are called the Spanish Carmelites of Love, a Catholic women's order, founded by a religious Joaquina de Vedruna (1783-1854). De Verdruna, a Spanish noblewoman, saw a need after the Napoleonic Wars in the plight of many people, especially young girls. The Order Founded in 1816 is the Carmelita Congregación Hermanas de la Caridad Vedruna. They devoted themselves to caring for the poor and the education and training of young girls. The Order dispensed with their habit by the time of the Second Vatican Council. Today, there are only few very elderly sisters or those from East Asia, still wearing a religious habit.

The picture documents a horror missae. This is an experimental Eucharistic celebration by a priest without vestments and without the necessary sacred vessels. An altar (?) covered with a floral tablecloth. Two women as "concelebrants" (?) stand in front of the other clearly toastsing "liturgically" (?), singing or simulating a form of elevation in the "conversion" or the doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer?

On the website of the Vedrunen, there are more pictures of the same "worship" whose caption explicitly speaks of a Mass celebration. The "Holy Mass" was part spiritual retreat called "Banquet", dated 18-24 August in Valladolid. De la Cigoña questioned whether the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation Order of Aviz and Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation,  Carballo didn't have more more to do, instead of chastising the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

In the celebration of Mass, the Credo, with its truths of faith, has been replaced by a "common faith". Only the first line was translated:

Creemos Padre-Madre de Dios, que vida it, Compasión y misericordia. We believe in God the Father-Mother, life, compassion and mercy.

Creemos en el Dios de hecho un tantos. Acompaña y que Sostiene

. Creemos que el Espíritu y habita conduce a la Comunidad

Creemos recrear es posible que la Comunidad.

Creemos es posible que llegar a un liderazgo compartido, Descubriendo cada una de los dones .

Creemos que la diversidad enriquece y crea comunidad cuando cada una Aporta su origin alidad y hay comunicación sincera y profunda.

Creemos que la comunidad que se recrea it fuente de VIDA Y ESPERANZA.

Creemos en la fuerza de la Unión de los hermanos que Rezan por los que sufren.

Creemos de Dios que el cura nos, salva y sana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Vedruna
Trans: Tancred

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  1. I guess they are too busy stomping out the Old Mass in prospering religious orders. That or seeking to root out any hint of anti-ecumenism.

    By the way why is it almost always over weight middle aged white women who seem to be leading the charge of liturgical abuse?

  2. As they're neither Pelagians nor restorationists nor triumphalists, I'm sure the Pope approves. Who are we to judge?

  3. Here in the USA we have a top Community Organizer and the people believe in him.

  4. I think it is time for a grass roots movement of faithful Catholics (priests,religious, laity), to pledge our loyalty not to this pope Francis and his cohorts of the Cardinal Sodano persuasion, but rather to the SSPX. It is time to encourage the SSPX to start a large movement to re-establish/re-found not only more traditionalist branches of corrupt Vatican II religious Orders such as these Vedruna Carmelites of Charity (1,904 members 2013 Annuario Pontificio in 238 houses), but also to resurrect ancient Orders which have gone extinct, but which were holy and a great benefit for the Church, and also to assist them to restore traditional lay communities and movements (the Beguines for example), to restore the Faith.
    With this radical pope and his associates, the time is past to pledge obedience to such corruption.
    Seek to restore the True Faith and True Church, existing at this moment only in the SSPX, in traditional Ecclesiae Dei communities (which I hope join the SSPX), and other traditional movements....even if sede vacantist.
    One traditionalist sede-vacantist group in the USA has an Order of sisters with almost 80 members! Would not they be better that this Vedruna Carmelites?!!
    If it becomes necessary, it would be totally justified for traditionalist Catholic Orders, movements, and faithful to demand and pressure for the resignation of pope Francis himself.
    Considering his statements, proclivities in degrading the office of the Papacy, and his agenda and advisors, it might be a good idea to do so!!!

    1. How about we just pray for the pope instead? We need to stay focused. And stay Catholic. Don't let all his nonsense distract you. We have a job to do and calling for a pope's resignation is not it. Pray and offer sacrifice that he will be given the grace to consecrate Russia properly. We need more Catholics making the First Saturday devotion. And more one meal Fridays to be made towards that end. Come one now. We are the most powerful people on the face of the earth because we have the ear of the King through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That Woman who was given the power and the order to crush the head of satan. We are soldiers in this war and we have been given our orders so how about we just carry them out, eh? DAILY ROSARY. SCAPULAR. FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTION. FRIDAY/SATURDAY FAST AND PRAYER. THE MASS. THE SACRAMENTS. We have all the weaponry we need to comply with the wishes of Heaven, repair outrages against all that is holy and help save this world. The hour is late but not too late. I am a late comer myself but am giving it my all now!

      Let's muster up our families and get rolling.

    2. Dear not AWOL. I am l in favor of prayers for our Pope.

      My new favorite prayer for him is this:

      Psalm 108: May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take.

    3. "I think it is time for a grass roots movement of faithful Catholics (priests,religious, laity), to pledge our loyalty not to this pope Francis and his cohorts of the Cardinal Sodano persuasion, but rather to the SSPX."

      Even the SSPX doesn't refuse its loyalty to the Pope (even if this does not manifest itself always in the concrete).

      I must say that this is a schismatic attitude, or something not far removed from it. The Church today is, in many aspects, in a very bad way; but we don't abandon the barque of Peter, even when the current helmsman is not quite all that we might hope him to be. Pray for him (and not merely that he be called home soon).

    4. @ Not Spartacus


      The SSPX and the sainted Archbishop Lefebvre has always and everywhere proclaimed it's fidelity to Eternal Rome and the Pope. It does not get any more into the "concrete" than that.

    5. Hello Anonymous at 3:07,

      Well, that begs the question, doesn't it? "Fidelity" means you don't consecrate bishops without the Pope's permission. Or ordain priests without the same. These are what I might call "concrete" situations. The SSPX remains in a canonically irregular situation, alas, despite efforts of the last pontiff to rectify that.

      All that said - my only point was that the comment at 4:04 was not one that even the Society itself would support - Bishop Fellay (nor any of his district superiors) would never condone a position that said: "Give your support to us, not to the Pope." The Society is urging prayers for the Pope (and not merely that he gets a brief pontificate).

      Please believe me when I say that I wish the best for the Society, and hope for its full reconciliation with the Church. And also for the restoration of the Church to Catholic Tradition. I just don't think it's right for the Society to wait for the latter to happen, in full, before it agrees to a regularization deal that gives it reasonable canonical protections.

    6. I think I might be becoming, unfortunately all on my own so far, a kind of beguine. I don't have access to the TLM but as a recent revert from cultish Hinduism, I see the truth of the One True Church. I have never been to an SSPX mass, but at my pretty good NO I wear a veil and kneel to receive communion. Last week a visiting priest filled in for Father, I asked him after confession, in which he gave a wonderful counsel and actual penance, if I could kneel to receive, on my tongue, the Savior of the World. He said "Well, I would rather you did not kneel, but I won't refuse you the host if you do." So I received against my will, standing, but on the tongue. I really do despair lately of our "Dear Leader" (a quote heard a lot re: Obama, another disappointment) in his seeming disregard for ORTHODOXY. Why did I leave my cult and come begging for Mercy at the footstool of the King of the Universe to have to listen to a be fed vague modernist pablum by Peter? I was graced to be in Rome last November, before we knew our Beloved B16 was abdicating. I got to be within 6 feet of him and it was inspiring. He, in his humble acceptance of the importance of his office...sigh...where do I sign up to be a New Beguine of Tradition? Who will be my spiritual director?

  5. The room looks small. I'd guess there are no more than 10 of these people (I won't give them the title of "sisters") in the room.

    Here in the USA, the average age of the habitless, radical feminist nuns who create "masses" like this is in the high 70's. The Vedruna Carmelites median age is probably likewise in the high 70's.
    Here in the Philadelphia archdiocese, there are in particular 4 Orders of these liberal nuns (who at one time 60+ years ago were huge and flourishing Orders which did great service to the Church). Sixty years ago, two of the four Orders were close to 3,000 sisters in membership, with 300+ novices and postulants each. One Order had close to 2,000 members with 200 novices and postulants, and 1 of the Orders had close to 600 members with 200+ novices and postulants.
    Today, all 4 Orders combined have about 2,200 members and combined less than 10 novices or postulants. Their median age for all 4 Orders approaches 80.
    These demographics can be seen in nearly all USA Orders of liberal habitless nuns, and indeed in all countries. There are barely 50,000 nuns left in he USA (180,750 before Vatican II, median age then was 38). This likewise can be reflected across the globe in the 1950's.
    The point to all this is, I wouldn't cry too many tears about what the Vedruna Carmelites or other radical feminist Orders of nuns do. This pope Francis will not discipline them.....but he doesn't have to.
    The good Lord has seen to it that they have no vocations, and that they are dying out rapidly and closing their institutions rapidly.Within 10 years, 90% of these radical habitless feminist nuns and their creative liturgies will be gone. It will be time to rejoice, but also weep.
    Because the Orders were founded by good and holy women 75-300 years ago to maintain traditional lives and pursue traditional apostolates in the service to the Church.
    Vatican II and it's deforms warped the Church, the Papacy, and these nuns into something else.
    The Orders are a lost cause. But we must not let the errors of Vatican II wreck the Church, or the Papacy...regardless how popular the present occupant is.
    Hitler was popular amongst his supporters, especially among his fanatics. So was Mao tze Tung, so was Stalin.
    But all three wrecked their countries and peoples lives by false teaching and initiative.

  6. Complete Google translation of this 'credo' is:

    We believe in God the Father-Mother, which is life, compassion and mercy.

    We believe in God, made one of many: that accompanies and sustains.

    We believe that the Spirit dwells and leads to the Community.

    We believe it is possible to recreate the Community.

    We believe it is possible to reach a shared leadership, discovering the gifts of each.

    We believe that diversity enriches and creates community when each brings originality and no communication sincere and deep.

    We believe that the community that recreates a source of LIFE and HOPE.

    We believe in the strength of the bond of brothers who pray for those who suffer.

    We believe in the God who heals, saves and heals. "

  7. I would hope someone in the Church heirachy comes down hard on these people for this obvious display of idolatry. It is amazing what the heterodox religious orders get away with.

    1. Yeah, right! A few days ago I went to a funeral at the Church where I was baptized, made my First Communion, Confirmation, served as an altar boy, and found the beautiful baptistry is now a storage area, the beautiful original altar gone, the confessionals gone, and a whirlpool bathtub in the front of the Church. I thought I was in a protestant "meeting hall".

  8. Looks like yoga. Could this be a valid Mass?? How could this priest possibly believe in the presence of Our Lord body, blood, soul and divinity in the consecrated Host? But then it is unlikely he followed the necessary form for consecration. Lord have mercy.

  9. 98% of USA Orders of nuns do the same.

    And I agree with a n earlier comment by a poster, that it has been women (in the early days and still today..nuns), who have advocated the most heterodox, heretical, bizarre liturgies that are still called "Mass".
    There have been "Clown Masses", "Earth Day Masses", "Mother Earth Masses". etc. All devised by nuns such as these.

    The one good thing is that ALL of these radical, heretical, habitless feminist nuns whining for women priests and other idiocies around the world are dead Orders with average ages of 75+. Their Orders have collapsed since Vatican II and they have no vocations and declining financial resources as they close all their houses and foundations.

    What's the old saying...." by their fruit you shall know them." ? The rotten fruit of these Orders of nuns will kill them.

  10. Instead of filling unused Roman convents with "refugees," Francis should spend more time in meditation on just why these convents are empty.

  11. Viewing the above photo one would think it depicted a reunion of the Mamas and the Papas.

  12. Time for another reform! Teresa de Avila pray for us!