Saturday, September 7, 2013

Christians in Maalula Are Fleeing Muslims -- Jihadists Tear Crosses from Domes

Edit: what would have inspired men from all over Europe to take up the sword in one hand and a cross in another, today inspires Leftist politicos to join in on the looting and the day of  reckoning for Christians living in the Middle East.

(Damascus) The Christians of Maalula are on the run. From the only village in the world in which Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is spoken, the vast majority of Christians have fled. The town was devastated by the attack of Islamists. The jihadists began the systematic destruction of the building on behalf of the Free Syrian Army, which wants to move the U.S. President Barack Obama to bring the U.S. into the war. Of the 3,000 inhabitants only a few hundred have returned to the place of the attack to protect the homes from looters. The majority of Christians remain hidden. For great is the fear of the Islamist militias.

A priest of Maalula is quoted by Asianews quoted as saying: "This morning, the terrorists have torn the crosses from the domes of the St Sergius Monastery. This is an open declaration of war against the Christians. By the removal of the crosses they want to send an unmistakable message: Now you Christians get your turn, now anything can happen."

The priest reported that the Islamists wanted to penetrate some quarters on Thursday evening, but then withdrew again. "Our youth have defended the monasteries, churches and our homes. But they are not warriors, they are not trained, these are contrary to peace. That left only the flight. All flee Maalula, because there is no life here with Islamists. "

The priest criticized the Free Syrian Army. While these have always denied links to Al-Qaeda and even released on videos on Youtube that allegedly show their fighters in the defense of Christian churches. "These videos are just propaganda," said the priest. The only "free" in this army is the word in the name. "In reality, they threaten us Christians. You have always told us that your hour comes, we'll take care of you. And now they say your hour has come."

Maalula is a World Heritage Site according to Unesco. The town is located some 40 kilometers north of Damascus. The monasteries of the place are the destination of numerous pilgrims.

Text: Paix Liturgique / Giuseppe Nardi Image: Una Fides

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  1. Pope Francis' vigil for atonement may make a difference. It was wonderful:

  2. I prayed with the vigilant but I am slipping to anger.

  3. If the Christians controlled the Media and suppressed news about a Jewish minority being attacked Jews would claim that suppression was owing to hatred of Jews but when the Jews, who control the media, suppress news of this violence against a Christian minority, where does one turn?

    Holy Mother Church has wasted more than fifty years dialoguing with these Idolatrous false devotees of satan and the more we are engaged in dialogue the greater is the violence perpetrated by the Mahometans against Christians.

    It is way past time that the Magisterium tells all Christians that the have a duty to take-up arms and protect christian lives and consecrated churches for you well know that if some Mahometans began attacking Saint Peter's there would be armed resistance.

    Better yet, do not wait for the Magisterium to act - let them chat while you grab your guns and if any Mahometans attack you and/or your church, open fire and hurry them on their way to what they think will be Heaven.

  4. Vatican II hailed a new era of relations between Mohametans and Catholics in the 60s, urging us to forget the past, but what has the last 50 years been for Catholics in the Middle East, more of the same.

  5. It has been worse again in large part because the Mighty West has become the active enemy of the Middle East. The West joining with the Mohametans' oppressors in more oppression.

  6. Bring back Saint Bernard!September 8, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    The following is an excerpt from the speech St. Bernard addressed to the Catholic knights assembled in Vezelay in Burgundy, France, regarding the Second Crusade convoked by Pope Eugenius III on December 1, 1145.

    St. Bernard

    You know that we are living in a time of chastisement and destruction. ... The laws of the land and the laws of Religion no longer have the strength to maintain the customs and stop the triumph of the evil ones. The devil of heresy is seated on the throne of truth. God has cursed His sanctuary.

    All you who hear me, make haste to calm the wrath of Heaven! Leave off imploring His goodness with futile lamentations or mortifying yourself with disciplines, but rather take up your invincible shields. The clamor of arms, the dangers, difficulties and fatigues of war, these are the penances that God imposes on you. Go to make reparation for your faults with victories against the infidels, and let the liberation of the Holy Places be the noble reward of your repentance.

    If someone were to come and announce that the enemy had just entered your cities, stolen away your wives and children, and desecrated your churches, who would not immediately rush to take up arms? Well, all these evils and others still worse have fallen on the family of Jesus Christ, which is also yours. It was dispersed by the sword of pagans; barbarians destroyed the house of God and divided His inheritance. What else must take place for you to repair so many evils and avenge so many outrages?

    Will you let the infidels contemplate in peace the destruction and looting they have done in the house of the Christian people? Think of how their triumph will be the cause of inconsolable sorrow for all centuries and an eternal shame for the generation that permitted it.

    Yes, the living God has charged me with telling you that He will chastise all those who do not defend Him against His enemies. All of you, then, to arms! Let a holy ire animate you to combat, and let these words of the Prophet resound throughout the world: Cursed be he who does not bloody his sword!

    If God calls you to defend Him, it is not because His hand has become any less powerful: ... Rather, God looks down at the children of man and wants to offer them the path of mercy; His goodness is giving you the day of forgiveness. He chose you as the instrument of His revenge. He wants to be indebted to you for the destruction of His enemies and the triumph of His justice. Yes, the Omnipotent God calls you to make reparation for your sins by defending His glory and His name.

    Christians warriors, these are combats worthy of you, combats that will attract the blessings of earth and Heaven, in which death itself will be for you but another triumph. Illustrious knights, remember the examples of your ancestors who conquered Jerusalem and whose names were inscribed in the Book of Life. Put on the Cross ... which will earn you the conquest of the celestial kingdom.

    (História da Cruzadas, Joseph-Francois Michaud, Editora das Américas, vol, 2, book 6, p. 234)

  7. Many of these violent Muslims, do not forget, a mere pawns in a larger strategy created, financed and controlled by the USA and that most wonderfulest, bestest, most glorious loyal ally of theirs, the ones who are occupying the Holy Land. The fanatics are being inflamed by these two countries to commit murder and mayhem against Christians and anyone else who oppose them. They really are useful idiots, and they are being played like violins.

    Their actions are shocking and horrible and can in no way be condoned by any rational person. But let us never forget to identify the two villains who are orchestrating the thing.

    St Pius X warned the world what would happen if The Tribe was allowed to take over Palestine. Few listened. Now we see the results.