Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Arab Revolt Continues in Egypt as Christian Churches Are Burning

So much for the “Arab Spring”.  We predicted an Arab Revolt long before this happened, when the various media organs were rhapsodizing about the wonders of Democracy.

A report from Pro Christanis’ Facebook group reveals:

Update - Egypt - 14.08.2013
24 churches burnt down today15 orthodox7 catholic and 2 protestant churchesCopts' houses attacked in Cairo, Alexandria, Sohag, Minya and SuezChristians' shops and Bible publishing houses also attacked A priest and his wife were kidnapped and hold captive by Muslim Brotherhood

And the atrocities continue, link.


  1. The West and Israel have the privilege of appearing civilized but are not.

  2. Thank you Tancred for informing us

  3. Obama and Hillary were unable to protect their friends in the Muslim Brotherhood who gave us al-Quaeda. Syria, Libya. Lebanon, Pakistan, and Egypt all burning with Muslim hatred. I hope they emerge from these wars really, really weakend

  4. The U.S. has supported Al-Quaeda in various ways at various
    times. Big time against Russia's attempt to fight the terrorist in Afghanistan. These terrorists committing acts of terrorism in Russia. Dick Cheney presented them with accolades for defeating Russian efforts. The U.S. who once
    practiced Hemispheric Hegemony now practices Global Hegemony
    and is taking the world into degrees of terror, instability,
    hatred, and financial ruin. Helping generously with moral decay.